SotH Time Trials Healer Build

Playing a healer is an incredibly important & demanding role. Be nice to your healers. They are doing an absolute crap ton of things to help you out.

Firstly, healer is the wrong description of this build. “Buff-bitch” might be a closer definition of what is going on here. If you can play this style correctly then you should be able to:

  • increase group damage by 8%
  • increase the damage enemies take by 8%
  • decrease the damage your group takes by 10%
  • increase group spell & weapon damage
  • provide your group with 800+ extra magicka regen
  • provide your group with 250+ extra stamina regen
  • increase group critical damage by 40% every 80seconds

And then of course there are shards & orbs. Shards give an instant 25% of your stamina back (7-8k for most stamina DDs) and Orbs depend on how many enemies are hit but as long as you hit one enemy enjoy basically infinite magicka for some time.

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    Stamina Dragonknight PVE Group Tank

    Hi, today i am uploading my tank`s build. It is my first character in ESO and i now only use it for playing in groups. The idea about this build was to get high resistances and a suitable amount of health for lazy tanking in dungeons. Also to provide an opportunity for the healer to focus on supporting the group instead of healing the tank all the time. The stats are with blue +Health and + Stamina food.

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      Scroll Runner / Node Harvester

      This build is made for movement speed and endurance. Which makes this build great for harvesting or scroll running!

      By having the movement speed and gathering champion point perks in the same tree makes it even easier to do both with this setup.

      For this build I picked an Orc for the racial passive that increases your sprinting speed, and reduces the cost of sprinting.

      I went with the Dragonknight for the most survivability, but class does not really matter as the movement speed buffs of different skills do not stack.


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        Magicka DK PvE Tank/DPS

        This build focuses on Tanking, DPS & Crowd Control, with priority to Tanking initially. For anyone looking to do Damage while Tanking this could be the build for you. Perfect for any PvE, I’ve tested this build in all Veteran Dungeons and in all Time Trials including the Manticora & Serpent fights in Sanctum Ophidia. So let’s have a look at the Gear, Attribute points, Stats, Champion points, and Passives.

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          Magicka Templar PvE Healer

          This build focuses on Healing, Buffing Allies & giving Allies Resources but does include dealing damage into the standard rotation aswell. For anyone looking for a full PvE support build then this will be the setup for you – your team is going to want you to come and heal everytime! Perfect for any PvE Dungeons or Time Trials. So let’s have a look at the Gear, Attribute points, Stats, Champion points, and Passives.

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            Magicka NB pve/maelstrom build + guide

            Since i could not edit my build like i wanted im just gonna repost it 😛

            Sry for any spelling mistakes/bad english^^

            I will explain what im using for max dmg and for maelstrom arena! Finally did the no death run :3

            For bufffood im currently only using the v15 max magicka/health food.
             You can also use the new +health and magicka rec food if u can’t sustain, but it will result in less dmg. (funnelhealth deals 800+ less dmg, that’s a lot)

            For maelstrom arena the best pots to use are tripots so you can never go oom.

            You can see champion points and mundus stone in the build image!

            These are my unbuffed stats w/o inner light:

              DK Tank – Block Master

              Hey dungeoneers ! This is my Dragonknight Stamina Tank build . I have been playing this character since the day I started playing and from my experiences I got the conclusion : Max HP is not so important . It is all about resource management and I can tell that DK is really good at it . I probably would go with Imperial if I had the Imperial Edition but I don’t regret it . We need %9 magicka and %6 stamina is not bad . This build is all about damage + block mitigation and keeping up block as much as possible .

              How To Play this build :

              For bosses :

              Start with Inner fire if it throws something that 1-shots people with his first attack . ( Dragon just before the Inhibitor boss in WGT ) . Use Pierce Armor and Heroic Slash . Keep your minor heroism up all the time . Use Evasion only when you feel it is necessary . Igneous Shield if you need stamina . Pop Coagulating Blood if you think you need more healing ( %20 healing taken while active ) .

              Trash : Start with Cinder Storm . Pull range adds into it with chains . Cast talons . Aggro hard-hitting ones .

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