Costume Dyes Coming Soon

ESO’s long-anticipated costume dye system is here! Enjoy the huge amount of variations this new system will bring to your costumes and hats!

Now there are two different ways to dye costumes and hats. Let’s take a closer look at the two methods.

ESO Plus Costume Dyes (Exclusive to ESO Plus)

Players with active ESO Plus memberships can customize equipped costumes and hats at any Dye Station in the game, using the clothing dyes you’ve unlocked by completing in-game Achievements. Dyed costumes and hats are saved individually for each of your characters, so the same piece can have a different appearance for each of your characters.

Simply approach any Dye Station in Tamriel, equip the costume and/or hat you wish to dye, and open the new Costume Dying tab. Select the dyes you’d like to use from your palette of unlocked Achievement dyes, and when you’re satisfied with the appearance, save the item and enjoy your customized masterpiece!

You can define sets, copy a color, or clear an applied color to return your item to its original appearance just as you can with our armor dyeing system. You can also sort your unlocked colors by rarity or hue. Hovering over a locked color will show you the achievement you need to complete in order to unlock it.

If your ESO Plus membership lapses, you will still retain your hand-dyed costumes and hats, but you won’t be able to modify them again until you renew your membership.

Dye Stamps (Crown Store)

Players without an ESO Plus membership can also dye costumes and hats by purchasing Dye Stamps in the crown store. These one-time-use consumable items were designed by Tamriel’s finest fashion designers, and feature the convenience of aesthetically-pleasing pre-selected color combinations.

You’ll find them in the Crown Store’s “Dye” category, starting at 50 Crowns. All Dye Stamp items’ names are prefaced with a name for that group of Dye Stamps. This will help identify which week the Dye Stamp belongs to long after it was purchased, and keep similarly-hued Dye Stamps together in your inventory or bank. New Dye Stamps will appear in the Crown Store every week*, so check back often!

*During the time period between when a new update appears on PC/Mac and console, the Dye Stamps will remain the same.

Each Dye Stamp can be applied to a single equipped costume and/or a single hat. Dye Stamps are stackable, allowing you to purchase multiple versions of the same stamp and store them in stacks in your inventory or bank, for later use. To apply a Dye Stamp to an active costume, simply use the item in your inventory. This allows you to preview the colors before you accept the changes. The Dye Stamp won’t get consumed until you actually apply it.

You do not need to have the colors associated with a specific Dye Stamp unlocked via the Achievement System in order to use them, but please note that Dye Stamps do not include rare-quality Achievement dye colors.

We’re really looking forward to seeing your choices and color combinations! Post your favorites here, or share them with us on Twitter at @TESOnline.

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