ESO Community Guides – September 2017

The ESO community produced a ton of new guides and builds this month, including some preview content for the upcoming Clockwork City DLC game pack. Here are just some of the fantastic community-created content we’ve enjoyed during the month of September.

Clockwork City Guides / Previews

Earlier this month, we opened our Public Test Server and let the community get an early taste of the upcoming Clockwork City DLC game pack’s new zone. As a result, we’ve got some initial Clockwork City guides and previews to share.

Just one small disclaimer: These guides and previews are based on what is currently found on the PTS, so some information contained within might change.

Freetality – Clockwork City Dropped Armor

Freetality shows off some of the new item sets you can find while exploring the Clockwork City and breaks down their stats, set bonuses, and appearance. Find a set that’s right for you!

Check out more of Freetality’s ESO tips and tricks, including guides, gameplay, and more on his YouTube Channel.

Get The Edge Gaming – ESO: Asylum Weapons Showcase + Info

ESO Master takes a look at the new weapons you can acquire by taking on the Clockwork City’s Asylum Sanctorium Trial.

Check out additional guides and gameplay–including more featuring Clockwork City on PTS—on the Get The Edge Gaming YouTube Channel.

Sherman’s Gaming – Transmutation System for Clockwork City DLC

The Clockwork City DLC game pack features a new crafting system called Transmutation that gives players the ability to change their item Traits. Sherman breaks down how Transmutation works, and shows the entire in-game process from start to finish.

For more guides and a great selection of class builds, visit Sherman’s YouTube Channel.

New Player Guides

Tianlein – ESO Polymorph Guide – Get 6 FREE Polymorphs in The Elder Scrolls Online

With this guide, Tianlein shows you how to find and acquire some of the game’s unique polymorphs, which give you the ability to completely change the appearance of your character.

You can find a guide to ESO’s free costumes, hats and more on Tianlein’s YouTube Channel. Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?

Dottz Gaming – ESO Mundus Stones Guide

Dottz Mundus Stones guide has been updated to include the Horns of the Reach base game patch. His guide gives you the locations of all the various Mundus Stones and their buffs so you can make the best choice for your character.

Dottz has a host of additional guides and builds for ESO on his YouTube Channel.

Advanced Guides

Kevduit – HOW to GET RICH in ESO!

Having trouble making and holding onto your gold? Kevduit breaks down some of the best ways to make a fast buck in Tamriel, including thieving, grinding, and trading. We’ve previously featured Kevduit’s ultimate thief build, but his new guide covers all the bases and even highlights the most-useful mods to help you fill your coffers.

You can find more of Kevduit’s guides and other ESO content on his YouTube channel.

Legendary Gaming – ESO All Glyphs Reviewed – Weapon, Armor & Jewelry Enchantments Guide

Want to know which Glyphs will prove most useful to you? Check out Alex’s review of all the different Glyphs you can create with the Enchanting skill line, and which will most improve your items.

You can find additional ESO guides and more on the Legendary Gaming YouTube channel.

Class Builds

Xynode – The “Newer Player” Dragonknight VMA/PVE Build

Xynode provides a very detailed Dragonknight build for new players that focuses on creating a balance of sustain, damage, and survivability.

You can find more ESO builds and videos on Xynode’s YouTube Channel.

VanaEvr – PvE Templar Healder Build ‘Reliever’

Templars make great healers in ESO, and VanaEvr has a great build for those who want to ensure that their party members stay alive during PvE content.

Want to see more? VanaEvr has a host of additional ESO videos on her YouTube Channel.

As always, we’re thrilled to see the all the new ESO content that our community creates each and every month. If you’ve enjoyed content we haven’t covered, or created something you think your fellow ESO players will value, don’t hesitate to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter @TESOnline!

Don’t forget: The Clockwork City DLC game pack is coming this fall, but you can check it out on the PTS right now!