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    Guild Chat

    Guild Chat rules are fairly simple. During peak hours chat is primarily used for Looking for group/more, asking advice, giving news & troubleshooting problems as there is usual 150+ people Online at this time I ask that you use Group/Whisper chat to conduct other communications. This is to prioritize those forming groups & trying to do content.

    During off-peak hours, once the majority of daytime users have gone offline, chat can be used for longer conversations/discussions. There is zero tolerance for Racism, Discrimination on account of race, origin, gender or religion. If you see players in Guild chat engaging in chat that you deem unacceptable, take a screenshot, send an in-game mail to @kilnerdyne or another leader with the link & it will be dealt with accordingly.

    All ranks have access to Guild Chat, players demoted to Prisoner rank do not.
    Guild Chat is sometimes disabled from 7:50-8:00pm on Raid Nights to help grouping people.

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