Guild Ranks

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    Guild Ranks

    Guild Ranks are very important for me to remember how much your progressing in the Guild, they are decided based on both how long you have spent in the Guild, whether you’ve signed up to our website and how much you have participated in Guild Events. Helping others in the Guild with content, advice or discussion is also highly valued. Below is a breakdown of the different ranks.


    (0-7 days)
    You can participate in all Groups & Time Trials in Guild Chat
    You can Register & Sign-up to Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday Website Raids.


    This rank has no privileges at all.


    (7-30 days)
    Access to buy & sell on our Guild Trader.


    (30-60 days)
    Access to capture Alliance war Keeps & Resources for the Guild.


    (60-120 days)
    You’ve attended many Website Events.
    Your activity & Guild participation is high.
    No extra privileges.


    Attended the majority of Website Events over a long period.
    You’re one of LND’s most useful players.
    Access to Officer Chat.
    Access to Tuesday Night Raids.
    Access to Guild Notes.
    Access to Guild Bank.


    Raid Leaders.
    Lead or Attended the majority of Website Events over a long period.
    A dedicated LND warrior.
    Access to Promote/Demote.


    Patience level 100.
    Basically Jesus incarnate.
    No amount of gold could repay the debt LND owes them.
    Access to kick.

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