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    How to Join Late Night Dungeoneers

    Visit our Recruitment Section on these Forums (
    Make a Post containing your @Userid, your reason for wanting to join, and any other information you think might be relevant.

    Recruiting Rules

    We are a PC EU Social Community Guild who also do Raids, PvE & PvP. We’re not a dedicated raiding group or progression guild. Make sure you mention this when suggesting to other players to join. There are little or no requirements to join the guild, how much you participate after joining will improve your rank.

    • We don’t require a certain level of experience of the game or video games in general. All are welcome from the people just starting on day #1 to the seasoned veterans.
    • We don’t require a certain character level. All levels from 1 to Veteran 16 are welcome.
    • We highly recommend you use our Teamspeak 3 during raids.
    • There is no age limit for the guild, although the vast majority of our members are 18+
    • We recruit from around the world, as long as you are human (sorry animals) and live on Earth (ping from mars is probably too much sorry martians) you are eligible to join.
    • No donations either in gold or items are required either to the guild bank or other members to join or participate in the guild. If you see/hear of this happening mail @kilnerdyne or another Officer

    Ok so now we know who can join, basically anyone, let’s discuss what we expect of our members. As a member of The Late Night Dungeoneers Guild you agree to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all preamble and subsection articles. These are the basic laws of being a good person that everyone knows.

    In addition:

    • Members must try to stay positive when communicating with other members during raids. Negative or unconstructive comments are neither helpful or wanted by anyone. Everyone is trying their best, just remember that.
    • Members must try to be on time for scheduled events. Everyone knows this, just mentioning it anyway.
    • Leaders have the full support of the Founder in all decisions they take.
    • It’s 2017, nobody thinks racism, discrimination or prejudice on account of country, race, religion or gender is either acceptable, funny or grown up. Zero tolerance.
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    Hi Kilnerdyne

    I have been trying to get readmitted to the guild after having been away on work. I really enjoyed playing with everyone here and how active the clan is and would really like to be part of it again.

    SO if I could please get my place back I would appreciate it. My ESO username is Lince

    Thank you



    Hi Kilnerdyne

    Smae here … After being away for health reasons I could log on ESO and be able to play with you guy… Now that I can play again I wonder
    if I could join the guild again !

    Thank you




    Hello Kilnerdyne!

    I am Odenhor and I have been away from ESO for almost a year because I have moved to Stockholm for my Msc studies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my desktop for this first year. But this year I have a new laptop to play ESO and I already started Morrorwind. I really want to rejoin the guild and adventure with you guys once more!

    Thank you!


    Hey hey @kilnerdyne!
    I’m Bella, AD breton/lizard healer main. I wrote message in game but in the same momement my game crashed so i’m not sure if i’ve sent it 🙂 I play this game for 5 months and looking for friendly community to do raids/dungeons/activities with 😉 Done so far plenty of vet trials and played with some of LND members ,which caught my attention decided write here 🙂 .I’ll wait patiently for any sign/answer

    Cheers and have a nice day

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