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    The Elder Scrolls Online has a unfortunate history of Exploits & Cheating, as does every MMORPG. If you know for certain someone is exploiting to gain an unfair advantage in the game then report them. Press F1 in-game to open the Help menu, Select Report a Player.

    If you hear of anyone in Late Night Dungeoneers exploiting, cheating or using 3rd party programs to gain unfair advantages in the game, reply to this thread or mail @kilnerdyne or another leader in-game with as much evidence as possible and we will contact you.

    The list below was kindly constructed & maintained by Xantaria of Chimaira Guild. You can find the updated forum thread with the list here

    Bugged Skills / Passives

    • Path of Darkness (Nightblade) – This skill and it’s morphs are incorrectly treated as direct damage and are affected by Passives that affect direct damage.This one is a hard one to just fix without any compensation because Nightblades are heavily relying on this skill (incorrectly) proccing the Scathing Mage Set. Although this set should not even activate from Path of Darkness this skill is still barely making them viable and also providing the set a unique usage and promoting individual setups for Nightblades. On the other hand it is a bug and bugs need to be fixed in one way or another.
    • Befoul (Champion System) – This Champion System Passive increases the tooltip of the Major Vitality Buff and seemingly also the effect of it.
    • Destructive Touch (Destruction Staff) – It is possible to use this ability and it’s morphs on front bar and backbar if you use a different type of staff on each bar. This way it will place two damage over time affects on the same target. It seems unintended as you cannot place two different Walls of Elements.
    • Fiery Grip (Dragon Knight) – This skill and it’s morphs are able to chain enemy players into bases in Battlegrounds. Video here: Another issue with this skill is that it often times doesn’t work at all until you started a Heavy Attack. This happens frequently after going through a door or using a portal. It is 100% reproducable as there are places where it will always happen.
    • Enchanted Forest (Warden) – This skill and possibly other versions aswell always restore the 20 ultimate described in their tooltip even when not healing anyone at all.
    • Radiant Magelight (Mages Guild) – This morph seems to have a lower detection range than the 12m described in the tooltip. Other versions of this skill might be affected too.
    • Rapid Maneuver (Assault) – This skill and its morphs do not grant the immunity to snares described in their tooltip. If a monster hits you you still get slowed.
    • Piercing Javelin (Templar) – Breakfree is sometimes unresponsive when being targeted by this ability until the animation has ended.
    • Mist Form (Vampire) – Although immune to snares you can still get snared by gap closers because of their internal snare that was introduced to make the gap closing person end close to their target. The damage reduction of this skill doesn’t seem to work correctly when hit by channeled abilities like Soul Assault (Soul Magic).
    • Lotus Flower (Warden) – The healing part of this skill and its morphs only work on light and heavy attacks, not on medium attacks.
    • Crystallized Shield (Warden) – This skill and its morphs don’t absorb stuns and possibly other on-hit-effects. For example a Crystal Fragment (Sorcerer) will get absorbed but still stun the Warden.
    • Draining Shot (Bow) – You can dodge the Healing part of this ability.
    • Pack Leader (Werewolf) – The wolves of this morph don’t respawn after you die in Battlegrounds and also don’t heal up.
    • Summon Storm Atronarch (Sorcerer) – When animationcancelling this skill it often times does not spawn the atronarch at all.
    • Mages’ Wrath (Sorcerer) – This morph and possibly other versions aswell do not work correctly if multiple Sorcerers use the skill at exactly the same time. Only one of the Sorcerers will place the debuff and gain the extra damage that triggers after a few seconds.
    • Daedric Tomb (Sorcerer) – This morph is very inconsistent in a lot of ways. On the different ranks of this ability the distance betweem the mines is different randomly. The mines don’T appear exactly where you target them but rather spread around a target in the area you were trying to target. The mines do not react correctly to hitboxes. Some enemies with huge hitboxes will only activate one mine whereas players (which have a very small hitbox) get hit by two consistently.
    • Dawnbreaker (Fighters Guild) – This skill and its morphs can be dodged. This is inconsistent with other ultimates and there has been a discussion in the past which resulted in the statement that targeted Ultimates should not be dodgeable. There also was a change to Dragon Leap (Dragonknight) to make sure it cannot be dodged.
    • Backlash (Templar) – This ability does not work at all and will deal no damage if another Templar already used this ability or one of it’s morphs on a target. Here is in example where Power of the Light was used 12 times but the last tick only dealt damage 7 times. This happened because 5 times another templar applied the skill or one of its morphs before and the debuff was still running when Power of the Light was applied.
    • Ice Skills (Warden) – The abilities of the Warden that cause Ice damage are not scaling correctly with critical rating. Usually about 10% lower than tooltip. This might be Major Prophecy / Savagery (10%) not applying correctly to them.
    • Pets (Sorcerer) – When summoning your pet and immediatly trying to activate their special ability it can cause the pet to be desummoned and resummoned again. This can also rarely cause you to get two pets of the same kind. A pet that is summoned this way will stay even if you unslot the ability. Pets in general often have issues with falling through textures or getting stuck in walls outside of the map. This happens a lot in Halls of Fabrication (2nd and 3rd boss especially) and in the 4th Maelstrom Arena. All Pets direct damage currently incorrectly does not scale with CP Passives, does not scale with the Ancient Knowledge Passive (Destruction Staff) and scales with Weapon Critical Rating instead of Spell Critical Rating. The last mentioned issue has been acknowledged and promised to be fixed quite some time ago in this thread:
    • Bat Swarm (Vampire) – This skill and it’s morphs are incorrectly treated as direct damage and are affected by Passives that affect direct damage.
    • Scorch (Warden) – This skill and its morphs is incorrectly treated as damage over time ability and affected by Passives that affect damage over time.
    • Magnum Shot (Bow) – The knockback of this ability can allow you to get through doors.
    • Forceful (Two Handed) – This Passive is doing much more damage than it should leading to the conclusion that the damage of this passive is ‘double-dipped’ by damage multipliers.
    • Damage Multipliers (General) – A lot of Damage multipliers are working additively instead of multiplicatively currently. This is an issue for all skills that have a percentage number of increased damage done in their wording. This is a wording issue that is very misleading for players that don’t know how every skill works and could be fixed very easily. Another game did this perfectly: Path of Exile. ‘Increased damage by %’ means the damage % is additive and gets calculated first with all other ‘increased damage by %’. ‘Deals % more damage’ means the damage % is multiplicative and gets calculated after all ‘increased damage by%’ have been applied. This would be very easy to understand and intuitive for new players too. I recommend to introduce this and apply it to all current tooltips accordingly to fix the mess this currently is. Here is a thread with some more details and tests with the example of Impale (Nightblade):
    • Oblivion Damage (Weapon Enchantment) – The damage tooltip of this Enchantment gets increased by the Master at Arms Champion Point Passive but the damage itself remains unaffected by it. This Weapon Enchantments cooldown is for some reason not decreased by the Infused Trait.
    • Rapid Fire (Bow) – The damage tooltip of this skill and its morphs does not scale correctly with the Hawk Eye Passive (Bow). The damage is applied correctly though.
    • Channeled Heavy Attacks (General) – If you barswapcancel a channeled heavy attack it happens frequently that you character is stuck in walking as slow as you would walk while channeling it forever. This can be fixed by just attempting to heavy attack on the bar you have your Lightning / Restoration Staff on, also without a target. It is still annoying as it forces you to do that when you want to move quickly and causes deaths frequently.
    • Spell Symmetry (Mages Guild) – This skill and its morphs state in their description that they reduce your healing done by 50% for 4 seconds. This also affects your healing received for some reason making it a worthless skill in any situation where you might take damage, and very risky to use for everyone relying on healing.
    • Purge (Support) – This skill and its morphs are supposed to hit you and your allies. This works on up to 6 people. The problem is that the skill will, if there are more than you and 5 other allies around, not necessarily hit you although you are probably using it to purge yourself and not your team. The description clearly states that it is supposed to cleanse you but it doesn’t. This is especially a problem in trials where there is usually 12 people in range – leaving you with only 50% chance to actually cleanse yourself.
    • Frost Cloak (Warden) – This skill and its morphs have the same issue as Purge. It will not necessarily hit you when there are more than 5 other players around. This leads to the conclusion that all skills that grant the same effect to you and the allies they hit and are limited to 6 people have this issue.
    • Champion System (Jump Points) – Jump Points have been a thing for a long time now but are in no way selfexplanatory or understandable for a new player. You simply do not receive the exact number of stats that the Champion Point Passives state you would get. You have to always have more than a full integer of percentage to get the maximum out of it (Examples: 14,00% = 13,00%; 13,99% = 13,00%; 14,01% = 14,00%).
    • Champion System (Order of selecting matters) – As figured out by @Asayre it seems to matter in which order you pick your red Champion Point passives. They only seem to take full effect if you pick the flat damage type reductions first (Elemental Defender and Hardy), confirm and then select the other passives.
    • Gap Closers (General) – All Gap Closers can cause you to get stuck in their animation. If you attempt to use skills while stuck in the animation the skills will all activate at once when it ends.

    Bugged Achievements / Dungeons / Quests

    • The List (Quest) – This quest in Cyrodiil that you can start via a Queststarter (Journal Page) that drops from the NPC Severus Tappo doesn’t work. The Quest Starter simply doesn’t do anything. This also needs to get fixed in order to complete the Eidetic Memory.
    • Battleground Butcher (Achievement) – You also receive this achievement if an enemy team fulfilled the requirements.
    • The Mage (Aetherian Archive) – The adds on this boss (mini mages and sometimes also axes) do not despawn when the boss enters her final phase.
    • Teleportation Platforms (Aetherian Archive) – The platforms will often times not work immediatly if someone stepped and stayed on them before every enemy was dead.
    • The Serpent (Sanctum Ophidia) – It is possible to despawn the Mantikoras that spawn in the final fight.
    • Event 1 (Ruins of Mazzatun) – This event in the middle of the dungeon where you are supposed to fight multiple waves of enemies in an arena is skippable. You can jump up a tree on the right side and just run past it and use the next door. Making the door impossible to use before all enemies have been killed in the arena would easily fix this issue.
    • Event 2 (Ruins of Mazzatun) – At the event before the endboss of this dungeon it is possible to have multiple players clicking the same lever at the same time. This will spawn multiple waves of enemies and make the event clearable way faster. This is probably unintended although interesting in itself (risk/reward).
    • Platform Bug (Maw of Lorkhaj) – The platforms in the fight with Rakkath don’t always reliably grant the tank the buff he needs to survive. On platforms three, five and seven you can randomly loose the buff and are unable to get it back. No other player has the buff and no other player is able to pick it up, even after half the raidgroup died the buff is still unobtainable as if the platform would not be there are all.
    • Unstable Void (Maw of Lorkhaj) – This ability from Rakkath will always stun you even if you are immune to stuns. In general this should not be a problem if it is intended. But if you broke free from a different Croud Control effect right before this ability explodes on you you will get stunned without being able to break free (since you still have those whirls arround your character from the previous break free, you cannot break free if you already are ‘broken free’).
    • The Feeding Pit (Achievement, Sanctum Ophidia) – This achievement currently doesn’t work correctly. There are reports that you cannot place the meat anymore if the person carrying it died and also reports that claim it is impossible to place the meat at all. It needs to be looked at.
    • Refabrication Committee (Halls of Fabrication) – A lot of people experience huge FPS drops when pulling this boss together at the start. It is is not known to me why it only happens to some people. most likely system/driver related, unsure if anything can be done on ZOS side. The ‘bombers’ on this bossfight sometimes seem to get confused which person they should target and run back and forth close to the middle boss until they die. Possibly happens if their original target dies from something else at a specific point in time. Also sometimes they run from their spawn point to a different point and then start walking normally. It looks as if they are ‘lagging’. Another Issue in this fight is that is sometimes impossible to break free from the ‘fingers’ that drag you into the ground. They also sometimes cause your character to be half in the ground although you did get out of them. This can be fixed by doing a dodgeroll or getting knocked away from something.
    • The Hunter Killers (Halls of Fabrication) – If you die to their heavy attack it will take multiple seconds for you to actually die and be able to be resurrected from your team. This seems to also cause health desync issues after you get resurrected eventually.
    • Halls of Fabrication (Infight Bug) – Quite frequently it happens that you cannot resurrect even after the full group dies. This seems to only happen after the third boss, there seems to be something (possibly related to the spinning blades or lightning beams) that keeps the group in fight.
    • Strider Caravaner (Achievement, Morrowind) – It is not possible to obtain this achievement if you have a bounty. Although all other ‘Travel-NPCs’ still talk with you those in Morrowind refuse communication making it impossible for high bounty characters to obtain said achievement.
    • The Pinnacle Factotum (Halls of Fabrication) – This bosses ‘Simulacrum’ ability where he splits into four very rarely doesn’t work correctly. He stuns the Tank and puts the green circle below him but doesn’t actually split and just stays still for the usual duration of this mechanic. Most times he stays attackable in that situation, sometimes not. I am not sure what is causing it. Another issue on this boss that when he dies while there is meteors falling from the sky they seem to sometimes do damage instantly at that moment. Here is a short clip:
    • Bugged Items / General Issues

    • Inpregnable Armor (Set) – The jewellery of this set drops with incorrect traits / enchants combinations. Robust jewelry has a Magicka recovery enchant while Arcane jewelry has the Stamina recovery enchant.
    • Master Restoration Staff (Item) – The effect of this item does not work correctly. Instead of giving Stamina back to targets affected by Grand Healing it restores Stamina for people around the healer in the same radius that Grand Healing has.
    • Stuck Serverside (General) – I have only seen this happen at Rakkhat in vMoL, specifically when I was in the transparent resurrection animation and did a /reloadUI at that time. When you get out of it you will see everyone moving normally and will also be able to move normally yourself, but only on your screen. On serverside your character does not move and stands still at the position he was. Using skills etc is still possible, just any movement related action does not go through to the server.
    • Debuffs from Others (Buff Tracker) – There is an option to see Debuffs from other people. This option automatically turns off if you log out, disconnect or crash for whatever reason.
    • Particle Effects (General) – Often times abilities or mechanics are not visible to some people. For example the blue orbs following people on the 5th platform while fighting Rakkhat in Maw of Lorkhaj and the ones in the backyard. This is also often a problem at the first boss in Aetherian Archive, the yellow protection circles are often times not glowing and barely visible for some people.
    • Kicks to Login Screen (General) – This happens more and more frequently at the moment but has always been more or less of an issue. There is no error message you just get booted to the login screen and have to try to get back in. It happens while having a stable connection and it seems like some people are more often affected by it than others.
    • Resurrecting (General) – When running as quick as possible to a dead player and immediatly trying to resurrect them you often times start the resurrect animation on your screen but it doesn’t actually start. If you notice this (or get told by your group) you will notice that you can’t use any skills or other actions (except for walking) for the full duration of the usual resurrection animation. The resurrection will not go through.
    • Knight Slayer (Set) – This sets five piece bonus proccs on every tick of a Lightning / Restoration Staff Heavy Attack.
    • Shield Breaker (Set) – This sets five piece bonus proccs on every tick of a Lightning / Restoration Staff Heavy Attack.
    • Procc Sets (General) – Sets that procc when you take damage also work out of fight. They can be procced by inflicting damage to yourself and environmental damage.
    • Ebon (Set) – If you use weapons to acquire the 5 piece bonus group buff then your group and you will take the amount of health it should grant as damage everytime you swap weapons. I believe this was fixed quite some time ago but came back with Morrowind.
    • Procc Sets (General) – Any Procc Set that proccs if you deal a certain type of damage also proccs when you receive that type of damage. For example Groth’dar will procc if you walk through lava.
    • Kra’gh (Set) – This sets hitbox is too small to be used in some situations. For example it cannot hit the Assembly General in Halls of Fabrication from either side although you are standing as close as possible.
    • Resources Spiking Weirdly (General) – Rarely your resources can start spiking up and down although not being affected by anything. Here is a video where it is showcased:
    • Stuck in Animation (Ground AoEs) – When barswapcancelling a ground target area of effect you will often times be stuck in the animation and have the ground target circle of the skill appear on the bar where the skill is not even on. This locks your character up unable to use any skills. It can only be fixed by dodgerolling or going back to the bar with the ground target area of effect and use it again.
    • Stuck under the ground (General) – This happens very frequently to me and I guess to other people to. Whenever I log in I have like a 10% chance that I will be stuck under the ground and forced to port to someone or use the /stuck command.
    • Invisible Party Members (General) – We have all had this bug way too often and by now we are spending a big amount of our grouping time just porting to other players to fix this issue. It is beyond annoying and unthinkable no fix to this has been found yet.
    • Grouping (General) – When Inviting people in general it takes a lot longer for them to appear in your group frame. When inviting people in rapid succesion a part of the invites will fail, tell the invited person that the persin inviting would be busy and other error messages. This makes Grouping an annoying and lengthy process. This issue appeared with Morrowind. Previously grouping was smooth.
    • Enchantments (General) – Low Level Enchantments placed on high level items get a damage boost that is vastly different from their tooltip.
    • Falling through the ground (Grahtwood Blacksmithing station) – Attempting to use this crafting station can make you fall through the ground.
    • Safe Zone (Belkarth) – This town (Craglorn) does not count as a safe zone causing you to have to wait 10 seconds everytime when you log out.
    • Dwemer Spider (Mount) – If you jump with this mount you can see your feet through it.
    • Dwemervamidium Mirage (Memento) – This Memento can often be found flying around in the world. Probably if someone out of renderrange used it and you enter the renderrange after that.


    • Respawning where you died (Imperial City) – It is possible to respawn exactly where you died with a small trick. For more information ZOS can contact me or @InvitationNotFound directly.
    • PVP Queue (Cyrodiil) – It is possible to skip the Cyrodiil Queue if your faction is locked. You can do that by grouping up with a player of a faction that is not locked and queuing as a group. You will be able to get in although your faction is locked. It seems like it pushes you to the first spot in the queue if you do it like that and can cause endless queue times for people who do not know about this.
    • Out of the Map (Halls of Fabrication) – It is possible to bypass the fourth boss. I can only provide a screenshot: For further questions ZOS can ask @Supportic in the forums as this should not be spreaded openly.
    • Undaunted Daily Experience Bonus (Daily Reward) – When you complete the first random dungeon to get the Undaunted Experience Bonus and kick 2 members of your group, the bonus resets and you can queue again.
    • Battlegrounds (Doors) – if you have autowalk on or walk forward while loading into a battleground you can sometimes get through the door before the battleground started.
    • Mud Ball Pouch (Memento) – Dodging when someone activated this Memento on you will cause you to start gaining Ultimate out of fight.
    • Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor (Imperial City Prison) – If this boss runs to the pool and gets immune to all damage you can taunt him as the tank and run into a corner of the room. If the taunt is still active in the moment this phase stops he will run towars the tank. if he gets damaged past another one of his pool-phase-treshholds (75%/50%/25%) when he has not reached the tank yet the boss gets confused (two things for him to do at the same time: reach the tank to hit him since he was out of range + going to the pool) and doesn’t run to the pool again, completely skipping the mechanics of that fight.
    • Veteran Halls of Fabrication (Speed Run) – It is possible to obtain the Speed Run Achievement without clearing the whole trial. You can skip any trash that is not required to kill to get past doors. in Maw of Lorkhaj you could skip packs too but you were not awarded the Speed Run Achievement if you did choose to do so which makes more sense, since there shouldn’t be an incentive to ‘die’ through the trash.
    • Event 1 (Ruins of Mazzatun) – This event in the middle of the dungeon where you are supposed to fight multiple waves of enemies in an arena is skippable. You can jump up a tree on the right side and just run past it and use the next door. Making the door impossible to use before all enemies have been killed in the arena would easily fix this issue.
    • Event 2 (Ruins of Mazzatun) – At the event before the endboss of this dungeon it is possible to have multiple players clicking the same lever at the same time. This will spawn multiple waves of enemies and make the event clearable way faster. This is probably unintended although interesting in itself.

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