Patch 2.4.7 Changes

The Elder Scrolls Online v2.4.7 is an incremental patch that includes fixes for Medicinal Use, Dark Stalker, a number of localization fixes, quest fixes, audio fixes, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 194MB (North America)/113MB (EU).



  • Fixed an issue that was making some French and German localizations for Dark Brotherhood content appear in English. This content is now properly localized into French and German again.

Quests & Zones

  • Fixed an issue where Aldmeri Dominion and Ebonheart Pact characters could not accept Bounty Quests from the Bounty Boards in Anvil and Kvatch.
  • A new version of Amelie Crowe will now appear on the Anvil docks when you arrive in the Gold Coast, to help streamline starting the Dark Brotherhood storyline.

Contract Quests

  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue where you would not receive Contract Quests in your character’s home alliance after reaching level 50.

Sacrament Quests

  • Fixed an issue where you could be sent after the same target in the same location if you picked up a Sacrament Quest at the exact time when the daily activity reset.


Dungeons & Group Content
Maw of Lorkhaj Trial

  • Some item set pieces in Maw of Lorkhaj were incorrectly dropping as bind-on-equip instead of bind-on-pickup. Those items have been corrected and include the following sets:
    • Roar of Alkosh
    • Lunar Bastion
    • Moondancer
    • Twilight’s Remedy


Art & Animation

  • Fixed an issue that was making ears disappear on character models that were using two specific hairstyles


  • Fixed an issue where voice-over was sometimes difficult to hear while in conversation windows.
  • Fixed an issue in the PC version of the 32-bit client where sometimes audio would stop playing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Justice Guard chain ability sound was failing to play.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Made some additional adjustments to all charge abilities (Shield Charge, Critical Charge, etc.) to prevent charging in invalid locations.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from reviving using Soul Gems.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the incorrect idle animations to sometimes play after weapon swapping. For example, holding a two-handed weapon with one hand as if your character was dual wielding.
  • Fixed an issue with the Grouping Tool that was resulting in groups of two players having longer queue times than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where players using the Looking for Group system could be put into a group with more than 4 members.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters in instances would rarely spawn with only 1 Health Point.


  • Vampire
    • Dark Stalker: Fixed an issue where this passive ability was reducing the Movement Speed penalty of Crouch by 50% instead of 100%. This ability’s tooltip has also been updated to better describe its bonuses.

Alliance War

  • Assault
    • Caltrops: Made some performance adjustments for this ability and its morphs.

Crafting & Economy

  • Fixed the Medicinal Use passive so it once again improves the duration of consumed potions.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the following potions from being usable while moving:
    • Alliance Battle Draughts
    • Potions of Hindrance
    • Potions of Ravage Stamina
    • Potions of Stamina
    • Roguish Escape Draughts
    • Roguish Stealth Draughts

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes did not receive their reward after completing a random dungeon via the Looking for Group system.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes cause players to be teleported back to the entrance of a dungeon immediately after killing the last boss.


  • Volenfell
    • It is no longer possible to kill Quintus Verres prior to summoning the Monstrous Gargoyle.

Exploration & Itemization
Item Sets

  • Fixed an issue where the default enchantments on Alliance War weapons had higher values than intended.

Quests & Zones

  • Fixed a number of issues with interactible quest items not being interactable when prompted by the UI.


  • Unbridled Wealth: You can once again interact with the dead guar associated with this quest.


  • Azura’s Relics: You can once again collect the chest key from the backpack associated with this quest.


  • Fixed a rarely occurring crash that could happen when the game client accessed specific LUA functions while changing zones.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not lock equipment via the item lock system that was a higher level than that of your active character.
  • Added the ability to toggle item locking from within the keyboard bank UI.


Crafting & Economy

  • Potion tooltips will not currently display the improved duration from Medicinal Use passive. This is a display issue only.

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