Sanctum Ophidia – Training Night

Our first Sanctum Ophidia training night started at around 10pm and was quite popular. We had mostly people who hadn’t done the trial alot and others who had got to the final boss before. We ended the night around 2-3am after several different groups and many many runs, much better informed about the first boss.

Along for the runs were: Kilnerdyne, Mr Monti, Mr Machete, Fox the Wizard, Azabyth, Arthemus, Er-sieght-Dier, Igneel Ru Jakka, Kombat Medi’c, Out Law, Taurhen, -Nirvana, Whoracle, psypanda, Peggles, Yvon of the Yukon, Ciri Lpfye, Gebzorro, Aeryals and Morton Alian.

First Boss: Possessed Manticore (13.4million HP)


The most important thing for me was to gather some information on the mechanics from the first boss we’d learnt from the evening and provide a recap for those coming back next time and those thinking of coming along for the first time next time. So firstly, which roles were we running with and how many groups do you need to make for sanctum’s first boss.


2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 2 Offhealer/DPS, 5 DPS

Definitely worked better with 3 Healers I thought. Both Tanks needed to be able to tank a boss each during this boss fight so if the groups did get mixed up the Offhealers always came in handy. Offhealers needed to recognize the moment to change roles from DPS, otherwise they kept up as much DPS as possible.


Group’s 1, 2 and 3. Each had a Healer and 2 DPS. The 2nd tank roamed between the groups ready to join whichever group gets sent to the 2nd boss.


  1. The Main Tank agro’d the Boss out of it’s starting altar (the red misty spot underneath ‘Group 2’ in the image above) and into the middle of the arena (black square). Group 2 moved in as the boss passed by and all groups spread out in their area, giving a good distance between each player.
  2. The Boss drops glowing green red-circles below 2-3 players at random. There are 4 red circles one after another on the same player. Roll dodge the first (away from your fellow players) and then you will be fast enough to stay ahead of the next 3 red-circles.
  3. After a 2nd round of red-circles the Boss will do a massive AOE. This need to be blocked.
  4. A black hole will now form at a random location underneath at least 1 player. Whichever side has the black hole on it, all of that group goes in, aswell as the roaming Offtank.
  5. The remaining players not in the black hole must go directly to the Main Tank and hold block. When the Main Tank moves you move with him/her.
  6. The Main Boss drops a poison red-circle that does a heavy bleed effect. The Main tank must tank the Boss and lead the group out of the poison in the best direction. Healers and DPS must be healing/damaging while holding block.

Inside the black hole

There needs to be the Offtank, a Healer/Offhealer and 2 DPS going into the black hole as there is a boss in there you need to defeat. And you only get around 100seconds to do so, otherwise the Main Boss enrages and kills everyone. Getting in there quickly and keeping some ultimate for this phase is a good idea.


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