Time Trial: The Maw of Lorkhaj – Video & Screenshots

“An Ancient Khajiiti shrine called the “Temple of Seven Riddles” has been overrun by the Khajiit’s eternal enemy, the dro-m’Athra. With each passing hour, more Lost Cats pour into Nirn through a gaping rift between worlds. If Tamriel is to be saved, this Maw of Lorkhaj must be closed.”

The Temple of the Seven riddles can be reached by the usual Time Trials symbol time-trials-door on the Map or via a little quest with a boat. This will be the first Time Trial which will have a Normal mode & a Veteran mode. Normal Mode can be scaled from Level 10 to Veteran 16. Veteran mode will scale from Veteran 1 to Veteran 16. The difficulty difference between the 2 modes will be alot like the difference between Normal & Veteran Maelstrom Arena.

There are 3 Main Bosses and 2 other “major encounters” to beat for the 33 minute Time Trial achievement & for the Set drops. There are 7 different Set drops (screenshots coming soon) which are all Bind-on-Pickup. 4 of the sets are new and there will be 1 Heavy, 1 Medium & 2 Light sets. Another three of the sets, the “Aura sets”, will grant (extra/cost-reduction/regeneration) Health, Magicka or Stamina to the entire group.

These Aura sets will drop mostly in the Normal mode, and some bosses of the Veteran mode. Some sets will involve activating a synergy to gain a buff to certain attributes such as spell and weapon power. The last Boss of Normal mode can drop a piece from the new sets whereas all bosses & encounters on Veteran mode you’ll have a chance to get these sets.

Weekly rewards will be re-vamp so that the 4 new sets can be collected by also being on the weekly leaderboard for Aetherian Archive, Hel ra Citadel & Sanctum Ophidia, aswell as the new Maw of Lorkhaj weekly. So if you don’t have the DLC, there’s still a chance to get these new sets.

Entering the The Maw of Lorkhaj

maw-of-lorkhaj1 maw-of-lorkhaj2 maw-of-lorkhaj3 maw-of-lorkhaj4 maw-of-lorkhaj5 maw-of-lorkhaj6 maw-of-lorkhaj7 maw-of-lorkhaj8 maw-of-lorkhaj9 maw-of-lorkhaj10 maw-of-lorkhaj11 maw-of-lorkhaj12 maw-of-lorkhaj13 maw-of-lorkhaj14 maw-of-lorkhaj15

First Boss: Zhaj’hassa the Forgotten


Second Bosses: S’kinrai & Vashai


Thieves Guild Passives

Finders Keepers – Unlock Thieves Troves

Swiftly Forgotten – Bounty is decreased by 10/15/20/25 after 3 minutes, Heat is decreased by 8/10/12/14 after 3 seconds

Haggling – Increases value of items sold at a fence by 2%.

Clemency – Bypass Guard accost once every 24 hours

Timely Escape – Thieves can use secret escape routes near Refuges.

Veil of Shadows – Decreases detection range of Witnesses and Guards by 10%, which makes Witnesses less likely to notice crimes, while Guards will break off pursuit earlier.

thieves-guild-passives thieves-guild-passives-finders-keepers thieves-guild-passives-swiftly-forgotten thieves-guild-passives-haggling thieves-guild-passives-clemency thieves-guild-passives-timely-escape thieves-guild-passives-veil-of-shadows maw-of-lorkhaj18

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