Wanted! The Aetherian Murderer – Watch those cliffs!

uzzgrock-wanted-posterWarning: Gigantic Nord Murderer Roaming Europe

Sources have spotted him in the vicinity of Frankfurt, Germany as early as this week…

Just another day in Weekly Aetherian Archive, battling mobs, stacking for bosses, and mounting up for those between bits passed the cliff edges and oh. Wait guys, i’ve fell off! Or so you thought…

The calling card of the Aetherian Murderer is the speed at which you descend to your death, perhaps caused by his weapon of choice Rapid Maneuver.

Little is known about the true identity of this homicidal maniac, some say he was born drunk, and some say you can become drunk just standing nearby.  If you feel succumbed by a sudden drunkenness or find out any information on the identity of this mysterious and ruthless assassin contact @Kilnerdyne immediately.



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