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PC/Mac Patch Notes v4.0.9

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.9 includes a fix for Jewelry Crafting inspiration, the Arms of Relequen item set, and the invisible Lava Pools in Bloodroot Forge, among a handful of other bug fixes. This patch is approximately 125MB in size. Dungeons Bloodroot Forge The visual effects for the Earthgore Amalgam’s Lava Pools will again persist while the ability is active. Psijic Order Undo: You can no longer cast this ability and its morphs while you are carrying a Chaosball or Relic in Battlegrounds, or an Elder Scroll in Cyrodiil. Jewelry Crafting Fixed an issue where Jewelry Crafting Writs beyond the ...
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ESO Community Guides – Summerset & Update 18 Special

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset and Update 18 are right around the corner, but there is already a ton of great community-created content available to get you up to speed on all the new adventures, loot, and systems coming with the new Chapter and patch. Check them out in our latest Community Guides article! Note that these guides were based on what was available in our Public Test Server, meaning that some of the information might be a little out of date. Be sure to check in with the different community creators regularly to get updates! Psijic Order Kevduit – ...
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The Guide to Veteran Cloudrest +0

 Introduction Veteran cloudrest is a Mini Time Trial released with the Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. Mini Time Trials are 12-player endgame raid content which allow you to increase the difficulty of the fight by defeating the bosses individually, or by facing them together with the main boss of the trial. Mini Bosses The Bosses you can add to the Main Boss are [Mini Names] are Shadow copies of 3 Members of an Order of Gryffin Riders called "The Welkynars". The Welkynars lost their Battle against the Seasload Z'Maja and were taken Hostage by her. Each one of the minibosses ...
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