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Wolfhunter – March of Sacrifices Preview

Join the hunt in the March of Sacrifices, one of the two new dungeons arriving with the Wolfhunter DLC game pack. Discover everything you need to know to survive Hircine's Great Hunt in this preview article. Enter the Hunting Grounds Hircine's realm, known as the Hunting Grounds, is a world locked in a perpetual contest between predator and prey. Filled with wild creatures both fantastic and mundane in addition to monstrous lycanthropes, it is a mystical wilderness as beautiful as it is dangerous. “Most of the Deadric realms in The Elder Scrolls Online have a very distinct otherworldly feel to ...
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ESO Community Guides – July 2018

Find out how to get started tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online and more with this hand-picked selection of new guides and builds from the ESO community. Beginner's Guides Woeler – Tanking in ESO: A Total Beginner's Guide Thinking about trying your hand at tanking in ESO? Woeler outlines everything you need to know in his huge beginner's guide. You can find more guides and builds focused around tanking in ESO on Woeler's YouTube Channel and website. Alcast – Top 3 BEGINNER Tips for New Players Alcast provides three very-important tips for ESO newcomers in this short video. If you're ...
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Wolfhunter DLC – PTS Patch Notes Part 2: Combat & Gameplay

Ability Changes Overview We’ve made numerous ability changes with this latest update – some with global implications, while others are specific tweaks and quality of life changes. Some of our major goals with these changes include: Improving the Werewolf gameplay and quality of life: Several abilities received significant adjustments, leveling the skill line is considerably easier, and Werewolves are now capable of doing more core combat actions such as resurrecting or using synergies. Reducing the duration of snare and defile effects: Abilities and Item Sets that apply snares or defile debuffs on enemies have had their durations significantly reduced. Since ...
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