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PC/Mac Patch Notes v4.2.8

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.2.8 includes some fixes to help address the current issues in Trials, in addition to improvements for performance on the Mac game client. The size of this patch is approximately 77MB. General Major Expedition's visual effects will no longer become stuck on player characters. This change should improve performance in environments with heavy effects (Trials, AvA, etc.) when multiple players are applying Major Expedition. Fixed an issue where spamming cast time or channeled abilities, such as Puncturing Strikes or Dark Flare, would cause a delay to occur between each cast of those abilities. Battlegrounds You will ...
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Explore a Mechanical Marvel during the Clockwork City Celebration Event!

Return to Sotha Sil’s greatest creation during the Clockwork City Celebration Event and earn double rewards from daily quests, bosses, and resource nodes. This is also your next opportunity to earn Event Tickets and Indrik Feathers – read more here! Return to the City The Clockwork City Celebration Event begins on Thursday, November 15 at 3:00PM GMT and will run until Monday, November 26 at 3:00PM GMT. During this period, you can earn additional rewards for the following activities within the zone: Double items harvested from crafting nodes Including Jewelry seams, but does not include nodes spawned from Survey Reports ...
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Murkmire DLC Patch Notes Part 2: Combat & Gameplay

General Updated the interaction between Roll Dodge and projectiles. Fixed an issue where a projectile would always be dodged if the target was Roll Dodging at the moment the projectile was created. Projectiles can now only be evaded if the Roll Dodge occurs within one second prior to their impact. Our goal this update is to make it clear when a target will dodge your attacks. If the enemy character is showing a Roll Dodge animation, then they can dodge attacks. To meet these intentions, we’ve also removed the dodge chance from the Evasion buff category. Minor/Major Evasion: These buffs ...
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