About Late Night Dungeoneers

We are an Ebonheart Pact Guild dedicated to finding players, creating groups and running dungeons. Public dungeons, group dungeons, veteran dungeons, trials & dragonstar arena. Our website exists to help you gain more knowledge about the game in general, guides on how to do dungeons, where to get the best addons, and how to be more useful in a group.

Our Guild is a community of Elder Scrolls fans who are on at all hours, both normal and late, who have a laid back approach to games. Patience and persistence with a positive attitude is the only way you will beat the harder dungeons of the game, along with experience gained through trial and error. So we organize groups in this spirit with the aim of making the game as a whole better. Gold and Silver pledges are hugely popular and people are always looking for groups.

Guild Rules

Player Downtime & Holidays

A few simple guidelines to allay anyone’s concerns over what constitutes a kick from the guild if you have to be away from the game and inactive for any period of time. You are expected as a valued guild member to actively participate in guild activities and make the best effort (language allowing) to use the Team Speak system or/and be active within the Guild Chat.

Recruit, Member, Champion, Veteran: If you are inactive for 30 days with no in-game note update as to why you are unable to participate or no forum post that you will be away you will be purged to make way for new and active members. If your game time is drastically reduced for any reason this isn’t an issue. Simply touch base with an officer if you are unable to update your guild notes or leave a short forum post and your spot will remain secure.

Legendary, Immortal If you are an Legendary Member or Organiser same rules as above apply but you are given 100 days.

Leaders are held at the discretion of the Founder.


How to Join

Recruitment is now invite only. No applications can be made either in-game or through this website.


Now these are pretty relaxed compared to some guilds so no need to get a pen and paper or open a new sheet.

  • We don’t require a certain level of experience of the game or video games in general. All are welcome from the people just starting on day #1 to the seasoned veterans.
  • We don’t require a certain character level or amount of champion points. All levels from 1 to 50 are welcome.
  • We highly recommend you use our Teamspeak 3 during raids.
  • There is no age limit for the guild, although the vast majority of our members are 18+
  • We recruit from around the world, as long as you are human (sorry animals) and live on Earth (ping from mars is probably too much sorry martians) you are eligible to join.
  • No donations either in gold or items are required either to the guild bank or other members to join or participate in the guild. If you see/hear of this happening mail @kilnerdyne or another Officer

Ok so now we know who can join, basically anyone, let’s discuss what we expect of our members. As a member of The Late Night Dungeoneers Guild you agree to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all preamble and subsection articles. These are the basic laws of being a good person that everyone knows.

In addition:

  • Members must try to stay positive when communicating with other members during raids. Negative or unconstructive comments are neither helpful or wanted by anyone. Everyone is trying their best, just remember that.
  • Members must try to be on time for scheduled events. Everyone knows this, just mentioning it anyway.
  • Leaders have the full support of the Founder in all decisions they take.
  • It’s the 21st Century, nobody thinks racism, discrimination or prejudice on account of country, race, religion or gender is either acceptable, funny or grown up. Zero tolerance.


Guild Ranks are very important for me to remember how much your progressing in the Guild, they are decided based on both how long you have spent in the Guild, whether you’ve signed up to our website and how much you have participated in Guild Events.

Recruit – (0-7days), Member – (7-60days), Champion – (60-120days), Veteran – (120days+)

Legendary and above – Very rarely someone is promoted to Legendary, Immortal or Leader ranks. This is at my own discretion. Anyone at these ranks has either spent an incredibly long time in the Guild or is one of the most useful players in ESO; either to the Guild or to myself.

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