If you’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls Online, you may have gotten the itch to change around the game’s UI a bit. Maybe the compass isn’t doing it for you, and you’d rather have a mini-map. Perhaps you want to filter out gold spammers. Or maybe you want the game’s map to show you locations to Skyshards! Whatever the case may be, The Elder Scrolls Online fully supports Add-Ons, and there is already a helpful site that is compiling them all.

You can head on over to, which already has a bunch of add-ons that can modify the game to your liking. But how exactly do you make these Add-Ons work?

Before you wrack your brain by trying to find the add-ons folder in the installation directory, I’ll help you out.

  1. First, pick the add-on you want to use and download the Zip file.
  2. Then go to the My Documents (or just Documents) folder on your PC.
  3. There, navigate to the Elder Scrolls Online folder, then into the liveeu folder, and lastly into the AddOns folder.
  4. Open the Zip files and drag the folders from there into the AddOns folder you just navigated to.
  5. Lastly, boot up the game and enable these Add-Ons from the main menu. If you have the game open already you can type /reloadui in chat.
Name Category Version Description
SkyShards Interface 2.1.5 This addon displays skyshards on the world map.
LoreBooks Interface 2.1.5 This addon displays map pins for Shalidor’s Library books.
Wykkyd’s Gaming Suite Awesome 2.1.5 Full Wykkyd framework, 15 addons in 1. Essential.
Research Buddy 2 Interface 2.1.5 A simple mod that adds a little icon next to icons if they contain traits unresearched.
Sous Chef Interface 2.1.5 Sous Chef will make your provisioning life somewhat easier, by keeping track of things so you don’t have to.
Destinations Interface 2.1.5 This addon displays lot of useful destination information on the world map.
Inventory Grid View Interface 2.1.5 Replace your default inventory’s list view with a more compact grid view! The default list view shows 11-12 items at a time (in my case), so it can become a pain to navigate your inventory.
Azurah Interface 2.1.5 Azurah enhances the interface by providing additional information and customization options while maintaining most of the stock look and feel of the game’s standard UI.
FilterIt Interface 2.1.5 It creates filter bars with buttons that you can click to view only the items you want to see in your inventory windows.
Roomba Interface 2.1.5 Bank Item stacking tool.
SpentSkillpoints Interface 2.1.5 This addon displays the amount of already spent skill points for each category/skill line. Nothing necessary but it saves some time because you don’t have to count by yourself.
Mobile Bank Extended Interface 2.1.5 View Inventories contents of your Characters (you have to login once to get the Data), View Bank contents (no Bank visit necessary), View Guild Banks contents (Guild Bank needs to be opened to get the Data), View All Items
Potion Maker Interface 2.1.5 Potion Maker looks through your available ingredients and uses your chosen filters, to make a comprehensive list of all the potions you could make with those traits, using the reagents you have. This list is shown in a window and you can click on a potion to add the ingredients to the alchemy table. If you use Potion Maker away from a alchemy table you instead get more information about the clicked potion.
Addon Selector Interface 2.1.5 It allows you to save the current enabled state of all of your addons in an addon pack that you can give a name to. Then you can click on the name of any saved addon pack in the drop down box and it will reset the enabled/disabled state of each addon back to the state it was in when you saved it (enabled/disabled). You can save multiple addon packs.
Name Category Version Description
AwesomeGuildStore Guild 2.1.5 This addon is an attempt to turn the default guild store interface into something usable.
Guild Roster Filters Guild 2.0.5 This addon allows you to filter players from the roster list in the guild menu by alliance and online status.
Thurisaz Guild Info Guild 2.0.5 This addon displays lots of info about guild activity, time since last online, when they go on/offline, level up etc.
Name Category Version Description
Foundry Tactical Combat Stats 2.1.5 User interface enhancement for relevant combat data.
Harven’s Extended Stats Stats 2.1.5 This simple addon will extend your character windows stats.
Harven’s Traits and Styles Stats 2.1.5 This addon adds an additional information to the armor/weapon item’s tooltip.
Master Merchant Trading 2.1.5 Master Merchant is an upgraded version of Shopkeeper that offers additional features for the Traders and Trading Guilds.
Votan’s Fisherman Fishing 2.1.5 This addon helps you keep track of the rare fish you have caught in your pursuit of fishing achievements. This add-on gives you a handy display window that automatically detects your current zone.
Name Category Version Description
Kill Counter PvP 2.1.5 Kill Counter is an addon that Tracks Kills in PVP and other PVP achievements.

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