Application @Medicates

ID: @Medicates
CP: 800
Main class (role): Templar (healer).
Other classes: Warden (healer) – in progress, Sorcerer (healer) – in progress.
Availible sets: Perfected Olorime, IA, Worm, Sanctuary, Jorvud, Shackelbreaker and Plague’s Doctor (for vAS), SPC (old). Monster sets: Earthgore, Nightflame Fury, Troll King, Molag Kena. Special weapons: Perfect Mender’s Ward Restoration Staff, Asalym Restoration and Destruction Staffs.
Current PVE progress: dungeons – all DLC dungeons HMs and achievements like no-death, speed run ect; arenas – vDSA, vBP; trials – vAA HM, vHRC HM, vAS, vCR+0, vCR+1, vCR+2.
Time zone: Moscow, GMT+3

Hello, my name is Medic and I would like to join LND to participate in veteran trials. My progress towards PVE content is not so big and I don’t have a lot of experiance but I could say that I’m learning fast and willing to swap roles/classes if required. Also I can do a certain tasks on bosses like Z’maja (kiter healer), vAS (front kiter).
I have friends in LND (@Avizura and @phyllya) who I would love to raid with some time, and they recommended me to apply.

Thank you for your time,

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