Application @Tschmoki1337

Hello Guys :o),

my name is Babken, im 29 years old and im playing computergames since im 10 years old :p. Im playing Teso for about 2 1/2 years now. I love doing raids and general pvp action. Im cp 986 and i have 3 charcters ( My Main is a tank but for 1 year im focused on my Mag Sorc and 1 stamblade). Some of my friends are in your guild and ive been told , you guys are polite and friendly ­čÖé also i love to play during the night, while other people sleep :).

I wantet to join your guild for about half year now , but i was abit afraid to join. But finialy i wanna go for it:) Ima exp raider and raidleader. Sofar i havent completet the dlc hardmodes like vCr+2,vAs+2,vmol hm and vHof. Im happy with my guilds, but i would love to meet new people and go for new adventures :).

I hope your consider to invite me , that would make me really happy <3. Im a friendly and polite person and i enjoy to play in a harmonic surroundings. If you need anymore informations, feel free to contact me anytime you want ­čÖé (@tschmoki1337). Thank you very much for your time!

Lovely greets to my buddys @Shallein and @tgrippa ! ­čÖé

Best regards Babken

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