ESO Buffs & Debuffs List

Buffs and Debuffs are temporary character effects applied by some abilities, sets, potions, and champion perks. Buffs are beneficial, and debuffs are detrimental. Two buffs/debuffs with the same name from different sources will not stack, though a Major and Minor buff of the same type will.


Buff NameTypeDescriptionSources
AegisMinorTake 5% less damage from Dungeon and Trial Monsters.SetsEternal Warrior, Lunar Bastion, Twilight Remedy
MajorTake (?)% less damage from Dungeon and Trial Monsters.  
BerserkMinorIncreases all damage done by 8%.AbilitiesBlessing of Protection, Camouflaged Hunter, Grim Focus
MajorIncreases all damage done by 25%.AbilitiesMark Target, Summon Storm Atronach
SetsHeem-Jas’ Retribution, Sithis’ Touch
BrutalityMinorIncreases weapon damage by 5%.AbilitiesMountain’s Blessing
PotionsIncrease Weapon Power Increase Weapon Power Potion
MajorIncreases weapon damage by 20%.AbilitiesDrain Power, Hidden Blade, Igneous Weapons, Momentum, Surge
EmpowerMinorIncreases damage of next attack by 5%.  
MajorIncreases damage of next attack by 20%.AbilitiesAmbush, Empowering Chains, Might of the Guild, Solar Flare, Wrecking Blow
EnduranceMinorIncreases stamina recovery by 10%.AbilitiesCircle of Protection, Grim Focus, Restoring Aura
MajorIncreases stamina recovery by 20%.AbilitiesDragon Blood, Restoring Aura, Whirlwind
ErosionMinorIncrease spell penetration by 37%  
MajorIncrease spell penetration by (?)%  
EvasionMinorIncreases dodge chance by 5%.  
MajorIncreases dodge chance by 15%.AbilitiesBlur, Evasion
SetsGossamer, Hist Bark, Spectre’s Eye
ExpeditionMinorIncreases movement speed by 10%.AbilitiesCharging Maneuver, Drain Essence, Hurricane
MajorIncreases movement speed by 30%.AbilitiesBlade Cloak, Blur, Boundless Storm, Cripple, Elusive Mist, Fiery Grip, Padomaic Sprint, Path of Darkness, Quick Cloak, Rapid Maneuver
SetsDreugh King Slayer, Quick Serpent, Vicious Serpent
PotionsSpeed Speed Potion or Poison
ForceMinorIncreases critical damage amounts by 10%.AbilitiesStalwart Guard, Trap Beast
SetsTwilight Remedy
MajorIncreases critical damage amounts by 15%.AbilitiesAggressive Horn
FortitudeMinorIncreases health recovery by 10%.AbilitiesRestoring Aura
MajorIncreases health recovery by 20%.AbilitiesDragon Blood, Restoring Aura
GallopMinorIncreases mounted speed by 10%.  
MajorIncreases mounted speed by 30%.AbilitiesRapid Maneuver
HeroismMinorIncreases Ultimate gain by 1.AbilitiesCarve, Heroic Slash
MajorIncreases Ultimate gain by 3.ChampionLast Stand
IntellectMinorIncreases magicka recovery by 10%.AbilitiesEmpowered Ward, Restoring Aura
MajorIncreases magicka recovery by 20%.AbilitiesRestoring Aura
PotionsRestore Magicka Restore Magicka Potion
LifestealMinorHeals you for 2% of all damage done.AbilitiesBlood Altar
MajorHeals you for (?)% of all damage done.  
MendingMinorIncreases healing done by 8%.SetsHealer’s Habit
MajorIncreases healing done by 30%.AbilitiesEssence Drain, Sacred Ground, Igneous Shield
ProphecyMinorIncreases spell critical chance by 3%.AbilitiesExploitation
PotionsSpell Crit Spell Crit Poison
MajorIncreases spell critical chance by 10%.AbilitiesInferno, Magelight, Sun Fire
PotionsSpell Crit Spell Crit Potion
ProtectionMinorReduces damage taken by 8%.AbilitiesCircle of Protection, Dark Cloak, Restoring Focus
PotionsProtection Protection Poison
MajorReduces damage taken by 30%.AbilitiesConsuming Darkness
PotionsProtection Protection Potion
ResolveMinor1320 increase to physical resistance.AbilitiesBlessing of Protection, Bound Armor, Mirage, Ransack, Stone Giant, Sturdy Horn
PotionsIncrease Armor Increase Armor Poison
Major5280 increase to physical resistance.AbilitiesBalance, Immovable, Lightning Form, Rune Focus, Shadow Barrier, Spiked Armor
SetsMighty Chudan
PotionsIncrease Armor Increase Armor Potion
SavageryMinorIncreases weapon critical chance by 3%.AbilitiesHemorrhage
PotionsWeapon Crit Weapon Crit Poison
MajorIncreases weapon critical chance by 10%.AbilitiesBiting Jabs, Expert Hunter, Flames of Oblivion
PotionsWeapon Crit Weapon Crit Potion
SlayerMinorYour attacks deal 5% more damage to Dungeon and Trial Monsters.SetsInfallible Mage, Moondancer, Roar of Alkosh, Vicious Serpent
MajorYour attacks deal (?)% more damage to Dungeon and Trial Monsters.  
SorceryMinorIncreases spell damage by 5%.AbilitiesIlluminate
PotionsIncrease Spell Power Increase Spell Power Poison
MajorIncreases spell damage by 20%.AbilitiesEntropy, Molten Weapons, Power Surge, Sap Essence
PotionsIncrease Spell Power Increase Spell Power Potion
VitalityMinorIncreases healing taken by 8%.AbilitiesBone Surge, Coagulating Blood, Mystic Guard, Restoring Focus, Swallow Soul
PotionsVitality Vitality Poison
MajorIncreases healing taken by 30%.AbilitiesSoul Siphon
PotionsVitality Vitality Potion
WardMinor1320 increase to spell resistance.AbilitiesBlessing of Protection, Bound Aegis, Mirage, Reflective Plate, Sturdy Horn
PotionsIncrease Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Poison
Major5280 increase to spell resistance.AbilitiesBalance, Immovable, Lightning Form, Rune Focus, Shadow Barrier, Spiked Armor
SetsMighty Chudan
PotionsIncrease Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Potion


Debuff NameTypeDescriptionSources
BreachMinor1320 decrease to target’s spell resistance.AbilitiesPower of the Light
PotionsLower Spell Resist Lower Spell Resist Potion or Poison, Increase Spell Resist Increase Spell Resist Poison
Major5280 decrease to target’s spell resistance.AbilitiesMark Target, Pierce Armor, Weakness to Elements
CowardiceMinorIncrease the cost of Ultimate abilities by 60%PotionsLower Spell Power Lower Spell Power Potion or Poison, Increase Spell Power Increase Spell Power Poison
MajorIncrease the cost of Ultimate abilities by (?)%  
DefileMinorReduces target’s healing taken by 15%.PotionsDefile Defile Potion or Poison, Vitality Vitality Poison
MajorReduces target’s healing taken by 30%.AbilitiesClaws of Anguish, Dark Flare, Death Stroke, Dragonknight Standard, Lethal Arrow, Reverberating Bash
SetsCrest of Cyrodiil, Durok’s Bane
EnervationMinorReduce Critical Damage by 12%PotionsLower Weapon Crit Lower Weapon Crit Potion or Poison, Weapon Crit Weapon Crit Poison
MajorReduce Critical Damage by (?)%  
FractureMinor1320 decrease to target’s physical resistance.AbilitiesFocused Aim, Power of the Light
SetsHand of Mephala
PotionsLower Armor Lower Armor Potion or Poison, Increase Armor Increase Armor Poison
Major5280 decrease to target’s physical resistance.AbilitiesMark Target, Noxious Breath, Puncture, Surprise Attack
HindranceReduce Movement Speed by 50%PotionsReduce Speed Reduce Speed Potion or Poison, Speed Speed Poison
MaimMinorReduce Damage dealt by 15%AbilitiesChoking Talons, Low Slash, Mass Hysteria, Summon Shade
PotionsLower Weapon Power Lower Weapon Power Potion or Poison, Increase Weapon Power Increase Weapon Power Poison
MajorReduce Damage dealt by 30% Nova
MangleMinorReduces target’s max health by 10%.AbilitiesPulsar
MajorReduces target’s max health by 40%.  
UncertaintyMinorReduce all critical ratings by a small amount.PotionsLower Spell Crit Lower Spell Crit Potion or Poison, Spell Crit Spell Crit Poison
MajorReduce all critical ratings by a large amount.  
VulnerabilityMinorIncrease damage taken by 8%SetsInfallible Mage, Wise Mage
PotionsVulnerability Vulnerability Potion or Poison, Protection Protection Poison
MajorIncrease damage taken by (?)%  


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