Cadwell Silver Quests – Rivenspire


Shornhelm DividedHelp reunify the city of Shornhelm.

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Shornhelm Divided

  1. Talk to Darien Gautier.
  2. Find Countess Tamrith in Shornhelm Chapel.
  3. Weaken House Montclair’s control in the Upper City.
  4. Report to Baron Dorell.
  5. Investigate the Fevered Mews.
  6. Help Count Ravenwatch stop the reinforcements.
  7. Meet High King Emeric.

Dream-Walk Into Darkness

  1. Talk to High King Emeric.
  2. Meet Count Verandis Ravenwatch at Ravenwatch Castle.
  3. Learn the secrets of the memories.
  4. Reach the top of the Doomcrag.
  5. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.


Camp Tamrith – Help the Camp Tamrith refugees and the Shornhelm Guard.

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cadwell-silver-tamrith-quest-map cadwell-silver-tamrith-quest-map

The Blood-Splattered Shield

  1. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.
  2. Talk to Captain Janeve at Camp Tamrith.
  3. Find Jonah Marose and his mother.
  4. Return to Captain Janeve.
  5. Talk to Countess Eselde Tamrith.
  6. Help treat the soldiers.
  7. Head along the river.
  8. Investigate Shadowfate Cavern.
  9. Confront Reezal-Jul.
  10. Find Captain Janeve.
  11. Report to Darien Gautier and Countess Tamrith.

Lorkrata Hills – Help Verandis Ravenwatch locate the secret of Lorkrata.

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The Concealing Veil

  1. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch at Lorkrata Hills.
  2. Find a way into the Lorkrata Ruins.
  3. Examine the tear in the veil.
  4. Manipulate the tears and locate the Ayleid artifact.
  5. Talk to Verandis.
  6. Exit the ruins and talk to Verandis again.

Northpoint – Infiltrate the besieged city of Northpoint and set it free.

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cadwell-silver-northpoint-quest-marker cadwell-silver-northpoint-quest-map

Northpoint in Peril

  1. Talk to Baron Alard Dorell near Northpoint.
  2. Locate Skordo the Knife.
  3. Find Darien Gautier.
  4. Find out how to get into the Smugglers’ Tunnel.
  5. Talk to Gwendis.

The Liberation of Northpoint

  1. Talk to Skordo the Knife.
  2. Get into the city and find a safe location.
  3. Find the rest of the team.
  4. Talk to Skordo at the safe house.
  5. Search the Inn.
  6. Find Lord Ellic Dorell.
  7. Find Lleraya Montclair.
  8. Break the spell and defeat Lleraya.
  9. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch and Ellic Dorell.
  10. Report to Baron Alard Dorell.

The Doomcrag — Ascend the mountain and put an end to Baron Montclair.

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cadwell-silver-doomcrag-quest-marker cadwell-silver-doomcrag-quest-map

Puzzle of the Pass

  1. Meet Verandis Ravenwatch at the foot of the Doomcrag.
  2. Reach the first portal chamber.
  3. Reach the second portal chamber.
  4. Talk to Baron Dorell.
  5. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.

The Lightless Remnant

  1. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.
  2. Talk to Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith.
  3. Talk to Verandis and enter the Doomcrag.
  4. Locate Gwendis.
  5. Reach the top of the Doomcrag.
  6. Defeat Baron Montclair.
  7. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.
  8. Talk to Darien Gautier.
  9. Talk to Gwendis.

The Crown of Shornhelm

  1. Talk to High King Emeric in Shornhelm.
  2. Talk to Baron Alard Dorell and Countess Eselde Tamrith.
  3. Provide a recommendation to the High King.



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