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Check out Jewelry Crafting With this Preview & Guide

With The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, you can craft and improve your own rings and necklaces! Learn everything you need to know about the new Jewelry Crafting Skill Line (including the six new Traits) in this article and guide.

Jewelry Crafting arrives as part of the ESO: Summerset Chapter on June 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4 and early access on May 21 for PC/Mac.

“With Jewelry Crafting, the goal is to give players more freedom in how they build their characters,” explains Rich Lambert, The Elder Scrolls Online’s Creative Director. “We have a lot of unique builds in our game, and this gives players even more freedom to play with those builds and really dial them into a particular playstyle.”

Creating your own custom necklaces and rings is a very similar process to the other Crafting Skill Lines, and it should feel familiar to you if you enjoy crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online. However, in some respects, Jewelry Crafting is more complex with regards how you acquire materials and research Traits, meaning that you’ll need to put more effort into developing your craft than usual.

“The Jewelry Crafters who put the time and effort into it are going to be rewarded,” says Lambert. “It’ll take time to find and research each of the individual Traits, and we don’t want to trivialize the end game activities by giving players easy access to them all immediately.”

This means that the traditional methods of acquiring legendary (gold) rings and necklaces will remain very important and become even more useful moving forward.

“It’s going to be very difficult to go out on day one and make a legendary jewelry item. So the high-end players who earn legendary jewelry from the game’s toughest activities will still find them super useful.”

If you want to truly master the art of Jewelry Crafting, you must develop the Skill Line and travel all over Tamriel to collect the right materials. But if you do, you’ll be richly rewarded with powerful—and valuable!—new gear.

Jewelry Crafting Guide

Access to Jewelry Crafting

In order to make use of Jewelry Crafting, you must own ESO: Summerset. You are not able to use a Jewelry Crafting Station if you do not own the new Chapter. This includes Jewelry Crafting stations purchased from Master Writ Merchants and placed in player homes (including your own).

If you don’t own ESO: Summerset, you can still harvest the Jewelry Crafting resource nodes in the wild or acquire items with the new Jewelry Crafting Traits, but you can’t make use of the resources you harvest to create or improve rings or necklaces. You can, however, still put those items and materials on guild stores or give them to your friends or guildmates to craft with.

Jewelry Crafting Stations

With ESO: Summerset, you can find new Jewelry Crafting Stations located near the other Crafting Stations already found in Tamriel, such as those situated within the cities and crafted set locations.

This means you can create necklaces and rings for all of the game’s crafted sets, such as Julianos or Hunding’s Rage. Note that like the other Crafting Skill Lines, crafting jewelry set items requires knowledge of a certain amount of Traits. For example, to craft a ring for the Hunding’s Rage set, you must have six or more Traits researched for rings.

At Jewelry Crafting Stations, you can:

  • Create new jewelry, using your base and Trait materials.
  • Refine Jewelry Crafting materials, allowing you to create refined base, Trait, and upgrade materials from their raw components.
  • Deconstruct jewelry to acquire some of their component materials.
    • Note: You can only deconstruct jewelry acquired after the release of ESO: Summerset. If you are unsure if an item can be deconstructed, check its tooltip.
  • Upgrade jewelry to improve their power using upgrade materials.
  • Research Jewelry Traits, allowing you to unlock the ability to craft items with specific Traits.

You can purchase Jewelry Crafting Stations for your homes from Master Writ Merchants, but don’t forget: if you don’t have access to ESO: Summerset, you cannot use it.

Jewelry Crafting Base Materials

To create your own jewelry, you must harvest unique Jewelry Crafting nodes called “Seams” and collect the unrefined material called “Dust.” You can then refine this material into “Ounces” to use in your crafting. Seams appear in the same kinds of places that Blacksmithing nodes appear—in rocky outcroppings, cliff faces, and other stony areas—and they can be found all over the Tamriel. Dust gathered from Seams can be harvested by anyone, whether they own ESO: Summerset or not, but they can only be refined into Ounces at the Jewelry Crafting Station.

Based on both your Engraver passive level and character level, you are able to harvest different types of Dust:

  • Levels 1-25 Pewter
  • Levels 26-50 Copper
  • Champion Level 10-60 Silver
  • Champion Level 70-140 Electrum
  • Champion Level 150-160 Platinum

Jewelry Crafting Traits

You can use Jewelry Crafting Traits to apply unique bonuses to your items. In addition to the traditional Arcane, Healthy, and Robust Traits, ESO: Summerset includes six new ones.

Acquiring the ability and materials to craft items with these Traits is similar in some respects to traditional Crafting Skill Lines, but there are some key differences with regards to how you can acquire jewelry with these Traits and their materials.

The new Jewelry Crafting Traits and their materials have to be sought from very specific sources that are thematically appropriate to them, much like the way the Nirnhoned Traits for Weapons and Armor are tied to Craglorn.

You can find information on each Trait and how to acquire it and its component materials below.


Trait effect: Increases Max Magicka.

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Arcane Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel.

Trait Material: Cobalt. Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


Trait effect: Increases Max Health.

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Healthy Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel.

Trait Material: Antimony. Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


Trait effect: Increases Max Stamina.

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Robust Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel.

Trait Material: Zinc. Acquired either by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


Trait effect: Increases Physical and Spell Resistance

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Protective Trait have a rare chance to be found within Undaunted chests.

Trait Material: Titanium. Acquired as part of daily dungeon rewards in the raw form and, rarely, in refined form. In order to create Titanium, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its raw form.


Trait effect: Increases Health, Stamina, & Magicka

Researchable Item: A researchable ring is awarded at the end of the Summerset main quest line and a researchable necklace is awarded at the end of the Psijic Order quest line.

Trait Material: Dawn-Prism. Acquired from Jewelry Crafting Nodes throughout Tamriel with a higher chance to be found in Summerset. In order to create Dawn-Prism, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its pulverized (raw) form.


Trait effect: Increases Enchantment Effectiveness

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Infused Trait have a chance to drop from Psijic Portals, found all over Tamriel.

Trait Material: Aurbic Amber. Acquired from Psijic Portals, with a rare chance for a refined form. Note that Psijic Portals only appear if you have the new Psijic Order Skill Line. In order to create Aurbic Amber, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its pulverized (raw) form.


Trait effect: Increases Movement Speed

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Swift Trait have a rare chance to be awarded when completing normal Jewelry Crating Writs.

Trait Material: Gilding Wax. Purchased from Master Writ Merchants for Writ Vouchers.


Trait effect: Increases Synergy Effectiveness

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Harmony Trait have a chance to be awarded as part of the regular rewards for completing weekly Trial quests. Note that reward boxes from Trial quests completed before the release of ESO: Summerset do not contain jewelry with the Harmony Trait.

Trait Material: Dibellium. High chance to be acquired in refined form from weekly Trial quest rewards.


Trait effect: Increases Damage against low-health foes

Researchable Item: Necklaces and rings with the Bloodthirsty Trait have a chance to be awarded when you complete the new Cyrodiil daily board quests (note, not the repeatable quests).

Trait Material: Slaughterstone. Acquired in refined form from the War Researcher vendor in Cyrodiil for Alliance Points.

In addition, as with weapons and armor, you can deconstruct jewelry with one of the new Traits to gain the material needed to craft a ring or necklace in that trait. When you deconstruct jewelry, you will only ever obtain a Pulverized form of its Trait material, which you must refine into a usable form.

Finally, if you wish, you can acquire Trait items from other players, too. Acquiring rings and necklaces with these new Traits and the Trait materials themselves takes you all over Tamriel and has you participate in a wide variety of activities.

Jewelry Crafting Upgrade Materials

In order to upgrade rings and necklaces, crafted or looted, you need to use a Jewelry Crafting Station and have the required materials.

  • Fine (Green) Quality – Terne
  • Superior (Blue) Quality – Iridium
  • Epic (Purple) Quality – Zircon
  • Legendary (Gold) Quality – Chromium

You can acquire upgrade materials by refining Dust (the Jewelry Crafting base material) into Ounces. When refining Dust, you have a chance to acquire Grains of the different upgrade materials. You must refine 10 Grains in order to acquire a Bar, and you can use Bars to upgrade your necklaces and rings at a Jewelry Crafting Station.

You can also acquire Grains by deconstructing jewelry of the same quality.

It takes considerable effort to collect the resources required to upgrade your Jewelry Crafting Skill Lines, keeping high-quality jewelry a rare and valuable commodity.

Jewelry Crafting Skill Line

Like traditional Crafting Skill Lines, there are a host of Jewelry Crafting Passive Abilities that you can unlock with Skill Points as you improve your Jewelry Crafting level.

These new Passive Abilities are as follows:

  • Engraver: Allows you to craft jewelry to a specific level range.
  • Keen Eye: Jewelry: Highlights Seams in the world.
  • Jewelry Extraction: Improves your chance to receive materials when deconstructing jewelry.
  • Lapidary Research: Reduces the time it takes to research a new Jewelry Crafting Trait.
  • Platings Expertise: Reduces the number of Bars you need to upgrade your jewelry.

Each Passive Ability can be upgraded multiple times, increasing its effectiveness.


Can I deconstruct jewelry I have saved up before the release of ESO: Summerset?

No. You are not able to deconstruct jewelry you have acquired prior to the release of ESO: Summerset. You can, however, upgrade existing jewelry and use it to research Traits. Jewelry that cannot be deconstructed will have a warning added to their tooltips.

Can I Transmute jewelry I own?

Yes! You can Transmute jewelry at a Transmute Station. Note that the item is permanently bound to you when it is Transmuted and that you can only Transmute your items to a Trait you have already researched.

Do existing sets drop rings and necklaces with the new Traits?

No. Existing sets do not drop rings and necklaces with the new Traits. If you want your rings and necklaces from existing sets to have the new Traits, they need to be retraited at a Transmutation Station.

Items with the new jewelry Traits can only be sourced from specific in-game activities.

How can I become certified to do Jewelry Crafting Writ quests?

Speak to the High Elf, Felarian, to begin your Jewelry Crafting Certification quest. He can only be found just outside the crafting section of the city of Alinor, in Summerset. He will guide you through the process of becoming a certified Jewelry Crafter, allowing you to take Jewelry Crafting Writ quests from any Equipment Crafting Writ Board in the world.

Are there Master Writs for Jewelry Crafting?

Yes! Master Writs for Jewelry Crafting can occasionally be acquired by top-rank Jewelry Crafters by completing their daily Jewelry Crafting Writ quest. Much like Blacksmithing, Clothier, and Woodworking Master Writs, Jewelry Crafting Master Writs are tradeable until unsealed, allowing you to buy and sell them. When completed, they will give Master Writ Vouchers, used to purchase goods from Rolis Hlaalu, the Master Writ Mediator.

Is crafted jewelry bound to my account when created?

No. Crafted Jewelry, like crafted Weapons or Armor, are unbound. Crafted Set Jewelry, like crafted set Weapons or Armor, are “Bind on Equip.” You can safely craft jewelry for a friend who does not own ESO: Summerset, and give (or sell) it to them.

Can I find Intricate and Ornate jewelry?

Yes! You can find Intricate and Ornate jewelry in the wild. Intricate jewelry conveys a bonus to Inspiration when deconstructed, and Ornate jewelry (as always) continues to be worth more to vendors.

Can I see the jewelry I create on my character?

No. As always, when you equip a piece of jewelry, either rings or a necklace, you are not to see it on your character.

Can I research more than one jewelry Trait at once?

No. This is because the Lapidary Research Passive Skill does not grant the ability to research more than one Trait simultaneously (it only reduces research time).

You cannot research a Trait for a ring and a Trait for a necklace simultaneously. This is different to other Crafting Skill Lines where you can research up to three different Traits at once if you put Skill Points into relevant Passive Skills.

Where can I acquire Jewelry Crafting Stations for my home?

You can purchase both basic and attunable Jewelry Crafting Stations from Master Writ Merchants for Writ Vouchers.

Are Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden’s wares changing due to the inclusion of Jewelry Crafting?

Not at this time. We always keep an eye on player markets and how people make use of the Golden’s wares, and we might adjust things in the future based on that data and feedback. For now, though, we are not changing what she carries or how she decides what she sells on any given weekend.

Are we still able to acquire gold-quality jewelry in game without crafting it?

Yes. At present, we are not changing the existing sources of gold-quality jewelry in any way. We are always monitoring feedback and player behavior in regards to these sources, of course, and we may act on that data at a later date.

Am I able to tell what Jewelry can or cannot be deconstructed?

Yes. With ESO: Summerset, there is a notice on the tooltip of the item, indicating it as non-deconstructable. Again, only rings and necklaces obtained before Summerset launches are non-deconstructable – any Jewelry obtained after Summerset launches, no matter its source, can be deconstructed.

Are there Jewelry Crafting Survey Reports?

Yes. Occasionally, when completing a daily Jewelry Crafting Writ quest, you will obtain a Jewelry Crafting Survey Report. Unlike previous Survey Reports, these Reports are written, rather than drawn–but they still lead to a large cache of Rich Seams, chock-full of raw Dust.


With ESO: Summerset‘s Jewelry Crafting, you’ll finally be able to create your own custom rings and necklaces, giving you even more opportunities to tailor your character and build. Are you going to dive into Jewelry Crafting when ESO: Summerset arrives? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, using the hashtag #Summerset!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is coming to PC/Mac on May 21 and Xbox One and PlayStation®4 June 5. Pre-purchase ESO: Summerset now to receive the Queen’s Bounty Pack bonus reward and gain immediate access to the ESO base game and Morrowind Chapter (digital pre-purchases only – conditions apply). Don’t miss out!

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Summerset and Update 18 Preview

Explore the island home of the High Elves in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, coming to Xbox One and PlayStation®4 June 5 with PC/Mac early access on May 21. Discover everything you need to know about ESO’s latest Chapter as well as Update 18 in this preview article. Summerset awaits!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is a brand new Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga and brings a new zone, new story quest, the Psijic Order Skill Line, Jewelry Crafting, and much more. You can pre-purchase ESO: Summerset right now and earn bonus items including the Queen’s Bounty Pack and other digital rewards. In addition to the new Chapter, Update 18 will bring a series of new features for all. Want to know more? Explore Summerset below.



Let it be known that by royal decree, Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri has declared the once-forbidden island of Summerset open to one and all. Traders, diplomats, immigrants, and visitors of every description—all who come in peace are welcome upon our shores. These are the words of our Queen, and these words are law.


The Borders Have Opened

By the Queen’s decree, the Isle of Summerset has now opened to all the races of Tamriel. The ancestral home of the High Elves is a land of remarkable beauty and wealth, but should you make your way to its shores, be warned: an ancient evil conspires from the shadows, and not everyone welcomes newcomers to the island.

For the first time since The Elder Scrolls: Arena, you can visit the Isle of Summerset and explore an all-new land packed full of exciting adventures and stunning locations in a zone even larger than the one found in The Elder Scrolls Online‘s last Chapter, Morrowind.

However, the idyllic island is not without its dangers or challenges. Wild gryphons roam the wilderness, and monstrous yaghra stalk the unwary from beneath the ground. This new zone will contain six delves for you to explore, and, for those who enjoy travelling with friends, two new public dungeons and six World Bosses. Summerset also brings a new group activity not found on the larger continent of Tamriel: Abyssal Geysers. Scattered across the island, these new group activities spawn waves of fierce monsters and must be shut down before they overrun the surface.

From its shining towers to its white-sand beaches and radiant coral reefs, the Isle of Summerset is a paradise as beautiful as it is dangerous, and it now stands ready to be explored by you and your allies.

Shadows Rise on the Isle

As a newcomer to the land of the High Elves, you will take part in a battle for the very heart of Summerset and its people with an all new story quest. Hidden behind closed doors and shadows, mysterious agents plan a sinister threat to Summerset and its people. These conspirators do not work alone, however, as they draw strength and influence from powerful Daedric allies and an ancient foe of the High Elves.

Summerset continues the epic story that was first teased in The Elder Scrolls Online base game and began in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Chapter and the Clockwork City DLC game pack. The forces that worked against the Tribunal demigods Vivec and Sotha Sil now continue their schemes in Summerset, and it’s up to you to identify those responsible and stop them.

Of course, while the main story quest in ESO: Summerset continues a narrative found in previous releases, you can jump in and enjoy this epic adventure at any point, and you don’t need to have played ESO: Morrowind or Clockwork City in order to enjoy and follow the story.

As you roam the new zone, you’re bound to discover new and unique stand-alone adventures, too, so keep an eye out as you explore!

Join the Psijic Order

In addition to the ESO: Summerset main quest, for the first time in the Elder Scrolls series you’ll be able to join the enigmatic organization known as the Psijic Order. This secret society of mages has returned after a 350-year-long absence, bringing with them a unique quest line and story that sees you travel all over Tamriel in order to close destructive and mysterious time breaches.

The Psijic Order not only provides you with a unique quest line and story–it also grants you the famed abilities of the ancient organization. The Psijic Order Skill Line features a full set of Active and Passive abilities in addition to a unique Ultimate. In similar fashion to both the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild Skill Lines, as you increase your reputation within the Order, you’ll unlock a suite of powerful time-based abilities.

These newfound abilities are not to be taken lightly. When wielding the Psijic Order Skill Line, you will be able to empower yourself and your weapons, slow and freeze enemies in place, and even rewind time! This new Skill Line will be available for all characters and classes, and whatever your role or playstyle in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can find wondrous-but-powerful new abilities with the Psijic Order. Use them wisely. Look for more information on this Skill Line in the future on The Elder Scrolls Online official website.

Craft Custom (and Powerful) Jewelry

If you enjoy crafting your own gear, ESO: Summerset allows you to learn and master an all-new Jewelry Crafting Skill Line. Jewelry Crafting works very similar to many of ESO‘s other crafting Skills Lines, and you’ll be able to create, deconstruct, research, and improve rings and necklaces, allowing you to truly tailor all of your items.

Throughout Tamriel, you can find new Jewelry Crafting Stations (including set stations) that allow you to create custom jewelry for the current crafted item sets, and you will be able to complete Writs and Master Writs like any other crafting Skill Line. Note that the Summerset Chapter is required to use the new Crafting Stations.

Finally, in addition to the three Traits you’re used to jewelry having (Healthy, Arcane, and Robust), we’re adding six brand-new ones to the game, giving you exclusive all-new options for your character’s jewelry. These new Traits include Harmony, which increases the effectiveness of any Synergies that you activate, and Bloodthirsty, which increases damage against low-health enemies. Keep an eye out on The Elder Scrolls Online official website for more information on the new Traits and prepare for the first time to be able to craft, upgrade, and customize your own rings and necklaces!

Fight atop the Mountains

Summerset also brings an all-new 12-player Trial in the form of Cloudrest. Located upon Summerset’s highest peak, the city of Cloudrest has gone silent, and its gryphon-riding knight protectors known as the Welkynar have disappeared. You and your allies must climb the mountain of Eton Nir, enter the city, and put a stop to the ancient evil at its center.

Cloudrest is similar to the Clockwork City’s Asylum Sanctorium in that it allows you to choose how difficult you want the final boss to be by either taking on or skipping its other bosses. However, unlike Asylum Sanctorium, Cloudrest has four bosses in total, making it more difficult and much longer to complete.

In addition to this, all four bosses found in Cloudrest have especially challenging mechanics, and each one requires previously unheard of levels of cooperation and coordination. Of course, the rewards for completing Cloudrest match the risk. This includes four new item sets and the addition of new, improved “perfected” versions for those who want to take on the hardest version of the Trial. Should you dare to investigate the peril atop Eton Nir, be ready to face one of the game’s toughest group challenges.

Update 18 Brings New Rewards

In June, ESO: Summerset arrives alongside the free Update 18 base game update. This latest update brings a host of unique features for all Elder Scrolls Online players, not just those who own the Summerset Chapter.

With Update 18, we’re introducing daily login rewards. With this new feature, when you log into the game you’ll be able to claim a special gift. These gifts could include consumables, currencies, special collectibles, and even Crown Crates! With daily login rewards, you’ll have even more reasons to visit Tamriel each and every day.

This update also brings a brand new Crown Store feature: gifting. With gifting, you can purchase and send Crown Store items to your friends and allies, and you’ll be able to easily track your sent and received gifts. Almost every item in the Crown Store can be gifted, but there are some conditions.

Finally, Update 18 also features daily Battlegrounds rewards. With this update, you’ll receive rewards the first time you complete a Battlegrounds match every day – similar to how daily dungeon rewards currently work. There’s never been a better time to show your strength in the Battlegrounds!

Keep an eye out for more information in the future on our official website about the new features and improvements coming with Update 18.

Explore Summerset

With The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, you can explore a beautiful world that shelters many hidden dangers and mysteries. We’ve only just begun to show you what we have in store for the latest Chapter in the ESO saga, so keep an eye out on our website for more information on the zone, story, Psijic Order, Jewelry Crafting, group activities, and everything else that is coming with this massive new experience. The home of the High Elves calls to you, adventurer. Get ready to visit Summerset!

Are you excited to explore the Isle of Summerset? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in ESO: Summerset on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, using the hashtag #Summerset!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is coming to PC/Mac on May 21 and Xbox One and PlayStation®4 June 5. Pre-purchase ESO: Summerset now to receive the Queen’s Bounty Pack bonus reward and gain immediate access to the ESO base game and Morrowind Chapter (digital pre-purchases only – conditions apply). Don’t miss out!

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Late Night Dungeoneers – 3 year Anniversary Photograph

Thanks to all who turned up for the Anniversary Photograph! Another good turn-out considering that it wasn’t the most well-advertised or well-timed event in LND History. Good luck to you all in 2018! Remember we will always try to have a Guild Trader up most weeks so keep your 30 slots full and become rich! Participation in our website Raids have been high but we want to keep expanding. We will always try to run more than 1 group each night so don’t worry about signing up if there are already 12 signed up!

The Gallery below contains the Screenshots I took while we were there, if anyone else has any to add you can submit the links to the images as a Comment on this Post and i’ll add them to this top area.

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LND Anniversary Photograph 2018: Wednesday 31st January

Every member of Late Night Dungeoneers is invited to attend the Guild Anniversary Photo next week! Check the Day, Time, Location & Map information below. More information will be supplied here as we decide the day & time, just try to turn up a bit early & wear your best outfit! Try to be there!







Skyreach Wayshrine, Craglorn

Day: Wednesday 31st January

Time: 18:30pm GMT (19:30pm CET)


Last year we had a very successful Christmas photo as well. You can view the post here:

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ESO Live January 19: Systems & Combat for Update 17

This Friday, we’ll be joined by ESO’s Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel and Systems Designer Chris Balser to have a deeper look at the Outfit System, Home Storage system, Level Up Advisor, and Skills Advisor. In addition, we’ll have an in-depth discussion about some of the combat and balance changes coming to ESO in February. We’ll be answering your questions throughout the show, and will have some exciting giveaways as well. Be sure to join us at 11pm GMT (with better hardware than last week!) on Twitch or YouTube for an action-packed show. See you then!

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ESO in 2017 and Beyond

Greetings everyone! It’s that time of the year again where we sit down, take stock of what we’ve done in the last year, and look ahead to what is next.

Looking Back at 2017

2017 was a huge year for us. We added more than two million players to the game, many of whom came on board to check out our very first Chapter, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. This was the first time we added anything larger than a DLC to the game, and the reception (and success) of ESO: Morrowind was huge. Many of you returned to the game to check it out, and of course, many new players started their journey in Tamriel based on the excitement of exploring such an iconic—and nostalgic—location.

In addition, we surpassed 10 million total players in 2017, a huge milestone (and this number doesn’t include beta or free trial players). We are very proud of this achievement, but we’re also humbled by the scale of what we have built and the community that enjoys it. Thanks to everyone for being a part of ESO—we couldn’t do it without you.

Homestead Goes Live

There was a lot more to 2017 than ESO: Morrowind, though. We launched Homestead as a free update in February, adding player housing to the game. We are thrilled to see the wonderful things you guys have built with Homestead—the creativity out there in the ESO community is nothing short of amazing, and we’ve loved sharing them on social media channels and our website. 

We are going to add more to Homestead over time, and I’m happy to announce that home storage is coming to ESO in early 2018, giving you the ability to store inventory items in your home. You all have been asking for it ever since Homestead launched, and it’s coming soon. We’ll release more information about how the home storage system will work shortly after the first of the year.

New Adventures Added in 2017

We began last year with a very exciting announcement of ESO: Morrowind livestreamed on Twitch at the end of January, which kicked off a huge five months or so for ESO. Because it is such an iconic area of Tamriel and there is so much nostalgia from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the announcement got a lot of notice and generated a lot of buzz around ESO in general.

I think it is safe to say that the content in ESO: Morrowind includes some of the best quests we have ever created in ESO (although I always have a soft spot for Orsinium, which I love). The level of writing and the memorable characters you meet along way have raised the bar for all future DLCs and Chapters.

The Clockwork City DLC is a fitting bookend to our “year of Morrowind”—it also lets you explore a really different part of Tamriel, one that has been in previous Elder Scrolls games, but had never been fully explored. The long conversation you have with Sotha Sil at the conclusion of the Clockwork City’s main quest is one of my top-five moments from ESO. The Clockwork City DLC also introduced our first Mini-Trial, which is 12-player co-op content, but with fewer bosses than a regular Trial. Based on the positive reception we got from it, we’ll be adding more of these in the future.

And, of course, the Horns of the Reach DLC added two fantastic dungeons and showed our continuing commitment to supporting and expanding co-op group play. Expect to see more dungeon content every year, including two in 2018.

Community Events

We focused on doing more community events in 2017, and we ended up meeting with fans in Cologne, Germany twice (once for the Roleplay Convention and once for Gamescom), as well as at PAX East in March and PAX West in September, E3 in June in Los Angeles, and at TwitchCon in Long Beach.




Meeting with fans and the community is one of the coolest things that we do, and it’s always great to get out and meet players who enjoy the game as much as we do. We hope to see you at an event in 2018!

In-game Events

Of course, not everyone can make it to a community event, which is why we have a ton of in-game events—so you can enjoy a fun time, meet new people, and earn in-game bonuses and special themed rewards.

In-game events have been one of the most requested features in the game, so we did a lot of them in 2017: Jesters Festival, Witches Festival, Midyear Mayhem, New Life Festival, a couple of free play weekends, an ESO Plus free trial, DLC anniversary events, and, of course, the return of the very first event we did: the ESO launch anniversary.



Looking Forward to 2018

I’m very happy to say that you can expect three more DLCs and a full new Chapter for ESO in 2018. We’re not slowing down, at all. There’s so much to do and explore in Tamriel, and we are very excited to take you to some highly-requested areas next year.

We’ll officially announce the first DLC of 2018 just after the first of the year, but here’s a small preview: It’s a dungeon-based DLC called The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones. As the name implies, it is Nord-based in theme, with each of the two dungeons expanding upon the lore of that region.

Coming with Dragon Bones is an update full of quality-of-life improvements and additions, including at least one long-awaited feature that everyone who cares about their characters’ appearance will love and the Homestead storage items I talked about earlier. We’ll give you more details on this update when it launches on the PTS early (very early) next year.

It’s not always about new content, of course—we’ll be spending some time adding more improvements and fixing any outstanding issues and bugs. Stay tuned for the PTS patch notes for updates on those and, obviously, keep your comments coming on the forums and elsewhere. We value your feedback and take it very seriously.

Wrapping Up

I know I say this often, but we all mean it here at ZOS: Thank you. Thanks for your support, passion, and commitment to making the world of Tamriel amazing. Because of the nature of ESO, much of the game’s character comes from the community (i.e. you!), and ESO is known as one of the most welcoming, helpful, and awesome communities in gaming. Let’s keep it going together!

– Matt

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