ESO Community Guides – September 2018

We have guides for new players and old this month, including some that focus on ESO’s base-game dungeons, PvP-specific builds, and more! Check it all out in our latest Community Guides!

Beginner’s Guides

Fextralife – Elder Scrolls Online: Beginner Guide 2018

Fextralife has provided a huge 2018-updated guide for all newcomers to ESO, including information on ESO Plus, Races and Alliances, Classes, and more.

Find more from Fextralife on their YouTube Channel and website.

LemonSauce – Guide to Fishing in Elder Scrolls Online

LemonSauce breaks down everything you need to know about fishing in ESO, including how to make the most out of your angling adventures and mod support.

Check out more ESO guides from LemonSauce on his YouTube Channel.

Miss Bizz – Target Skeleton Crafting Guide

One of the best ways to work on your DPS and rotation is to pick up a Target Skeleton. To help with this, Miss Bizz has published this quick-and-easy guide on how you can craft one for yourself!


“> Miss Bizz has a ton of additional ESO guides and more on her Youtube Channel.

Advanced Guides

Tianlein – Power Leveling Enchanting

Want to get your Enchanting up to level 50 super quick? Tianlein has crafted this guide outlining everything you need to know to get your Enchanting from 1-50 fast. 

Find more useful ESO guides on Tianlein’s YouTube Channel.

Dottz Gaming – ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide Fungal Grotto 2

Dottz walks us though his Vet Hard Mode attempt of the Fungal Grotto 2 dungeon, showcasing the unique boss mechanics and strategies as he goes.

You can find additional Dottz Gaming guides and more on his YouTube Channel.

Xynode Gaming – All About Mechanics – Elden Hollow II Dungeon Guide

Xynode continues his dungeon guide series this month by focusing on the tricky Elden Hollow II. He breaks down all of the dungeon’s mechanics and offers strategies for handling it for both Veteran and Hard Mode difficulties.

You can find more from Xynode’s “All About Mechanics” series on his YouTube Channel.


Hack the Minotaur – Magicka Templar PvP Build “Invincible”

Hack outlines his tanky Templar build designed for PvP that makes use of Innate Axiom and the recently buffed Light of Cyrodiil set.

Check out additional ESO builds on Hack the Minotaur’s YouTube Channel.

Grimhallow – Open World Magicka Nightblade Build

Grimhallow highlights his new Magblade build that makes use of Heavy Armor, Restoration Staff, and Destruction Staff in tandem with the Malubeth monster set.

You can find more expert Nightblade gameplay and guides on Grimhallow’s YouTube Channel.

It’s a Lob – PvP Heavy Armor Stamina Dragonknight 1vX Build

It’s a Lob brings a heavy Dragonknight build designed to take on large groups in Cyrodiil thanks to the Blood Spawn, Spriggan’s, and Fury sets.

Enjoy additional ESO PvP builds on It’s a Lob’s YouTube Channel.

As always, the ESO community continues to come up with great guides and builds for all levels of play. Thank you! If you’ve seen or crafted a kickass guide for The Elder Scrolls Online, don’t hesitate to shoot it our way on Twitter @TESOnline and Facebook. We’d be happy to share it with the rest of the community.

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