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Synergies are unique skills that require 2 players. One to cast a spell which provides a Synergy and one to press the Use Synergy keybind (X by default) when the prompt appears. Some Synergies, such as Conduit or Gravity Crush, require you to be stood close enough to use the prompt. Other Synergies can be activated from range such as Soul Leech and Radiate.

These Synergies can cause Damage to Enemies, Heal yourself, Buff your stats or provide Utility. A list of Synergies you can activate are below, aswell as the Skills which provide these Synergies. The stats listed for each skills are based off fully-geared v16 Sorcerer, Dragonknight, Nightblade & Templar characters to give you an idea of the basic tooltip stats.

List of Elder Scrolls Online Group Synergy Skills



Impale – Activate Impale to deal 8980 Magic Damage to Enemies in an area.  <Dark Talons>


Charged Lightning – Gain Major Berserk increasing your Damage by 25% for 8 seconds.  <Summon Storm Atronach>


Black Widows – dealing 7534 Magic Damage and summoning 2 black widow spiders for 20 seconds. <Shadow Silk>


Soul Leech – Activating Soul Leech heals you for 10289 Health.  <Soul Shred>


Shackle – Activate Shackle to deal 5460 Flame Damage and immobilize enemies in the area.  <Dragonkight Standard>


Gravity Crush – Activating Gravity Crush deals 13100 Magic Damage to all Enemies in the are and stuns them for 5 seconds.  <Solar Prison>


Magicka Combustion – causing the orb to explode for 8476 Magic Damage. Allies restore 1850 Magicka instantly, and more Magicka over time for each enemy hit.  <Mystic Orb>


Purifying Ritual – Removes 2 harmful effects and heal yourself for 4456 Health.  <Cleansing Ritual>


Radiate – Activate Radiate to deal 2353 Magic Damage to target enemy over 2 seconds, then explode for 7058 Magic Damage to all nearby enemies.  <Inner Fire>


Luminous Shards – Restores 25% Stamina instantly and 1875 Stamina and Magicka over 10 seconds.


Bone Wall – Gain a damage shield for 60% of Max Health.  <Bone Shield>


Conduit – Activate Conduit to deal 8476 Shock Damage to all Enemies nearby. <Liquid Lightning>


Hidden Refresh – Activating Hidden Refresh grants invisibility, increases Movement Speed by 50% and healing them for 25400 over 4 seconds.  <Veil of Blades>


Blood Funnel – Activate the Blood Funnel to heal yourself for 40% of your Max Health. <Blood Altar>


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