‘Find a Guild’ – Creating a list of Guilds – LND needs your help!

Creating a List of active Guilds

If you’re a regular visitor to this website (thanks for your support!) then you’ll have noticed a few new buttons appearing at the top left of the website. These new quick links will help people find out about other guilds, to help people join those Guilds which in turn will to help those Guilds with their recruitment; providing more applications and more choice of members.

Find a Guild will show Guild names, Guild leaders & hopefully the Guild websites also. It will also show which Type of Guild which currently has 4 choices.

Which types of Guilds?

  • Trading Guilds
  • Community Guilds
  • PvP Raiding Guilds
  • Trials Raiding Guilds

How do I submit a Guild to the list?

Click on any of the 4 ‘Find a Guild’ buttons at the top left of this website & use the submission form at the bottom of the list. Try to include all fields & at minimum the Name & Leader of the Guild.

How many Guilds can I submit?

As many as you know. If you’ve got the info then keep submitting, each submission will be verified before being added. We want to have as large a list as possible so if there is an active Guild you know of add it to the list.

Thanks for your continued support of the Guild and of this information survey! Let’s hope it will help players to find more good guilds.


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