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Veteran cloudrest is a Mini Time Trial released with the Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.
Mini Time Trials are 12-player endgame raid content which allow you to increase the difficulty of the fight by defeating the bosses individually, or by facing them together with the main boss of the trial.

Mini Bosses

The Bosses you can add to the Main Boss are [Mini Names] are Shadow copies of 3 Members of an Order of Gryffin Riders called “The Welkynars”. The Welkynars lost their Battle against the Seasload Z’Maja and were taken Hostage by her.

Each one of the minibosses Stands for a specific element (Fire, Ice, Lightning) and their magic is based off this element.

Siroria (Fire) + Silaeda


The Boss for the Element of Fire is Siroria, wielding a Sword and Shield he uses the standard abilities of a Magicka Dragonknight such as Flame Whip and Burning Talons.

His partner the Gryffon [Name] is casting the characteristic ability of this Mini Boss which creates a small damage telegraph around a player – this player now has to stack on at least 2 other players sharing the damage of the fire explosion to survive this Mechanic

In the middle of the Arena a Portal which leads to Z’Maja’s Shadowrealm will appear, where at least 2 players have to go in to stop Z’Maja’s Army from passing through. (I recommend sending 3 people in for a veteran +0 clear)


  • Once you enter you will see 3 Crystals around the room they die relatively quick.
  • Once they are destroyed a spear of light is gonna spawn in the Boss Room room.
  • Your group members need to synergize these spears to send them to you into the shadowrealm. From the 3 crystals you destroy 3 orbs will spawn while the orbs are in the room they deal damage to players in form of dark projectiles.
  • You have to deliver these orbs to the spears of light your group members sent to you. (You pick up the orbs by pressing Synergy.)
  • Once picked up the carrying player will receive a lot of damage so be quick to deliver. To deliver simply run into the spear of light with an orb on you. Repeat this process for all the orbs in order to close the portal. You can now proceed to bring down the miniboss.

After a while the portal will open again. The players that went in there the first time will not be able to go inside again, so form 2 groups that can rotate. After the 2nd group has closed the portal you can send the 1st group in again, rinse and repeat until the Mini Boss and his partner are dead.

Siroria Mechanics – Things to watch out for

  1. His Jump ability which he will do once he falls below 50% of his HP. He will leap into the air smashing the ground where he lands, sending out little flame tornados in all directions that deal a lot of damage.
  2. The Mini Boss and his familiar empower each other once they are close together so keep them apart.
  3. The Gryffin will take flight at multiple points of the fight, flying over the stage leaving vicious whirlwinds where he flies. Watch out as these stun you once you touch them and put a DoT effect on the player.
  4. Once either Siroria or his Gryffin familiar die, an enrage mechanic is triggered summoning Creepers (Big Vines that bind players and force them to dodge roll out of their grasp in order to survive). Try bring the bosses to about 10% HP then kill the Gryffin first as he has more HP, then kill the rider.


Relequen (Lightning)+ Belanaril


The Boss for the Element of lightning is Relequen, wielding a staff he uses like a martial artist his signature attack is a heavy attack which sends out lightning sparks into all directions stunning every player hit.

His partner the Gryffon Belanaril is casting his characteristic ability which overloads your current weapon forcing you to swap to your other bar and remain there for at least 10 seconds. Should you swap to your overloaded bar, you will damage yourself and your allies heavily.

On this Boss the same kind of portal to the Shadowrealm will open like on the fight with Siroria (check above for further info)

Relequen Mechanics – Things to watch out for

  1. Stun combos are really common on this Boss so make sure to be careful with your Stamina
  2. Relequen is using a cone shaped ability which can be dodged/blocked else it will push you back and deal a lot of damage
  3. The Mini Boss and his familiar empower each other once they are close together so keep them apart.
  4. As in the fight with Siroria also Relequens Gryffin will take flight and do the same abilities Siroria’s Gryffin does
  5. Once either Relequen or his Gryffin familiar die, an enrage mechanic is triggered summoning Creepers (Big Vines that bind players and force them to dodge roll out of their grasp in order to survive). Try bring the bosses to about 10% HP then kill the Gryffin first (as he has more HP) then kill the rider.


Galenwe (Ice) + Falarielle


The Boss for the element of lightning is Galenwe, wielding a two handed Sword he is casting a ring of ice around the tank that has aggro of him which deals a lot of damage if you stand on the ring.

His partner the Gryffin Falarielle casts his characteristic ability which is a hoarfrost whirlwind which gets cast onto a player this effect will deal damage over time and slow the player affected by it. After a while this player can use his Synergy Key to drop the Hoarfrost for another player to pick it up. If you do not pick it up, it will start shooting damaging projectiles at random players increasing in strength every second it is not picked up.

After 3 players have had the hoarfrost on them and dropped it the ice will vanish and Falarielle will cast it on another player after a short delay.

On this Boss the same kind of portal to the Shadowrealm will open like on the battle with Siroria (check above for further info)

Galenwe Mechanics – Things to watch out for


  • The ice ring is almost a 1 shot if Galenwe and Falarielle are close to one another empowering each other
  • The Mini Boss and his familiar empower each other once they are close together so keep them apart.
  • Once below 50% Galenwe will cast an ability which summons 3 huge telegraphs around 3 players which indicate an ice explosion. It will kill players who stand where the circles overlap.


Summarizing the MiniBosses


Each encounter features a Gryffin and his rider. In all 3 fights the players have to best the same Shadowrealm portal mechanic and each boss’ characteristic unique ability.

All Gryffins take flight and leave stunning whirlwinds on the ground. All Bosses possess abilities where they jump/teleport across the room. Once Gryffon and Rider are close to one another they empower each other.

The Gryffins have way more HP than the MiniBoss, so target them more than the MiniBoss.

Side note for tanks: The Gryffins light attacks apply a heavy bleed on you.



Z’Maja is a toad. Ehh sload. She uses dark magic and deals magic damage.

Her normal attack is called ‘mind blast’ and it attacks everyone in front of her. Her heavy attack is a big ball of darkness which deals heavy damage. Another one of her attacks is crushing darkness. It locks onto the tank that keeps aggro of her and the person furthest away from her (beware it doesn’t always target the furthest person 80% chance). The probably deadliest part about this fight is the orb mechanic. 3 orbs spawn around the room if not killed in short time they can stun the group members and deal heavy Damage over Time. From 40% of Z’Maja’s HP down there will be nocturnal creepers spawning around the room binding players forcing them to roll dodge (and kill you if you don’t have enough stamina).


Z’Maja’s Shadow World

Also Z’Maja opens a Shadow Portal in the middle of the arena. However this portal is different to the previous ones. You will find an exact copy of Z’Maja inside the portal so it is required to bring a tank downstairs.

The biggest difference is the number of crystals in the room, 3 orbs hide inside the 6 crystals. Only a crystal which drops an orb will spawn a spear synergy in the main boss room.

Delivering works in the same manner as before. Once this process has been repeated for all 3 orbs you will be sent back into the boss room.

After about 20 seconds in Z’Maja’s shadowworld she will cast an explosion expanding from the midle of the room.

To avoid the explosion you must make it to a synergy close to the 4 platforms in the corners of the room, sending you upstairs to save you from death.

As soon as 3 orbs have been delivered, the portal closed and you have been sent back into the main Boss room a Big Spider (Yaghra Monstrosity 2,1Mil. HP) will spawn which needs to be focused.


After z’Maja has reached 5% of her HP she will teleport to the top end of the room summoning her shade from the shadowrealm. You have to kill the shade in order to defeat z’Maja. After about 20 seconds players will receive a debuff called baneful mark. It puts your Health on 20% of your maximum HP and applies a growing DoT such as a heavy healing debuff (85% last week of pts). In order to get rid of baneful mark you must heal up to 100%. Baneful mark gets applied to you every 20 seconds. Z’Maja’s shadow possesses the same abilities like the original and you will have creepers spawn during the fight. Once the shade is defeated you have bested Z’Maja.


Thanks very much for reading

and special thanks to @Kilnerdyne for formatting and helping with language and @Karma’X for helping me with language too. 🙂



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