Welcome to the Late Night Dungeoneers Build Section! Here you can share with the Guild and others the setup(s) you use for different classes, races, playstyles. I’m going to quickly run through what I recommend you need to make an awesome looking build on here.

  • Download the Superstar addon by Ayantir.
  • If your already in-game type /reloadui in the chatbox to load the addon.
  • Make sure Take Screenshot in Keybindings is assigned to a key.
  • Make sure Superstar show/hide in Keybindings is assigned to a key.
  • Press your Superstar key and Take a Screenshot. You can use a Screenshotting addon such as pu.ush to only take screenshots of parts of your screen.
  • Screenshots are in your /My Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/Liveeu/Screenshots/ folder.
  • You can also take screenshots of your different ability bars & individual gear in this way.
  • Also a free Image editor such as G.I.M.P. or an Online Image editor such as Picresize can crop the images for that final touch.


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