There are 351 recipes to be collected in total: 171 Standard recipes, 135 Difficult recipes, and 45 Complex recipes. Learning a recipe will remove it from your inventory, but in exchange, you will learn how to craft its meal indefinitely. Recipes can be found in Trunks, Wardrobes, Desks, Nightstands, and the likes. The recipe received when you loot a container is based on your character level, and not the zone you are in. To cook food or brew a beverage, you must have the required provisioning skills. If you do, simply visit a cooking fire found in most towns to begin combining ingredients. Eating food and drinking beverages temporarily gives your attributes a bonus when consumed. However, food and beverage bonuses do not stack, so you have to pick only one.

  • There are two skills required to craft food and beverages.
    • Recipe Improvement ranges from 1 to 6 and lets you make higher Level-Requirement meals.
    • Recipe Quality ranges from 1 to 3 and allows you to craft Standard, Difficult, and Complex versions of recipes.
      • Recipes have a Difficult version if they require you to be Level 10 or above to consume its food or beverage.
      • Recipes have a Complex version if they require you to be Level 35 or above to consume its food or beverage.

  • Recipe ingredients are broken down as follows.
Primary ingredient and Secondary ingredient
+Difficult-Quality ingredient
+Complex-Quality ingredient 1 and Complex-Quality ingredient 2
  • The secondary ingredient of a recipe is determined by its Recipe Improvement requirement (RI).
  • Higher Recipe Quality (RQ) recipes use ingredients in an additive way. This means that to craft a Complex food or beverage, you must also use the required ingredients of its Standard and Difficult counterparts.
  • Complex-Quality ingredients are always used in pairs. For example, ON-icon-food-Garlic.png Garlic and ON-icon-food-Pepper.png Pepper always go together, and you will never find a purple recipe that requires ON-icon-food-Pepper.png Pepper and another Complex-Quality ingredient.

All Complex recipes have “Consummate” in the recipe title, but the prefix of Difficult recipes depends on the recipe’s category.

Blue recipe name prefix
Fortified Enriched Invigorated
Food Bread and Pies Grilled Soups and Stews
Beverage Beer Spirits Wine

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