The game has 3 factions with 3 playable races in each faction. Here you can find descriptions of all races, their characteristics and talents. This guide will hopefully help you to choose the best race for your class.

Racial Bonuses Comparison Table

The table below displays all racial bonuses of each race. You can compare different races and find the race you need. These bonuses are Racial Skills Rank 3. That means you can see the maximum size of racial bonuses for each race.

Max Magicka+10%+10%+9%
Max Stamina+3%+6%+10%+6%+10%
Max Health+6%+3%+3%+12%
Magica Recovery+9%
Stamina Recovery+9%+9% (*)
Health Recovery+15%+15%+15%(**)
Cold Damage+6%
Fire Damage+6%
Shock Damage+6%
Poison Resist+23+21
Disease Resist+23+21
Fire Resist+30
Frost Resist+30
Spell Resist+6
Stealth Radius+3 m+3 m
Stealthy Damage+10%+10%
Melee Crit Rating+3%
Crit Damage+15%
Spell Cost-3%
Sprint Cost-12%
Sprint Speed+9%
Swim Speed+50%
Fire Spell Power+3
Armor Rating+6
Potion Effectiveness+15%
Received Healing+6%

(*) Redguard also recovers 3 stamina once every 3 seconds when damaging enemy with melee attack.

(**) Imperial – Melee attacks have a 10% chance to restore 2/4/6 Health.

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