Retake the Capital During the Imperial City Celebration Event!

Liberate the Daedric-ridden streets of the Imperial City and earn bonus rewards, including double Tel Var Stones, double unique drops, and more. Learn about the Imperial City Celebration Event right here!

Fight for the City

The Imperial City Celebration Event begins on Thursday, September 6 at 10:00AM EDT and will run until Monday, September 17 at 10:00AM EDT.

In order to participate in the liberation of the Imperial City during this event, you must own the Imperial City DLC game pack or get access via an ESO Plus™ membership. During the event period, you can acquire the DLC game pack from the Crown Store for 1250 Crowns (that’s a 50% discount) and nab the Imperial City Collector’s Bundle for 2200 crowns (a 60% discount).

The Imperial City Collector’s Bundle

The Collector’s Bundle includes the Mind-Shriven Horse, the Mind-Shriven Skin, the Daedrat pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls in addition to the DLC game pack itself.

Once you have acquired the DLC game pack, you can venture into Cyrodiil’s capital via one of the three sewer entrances. You can find instructions on how to enter the Imperial City in this help article.

Double Your Rewards

The Imperial City might be overrun with Daedra and warriors of the opposing Alliances, but it’s also filled with the untold riches of a fallen empire, and those bold enough to stand toe-to-toe with the enemy in the city’s besieged districts and sewers will find that the risks more than match the rewards.

While fighting to control the capital during the Celebration Event, you’ll earn the following bonus rewards:

  • Double the amount of Tel Var Stones dropped from all monsters
  • Double the chance of picking up either the Stonefire Scamp pet or the Soul-Shriven Skin
  • Double the amount of Key Fragments
  • Double the amount of sacks dropped by Cunning Scamps and Trove Scamps
  • Double the amount of drops from bosses (including within the Imperial City itself and its dungeons)

You can earn the above rewards by taking part in any of the Imperial City activities. This includes battling the Daedra within the Imperial Sewers, capturing districts in the streets above, and delving into any of the DLC’s two dungeons: Imperial City Sewers and White-Gold Tower.

Climb the White-Gold Tower

Finally, as of Update 18, the Stonefire Scamp and Soul-Shriven Skin are packaged (rather uncomfortably) in Runeboxes, meaning if you pick one up you don’t want, you can put it up on Guild Traders for some extra coin!

Claim the heart of Tamriel

The Imperial City is overrun with the minions of Molag Bal and pretenders to the Ruby Throne. Steal yourself into the city, clear out the Daedric infestation, and claim Tamriel’s shining capital once and for all. Great honor awaits those who answer the call, but if your desires are a little more mercenary, great riches await, too. Will you venture into the Imperial City? Let us know on Twitter @TESOnline and Facebook

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