Summerset Patch Notes Part 2: Fixes & Improvements


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.5 and our next Chapter: Summerset! For the first time in history, the long-closed borders of Summerset are open to foreigners by decree of Queen Ayrenn. But darkness looms over the ancestral home of the High Elves, and whispers stir of Daedric followers organizing in the shadows.

In addition to an entirely new zone to explore, we’ve added the Psijic Order skill line. Should you join the order, you’ll gain access to five Active Abilities, five Passive Abilities, and a powerful Ultimate. Also available is the highly anticipated Jewelry Crafting system that will now allow you to craft, upgrade, research, and transmute Rings and Necklaces. With the addition of Jewelry Crafting, there are 9 Traits that can be applied to jewelry – 6 of which are all new! These Traits can be discovered and researched by acquiring jewelry found in various activities throughout the game. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

For a challenging group experience, you can gather your strongest allies to take on our newest 12-player Trial, Cloudrest, to face the Welkynar and their powerful gryphon companions. Similar to previous Trials, Cloudrest includes a Normal and Veteran version (the latter geared toward our more experienced players looking for a tougher challenge) for a chance to obtain unique item sets and rewards.

The base game brings a number of changes and improvements, too. First, you’ll find Battlegrounds are now available for all ESO players! We’ve also added a number of new Motifs, collectibles, and achievements, and have implemented a new Gifting system so you can send Crown Store items directly to your friends! And as always, you’ll find a number of bug fixes and improvements to existing systems and the game overall. Due to the high number of gameplay changes in this update, we’re temporarily reducing the respec cost to one gold until next week’s patch.

We look forward to having you play through our latest Chapter, which is approximately 12.5GB in size. Thank you, and enjoy your time in Summerset!



  • Reduced the red spot on top of the Spider Firepot monster to conform with the look of the rest of the spider.

World Bosses

  • The Imperfect’s self-awareness protocol has been rewritten to bypass combat subroutines. Its gears no longer blush while pulverizing its adversaries.

Asylum Sanctorium Trial

  • Saint Olms the Just has had his invisibility cloak taken away and will no longer disappear from view periodically.


  • Fixed an issue where the “Bust: Saint Olms the Just” collectible furnishing did not include a display pillar.


  • To the Clockwork City: You will no longer be able to acquire this (uncompletable) quest if you do not have the Clockwork City DLC Game Pack or are not an ESO Plus subscriber.




  • The Marked for Death book once again stays open once you open it.


  • Khajiit heads are now fully covered when equipping the Cadaverous Assassin polymorph with larger neck sizes.


  • Dark Relevations: Green-Venom-Tongue will no longer magically conjure up a clipboard under the book he’s reading when you talk to him at the beginning of this quest.


  • The icon for epaulets crafted in the Assassins League style now matches their in-game appearance.



  • Fixed various pink-textured assets that were appearing in Scalecaller Peak.


  • Fixed an issue where Ironblood Helms would drop in Fang Lair. The helms have been shipped back to Falkreath Hold, where they should be.



  • Aldmeri Dominion Wardens can no longer use Frozen Gate on other player characters to pull them into their spawn location in the Memorial District.

Imperial City

  • Leovic’s worshipers will no longer respawn automatically in certain scenarios.


  • Adjusted the Xivkyn style shields so they are more in contact with your character’s body both on the back and while equipped.
  • The shoulders of the Xivkyn Augur, Xivkyn Dreadguard, and Xivkyn Tormentor polymorphs now appear as the same height on male characters.



  • Atazha the Guild Trader no longer appears with a detached arm.
  • Rashishi’s hands now rests on his knees.
  • The banners inside “Telvanni Tailors” in Vivec City now display the name of the shop when you look at them.

Justice System

  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs in Vvardenfell had incorrect items in their pockets for you to pickpocket.
  • Brelayne Dulo is now a Commoner, instead of a Scholar, in relation to pickpocketing.


  • Dwarven Sentries outside Nchuleftingth have received long-awaited oil rations and now animate properly in combat.


  • Fixed an issue where you could use an attunable crafting station without being inside the Randas Ancestral Tomb.

Halls of Fabrication Trial

  • Improved the game performance during the encounter with the Refabrication Committee.

Eidetic Memory

  • The Pierced Note is now also available outside the Redoran Kinhouse in Balmora after completing the quest “Family Reunion.”


  • Blood on a King’s Hands: Kurog no longer gets hopping mad when standing in the fire.
  • Divine Inquiries:
    • Fixed some issues where you could be double credited during certain steps of this quest.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Seryn when you first meet her on the road after the Red Exiles ambush.
  • Heart of a Telvanni: Fixed an issue where the scene between Eoki and Sun-in-Shadow would not properly advance your step at a pivotal moment.
  • The Heart’s Desire: Fixed an issue where quest pins would not properly appear on the quest step “Find Tyrnea Stone”.

Vivec City

  • The Stablemaster in Vivec City now has their own map pin.
  • Thieves Guild footpads no longer stand in the way of NPCs fleeing the murderous rampage of vile Dark Brotherhood agents.
  • Timely Escape thieves are now more consistently spawned compared to their colleagues in other major cities.
  • Fixed an issue where some Guards were using unintended abilities.


Maelstrom Arena

  • Rings for the Winterborn, Para Bellum, Glorious Defender, and Elemental Succession sets will now drop in Purple-quality from the final arena in Veteran Maelstrom Arena.


  • Meat for the Masses: Reduced the amount of meat required for this quest to 25. 
  • Reeking of Foul Play: You now only need to rescue two groups of prisoners, and the events will respawn faster. 
  • Scholarly Savage: Reduced the page count required to complete the secondary condition to 10.
  • The Ashes of Our fathers: Fixed an issue where other player characters would appear to look like NPCs after exiting the memory.



  • Fixed an issue where Silken Ring Motif chapters were dropping more often than intended in Normal Cradle of Shadows, and less often as intended in Veteran Cradle of Shadows.


Thieves Guild Skill Line

  • Clarified the tooltip for the Veil of Shadows passive ability to make it clearer that it reduces the range at which crimes can be detected.


  • Dead Mournful Aegises no longer vibrate.


  • Fixed an issue where the “Professional Thief’s Satchel of Laundered Goods” appeared lower quality than the “Satchel of Laundered Goods”. The contents of these containers have not changed.


  • Partners in Crime: Fixed an issue where the bookshelf in the Fulstrom Homestead would not slide open when you interacted with it.




  • Refactored the implementation of a number of character passive abilities to improve server performance.
    We converted several requirements that were previously part of ability passives to server side encoded checks, which will cut down on the amount of requirements calculated per ability use. This will lead to better server performance, particularly in Cyrodiil, but does not change how passive abilities function for you.
  • Adjusted the draw distance around all Keeps in an effort to improve the client framerate.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause Keep pieces to appear invisible.
  • The guest assignment cooldown is now set to 60 seconds.
    Since the amount of campaigns have been reduced and we allow players to group and queue to join any campaign they want, we felt the lengthy guest campaign cooldown was not necessary. We are still looking at concerns regarding Alliance loyalty to Campaigns.
  • Removed some resources that incorrectly had Wall Regen in the Defense Upgrades, and moved the Enable Tower Regen from Rank 5 to Rank 1.
  • The listings for Alliance War and Imperial City now have full panel views in the Activity Finder.
  • You will no longer be dismounted while traversing various terrain or fixtures near Keeps.


  • Added new Battleground Camps to the cities of Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, and Vulkhel Guard.
    • The Battlemaster and a cadre of merchants with a flair for the ferocious are now present in or just outside of the cities of Daggerfall (at a camp along the way to the docks), Davon’s Watch (outside of the city proper along the eastern road), and Vulkhel Guard (amidst the various merchants and dockworkers of the city).
    • You may turn in Battleground quests at any of these locations, regardless of your alliance.
  • The “Battleground King” achievement now requires you to control at least two Capture Points simultaneously in a Crazy King match. Previously, an error caused it to require simultaneous control of four points.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects from the Chaosball would be invisible when sprinting.
  • Chaosball in Arcane University now increments at 5 points instead of 15.
  • Updated the UI pins for the Pit Daemon and Storm Lord Relics in the Deeping Drome.
  • You will no longer be able to pull allies into the Pit Daemons spawn area in Arcane University.
  • Silver Leash can no longer be used in starter areas of Battlegrounds or respawn locations in Imperial City.


  • Alliance Points earned from defending objectives no longer require you to wait in an objective for the tick (the distribution of Alliance Points after combat subsides). Instead, each type of objective will track whether you’ve earned credit towards a defense or offense tick.
    • Getting on the credit list is achieved by several actions that already occur in a keep siege, which include:
      • Assisting in killing other player characters within a Keep’s area that results in earning AP from that kill.
      • Healing and damaging Keep pieces within the area of a Keep.
      • Resurrecting a player character within a Keep’s area in which the player who was resurrected is located, rather than where the player doing the resurrection is standing.
      • Effective healing (non-self) within a Keep’s area of a player(s) in a battle that would have resulted in AP being granted from a kill. This includes cases where a player is worth 0 or reduced AP from a recent death, such as respawning at a Forward Camp.
      • If a credit is sourced between players that are both in areas associated with an objective, the AP awarded to the pool is split 50/50 between the two objectives.
    • Offensive (Capture) ticks still have a base value that will be granted regardless of being on the credit list, but any bonus AP earned by combat around and inside an objective will only be granted to players that are on the credit lists.
    • You can be on all credit lists for a single Keep Superstructure at the same time (Keep, Mine, Lumbermill and Farm). However, if you attack or defend a new structure (i.e. – a different mine) your credit for the prior structure will be removed.
      • Outposts, Towns and Imperial districts will all overwrite each other in terms of credit lists.
    • Entering a Delve in Cyrodiil wipes your credit from all lists.
    • If your character dies, you will not be cleared from a credit list, but logging out of the game will.
  • Increased the amount of Alliance Points you can earn from a Keep Defense with a multiplier based on the lowest ranking resource level of that Keep.
    • For example, Keeps that have higher ranks in food, ore and wood, will have a higher defense tick for that Keep.
    • For Resources and Outposts, there is a flat rate increase to the AP you can earn on the defense tick.
    • Districts do not have a modifier to defensive AP.
    • Remember, to earn Defensive AP, you must participate in the defense and not simply show up to watch the fight.
  • Added a new Keep Upgrade to more defensive siege weapons. The higher the keep levels are on wood, food and ore, the more siege weapons defenders can place.
    • Currently the defensive cap is 30 weapons playable on a fully upgraded Keep.
  • The main goal for these systems was to be more forgiving and allow more movement in the battlefield, without feeling like you have to magnetize yourself to a keep or resource after you’ve taken it over. It’s meant to reinforce clearing the area and moving to your next target without regret of loss.
  • Keep upgrades that spawn new structures will no longer cause invisible or missing fixtures when that Keep has more than 60 upgrades.
  • Made several changes to Keep and Resource Upgrades:
    • Moved the Honor Guard Ability upgrades to Food Rank 5.
    • Moved the Mage Guard Ability upgrades to Food Rank 2.
    • Towers now have health regeneration enabled on Defense Rank 5.
    • Updated the tooltip for Tower\Wall regeneration to properly indicate each upgrade of regeneration is 75% instead of 25%.


  • Added new daily quests with a new quest board. These quests include an old favorite such as “Kill 40 Enemy Players”, but also include “Capture Any 3 Keeps”, “Capture Any 9 Resources” and “Capture All 3 Towns”. The “any” quests are a new quest condition and you must capture unique structures meaning you can’t get credit by capturing Aleswell 3 times.
    • These quests will rarely grant costume pieces exclusive to Cyrodiil, plus other goodies such as sealed parcels containing crafting materials and treasure maps.
    • In this update, the costume reward includes the Arena Gladiator Helm (Hat).
    • The Arena Gladiator Helm can be acquired by combining 20 Arena Gladiator’s Proofs, available by completing Conquest Missions in Cyrodiil. These are then combined with an Arena Gladiator’s Recognition, available for purchase from War Researchers in Cyrodiil.
  • These new quests are meant to give a bit of direction and support actions players take in Cyrodiil that contribute to the war on a greater scale.
  • Aldmeri and Daggerfall quests boards in Cyrodiil now have the proper camera view when interacting with them.

Campaign Scoring

  • Drastically reduced the under-population and Underdog evaluation periods. This will result in alliances getting Underdog or under-population bonus scoring adjustments more frequently.
  • While under the benefit of Underdog or under-population, capturing and holding your native objectives will give a bonus towards Campaign Scoring.
  • Emperors associated with closed Campaigns will now find they are Former Emperors.
  • Holding an Elder Scroll is now worth 10 points in all campaigns.


  • Adjusted the contents of Champion’s Caches that were obtained prior to Summerset, but which have not yet been opened. This does not impact any Champion’s Caches that will be obtained after the release of Summerset.


  • Monsters and guards in CP-enabled campaigns have learned how to handle CP-enabled characters; they will be a bit more difficult to kill and will also hit a bit harder.
    • Imperial City remains untouched in this regard across all campaigns.
  • The Guard’s version of Eclipse will now properly grant CC immunity when Eclipse wears off.


  • Catapults now have their area damage persist in the world for 8 seconds after impact, resulting in better area denial.
    • For example, a meatbag catapult will leave an area of healing reduction and damage over time for 8 seconds, instead of just applying those effects on impact to players in the area.
  • Increased the Ballista damage versus Siege weapons by approximately 17%.
  • Reduced the Ballista damage versus players by 10%.
  • You can once again destroy siege weapons without being interrupted when getting hit by virtually anything.
    Ballista Damage versus players was higher than intended because the weapon’s main purpose is to attack and destroy other siege weapons. It was underperforming in that aspect, which is why the damage versus siege was increased.
  • Known Issue: Catapult projectiles that land on a destructible Keep piece will not currently apply their area effects. If a projectile lands on a non-destructible fixture or terrain, the area effect will apply. This issue will be fixed in the next incremental patch.


  • Adjusted the textures from the Shadowrend, Molag Kena, and Ilambris Undaunted sets to work better with our dye system. We’ll plan to continue updating the remaining Undaunted sets in the future.
  • Your camera will no longer clip after dismounting while moving.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the sky transition to the Dark Anchor effect to snap instead of transition smoothly.


  • Monsters using the mummy model now turn more naturally.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would clip through some chairs when sitting.
  • Generic shared death animations now play for all races.
  • Dwarven Sentries now animate correctly when they die.
  • Teeth no longer clip through the face on the Flesh Colossus monster and boss.
  • Dismounting while moving no longer causes your character to sink into the ground.


  • The Minotaur Homespun robes no longer clip through large belts.
  • Fixed an issue where you could see through the inside of the Shroud of the Lich helm while equipped on smaller Argonian males.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dro-m’Athra Skin displaying texture seams on shoulders and heads.
  • Fixed a visible gap when the Hollowjack Homespun shoes were paired with Iron Mercenary Greaves.
  • Your facial hair (specifically Bosun’s Droop, Handlebar Mustache and Modest Manly Mustache) no longer changes color based on the dye used on the Glass Rawhide helmet.


  • Improved the collision preventing players from walking into and through various assets found within the game.
  • Improved camera collision, preventing it from interpenetrating a variety of assets.
  • Reduced the number of objects floating in the world.
  • Fixed a number of gaps found in the world (i.e. archways, walls, etc.)
  • Added additional geometry to assets to improve the game’s visual appearance.
  • Improved the level of detail on some models to help with the overall visual quality and performance.
  • Removed the physical collision on the cloth portion of various Direnni Banners.


  • Improved the collision on various terrain assets (such as trees or rocks).
  • Added missing geometry to a variety of assets to improve the visual look in the game.
  • Improved the level of detail to a variety of assets.

Justice System

  • Fixed an issue that could cause your character to be locked in place when accosted by a guard while in first person.
  • The denizens of Tamriel are now more likely to greet you with suspicion when you talk to them while you have a bounty. This is a cosmetic change, and does not impact any services they may provide.

Monsters & NPCs

  • Monsters are no longer vulnerable to elements.
    • They will not proc Explosion, Disintegration, Deep Freeze, Pestilence, or Venom due to Fire, Shock, Frost, Disease, or Poison attacks used against them.
    • Likewise, monsters no longer have resistance values reduced against damage dealt by these elements.
  • Monsters are no longer resistant to elements.
    • They can now proc Burning, Concussion, Chill, Diseased, or Poison due to Fire, Shock, Frost, Disease, or Poison attacks used against them.
    • Likewise, monsters no longer have resistance values raised against damage dealt by these elements.
  • Monsters that dodge roll no longer always move in the same direction.
  • Injured soldiers in Eagle’s Strand can no longer be attacked.
  • Attacking or killing a critter no longer takes you into combat.
  • Skavenger critters will no longer grant Ultimate.

Monster Abilities

  • Allies of the player are no longer capable of healing the player’s enemies.
  • Battlemage: Ice Cage now more accurately describes its effective area.
  • Shadow Mage: Fixed an issue where a Shadowy Duplicate would briefly reappear after appearing to explode.


  • With the introduction of Jewelry Crafting – and its use of Copper as a base material – we’ve changed the name of the Style Item for the Barbarian style from “Copper” to “Bronze”.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t attune crafting stations in certain areas at a number of set crafting locations, and could attune stations outside of several other set crafting locations.
  • The following Motifs will now contribute to your chance to acquire Master Writs:
    • Apostle
    • Bloodforge
    • Dreadhorn
    • Ebonshadow
    • Fang Lair
    • Scalecaller
    • Worm Cult
  • Fixed an issue where a Polymorph’s visuals could temporarily override parts of your Outfit while at an Outfit Station.


  • Max rank immovability potions created with three matching ingredients now correctly last longer than those created with two matching ingredients.

Outfit System

  • Fixed an issue that caused weapons to fail to display the visual effects for their enchants when part of an outfit.
  • Fixed a number of issues with unnamed or incorrectly named Outfit Station banners, as well as replaced some old Dye Station banners with the new Outfit Station banner.


  • Moved the Fang Lair Courser mount to the “Special” mount category in the Crown Store and Housing Editor.
  • Adjusted the preview camera distance for camel mounts in the Crown Store to make it easier to see the Stamina upgrade visuals.


  • Mounts with special spawn-in animations no longer spawn at odd angles with Foot Inverse Kinematics enabled.


  • The Following Dungeons have been adjusted to require CP300 in order to queue using the Activity Finder:
    • Veteran Bloodroot Forge 
    • Veteran Cradle of Shadows 
    • Veteran Falkreath Hold 
    • Veteran Fang Lair 
    • Veteran Imperial City Prison 
    • Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun 
    • Veteran Scalecaller Peak
    • Veteran White-Gold Tower 

Dragonstar Arena

  • Your character will no longer inexplicably be killed in a tiny corner of the staging area of the final arena.


  • Hel Ra Citadel
    • Yokeda Kai will now consistently grant points when defeated.
  • Sanctum Ophidia
    • Monsters in Sanctum Ophidia will no longer award points when they should not.


  • Fixed an issue where very low level gear equipped by high level players could appear not to have a damage value, and could have different trait values than intended.
  • You will no longer receive two Undaunted Enclave Invitations upon reaching level 45.


  • The Aldmeri Master Explorer achievement now correctly lists “Khenarthi’s Roost Pathfinder” as a requirement, instead of listing “Khenarthi Explorer”.


  • Uncracked Transmutation Geodes obtained from completing Veteran Hard Mode Undaunted Pledges (or rarely from defeating dungeons’ final bosses) will now always grant at least two Transmute Stones.


  • Fixed an issue where creatures summoned by Mementos would briefly have collision under certain circumstances.
  • The Juggler’s Knives now correctly disappear even if you walk through a door while juggling.


  • Simplified the categorization of Pets and Mounts in the Housing Editor to match their categorization in the Crown Store
  • Fixed an issue specifically affecting Gamepad Mode where you could be forced to third person when decorating in first person.
  • Your house map will no longer show group member pins if they are in a different instance of the house you are in.


  • The “Redguard Sofa, Desert Flame” furnishing now supports sitting.
  • Target dummies will now always output their correct name in the chat log, even after placing more than one at a time.
  • Fixed an issue that made it hard to adjust small items placed on top of a number of rugs and carpets associated with the Great Houses of Morrowind.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Target Mournful Aegis” furnishing from the Hubalajad’s Final Treasure furnishing pack would appear sunken into the ground when previewed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Hlaalu Trinket Box, Curious Turtle” to not display the names of its open and closed states when previewed.
  • Fixed an issue where the collision was offset from the visuals for the “Clockwork Data Plaques, Folded” furnishing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Stablemaster’s Sign, Large” furnishing to appear as Bind on Equip. The ancient art of sign wielding has not been seen in Tamriel since time immemorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the Attuned Crafting Stations for the Night Mother’s Gaze item set didn’t include the word “Gaze” in their names.
  • Filled in missing textures on the back of the “Redguard Cupboard, Lattice” and “Orcish Figurine, Strength” furnishings.
  • Added a new “Bathing Goods” subcategory to the Suite category of the housing editor. The following items have been moved to this new category:
    • High Elf Basin, Standing
    • Hlaalu Towels, Folded
    • Hlaalu Bath Tub, Masterwork
    • Hlaalu Bath Tub, Empty Basin
  • Fixed an issue where the “Jar of Green Dye” achievement furnishing was in the “Crafting Stations” category instead of the “Materials” category of the housing editor.
  • Updated the furnishing plan drop chances within Vvardenfell and Clockwork City. When you loot a furnishing plan in these areas, you are now much more likely to see furnishing plans directly associated with that area.


  • Increased the Collectible Furnishing limit for Notable homes to 50 (from 40), doubled to 100 for ESO Plus Subscribers. You can now display all available collectible furnishings in your manor at the same time!
  • Clarified the map UI for a number of homes, to make it easier to tell which areas are accessible and which are not.
  • Serenity Falls Estate
    • Fixed an issue where two copies of the “Khajiit Dresser, Faded” furnishings would appear at the same exact location when previewing the furnished version of this home.
    • Fixed an issue where small gaps were visible along the edges of certain interior walls.
  • Pariah’s Pinnacle
    • Sealed a small gap beneath the outer edge of a wall on the western stairs.
    • Sealed a small gap in the ceiling near the top of the central stairs.
  • Updated the “Anthology of Available Abodes” book to more accurately represent real estate opportunities across Tamriel.
  • Updated the maps for the Erstwhile Sanctuary and Earthtear Cavern to better indicate where the borders of the playable space are.
  • Sealed a small gap in one of the walls of Cliffshade.

Housing Editor

  • Corrected a long-standing issue where, when placing items, visual effects for those items would not move smoothly with the item.
    • Note that certain effects like flames or smoke build up over time, and will still appear to trail behind a bit.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the depth of field to not apply blur correctly.


  • Removed the option to switch between the 64-bit client and 32-bit client for those that play on a 64-bit PC.
  • Updated the art theme on the patcher to Summerset.
  • Updated the installation sizes of the game client so it provides a proper check of space available on your PC before installation begins.
  • Resolved some crashes that would occur from within the patcher.


  • Increased the amount of CPU cores used by the client, which will improve the overall framerate for players on mid- to high-end CPUs. This will be most notable in PvP or graphically intense scenarios.
  • Improved character compositing, resulting in faster character loads and less framerate spikes.
  • Fixed issues with character loading that would cause the all black stand-in character models to persist for longer than expected.
  • Made some improvements to the issue where the framerate could decrease over time, most notably while in Cyrodiil.
  • Implemented additional fixes to prevent long load times across the game.
  • Fixed various issues that were causing players in your group to appear invisible.
  • Fixed various crashes found throughout the game.
  • Improved issues with framerate hitching when running through larger areas (such as cities) on quad-core or better PCs and consoles. 
  • Improved multithreading usage on quad-core PCs.
  • Improved the framerate stability when spending a lot of time in the same zone.


  • A Hostile Situation: Speaking to Razum-dar through the jail bars will no longer shove your camera up against his shoulder.
  • Lost Bet: The ghost of Beddi will no longer show up in unlikely places.

Bleakrock Isle

  • Underfoot: The Gnarled Wand you use to break the curse now looks more like the one you actually pick up. Don’t worry, it’s been bugging us for years too.


  • The Missing Guardian: Kelmen will no longer forget to speak a particular line not far into the instance of Reinhold’s Retreat.
  • The Precursor: Left and right arms will now be consistently named.


  • Vision Quest: Fixed an issue where Tedras might not appear for you after going back to the library and collecting necessary reagents.


  • Merriment and Mystery: Fixed an issue where the text “SAT Music” would mistakenly appear in chat during this quest.


  • Eyes of Azura: The interaction camera with Azura’s Shrine will no longer be facing behind her.


  • The Flooded Grove: The interaction with Hermaeus-Mora will no longer appear behind him.

Khenarthi’s Roost

  • Fixed an issue where certain NPCs laying on cots could be attacked.
  • Tears of the Two Moons: Gathwen will no longer repeat her lines after the bone summoning rituals are stopped, and her health is no longer inexplicably reduced.

Main Quest

  • Council of the Five Companions: If you log out and immediately back in during Varen’s vision, you will now teleport out once you come back in.
  • Shadow of Sancre Tor: Fixed an issue where the bridge in the lever puzzle room could appear down when it should be raised.
  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Fixed an issue where you could not advance the Hooded Figure’s conversation if you started a character in Vvardenfell, then journeyed to Coldharbour and acquired this quest for the first time.

Malabal Tor

  • Velyn Harbor: Marantar is no longer attempting to levitate over his chair.

Reaper’s March

  • The First Step: Khali will now respawn if she somehow gets stuck in the room where you see visions of her history.


  • Dream-Walk into Darkness: You can no longer be feared or uppercut through the gates and doors in this instance.


  • Tormented Spire: You can no longer be knocked through doors in this zone, and will no longer face a wall upon entering.


  • Weeping Giant: Speaking to Utheccan Sterone will no longer place your camera inside a crate.

The Rift

  • Stomping Sinmur: Sinmur now has pips next to his health bar to designate him as a boss.


  • Treasure types and Furniture behaviors are now listed alphabetically in the UI.
  • The resurrect icon no longer fades in and out.
  • DLC achievements are now in their own categories with subcategories, making them easier to look through.
  • Items with a category in the Collections menu will now be separated by Collected and Not Collected groupings.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat box could become unresponsive after hiding and unhiding the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where you could be kicked out of a Vendor UI while interacting with it.


  • Fixed an issue where calling the Lua API function SetFloatingMarkerInfo could cause your game to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash when scrolling through the addon list quickly.

Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where the icons for the Perfect and Praetorian ranks were swapped in the Alliance War UI.
  • The group leader is now the only one who can leave a group queue for Cyrodiil.


  • Renamed the “Facial Accessories” category to “Major Adornments”, and the “Jewelry” category to “Minor Adornments” to better reflect the variety of options found in these categories.


  • Item Improvement will now keep the item slotted and default to a 100% improvement chance to help prevent accidental improvements that could result in the item being destroyed.
  • Attempting to craft a non-set item at an Item Craft Station will now display a confirmation dialog before finalizing the craft.
  • Clarified the error message that displays when attempting to use a dye stamp on a costume that cannot be dyed.
  • Fixed an issue where improving Bind on Equip items mistakenly showed the result as Bound.
  • Fix an issue where vendor items would not display if their trait was researchable.

Crown Store

  • Fixed an issue where items could be improperly sorted in the Gem Extraction menu.
  • The new indicator on Crown Store categories will now be removed if new collectibles within the category are purchased.
  • Fix an issue where you could get kicked to the log in screen when performing multiple searches in the Crown Store.

Gamepad Mode

  • Added a new Screenshot Mode as an option found in Video Settings.
    • When used, UI elements will fade out, and pressing any button (other than movement and jump) will display the option to Exit Screenshot mode.
  • Swapped the order of tabs in the Set Crafting stations; the Set will now be the first option.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltips in the Champion UI could have extra blank space at the top.
  • Selecting “Convert to Imperial/Morag Tong style” will now display a message that the functionality has been moved to the Outfit Station.
  • Fixed an issue where the store buyback screen failed to categorize properly.
  • Fixed an issue where grammar tags would display in the Outfit selector header.
  • Fixed issue with potential morph tooltips being formatted incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue in the Achievements menu where you could navigate to UI elements not visibly present on the screen.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when opening the guild heraldry window.
  • Collectibles within containers will now properly display a tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Bid UI wouldn’t display the name of the trader or the time until bidding closed in the footer.


  • Fixed an issue where ability icons on the ability bar could flicker when your resources were close to the cost.
  • Added an error alert when you try to mount while in werewolf form.

Help & Tutorials

  • Made a number of minor improvements and corrected a number of small typos in the in-game Help Menu.
  • Corrected the Damage Shield image in the Help Menu.
  • Added approximately 30 new informative Loading Tips, covering aspects of the game like item sets, DLC-based skill lines, and other useful information.


  • When copying permissions between owned houses, the list of houses is now alphabetized.
  • Fixed an issue where previewing furniture from a vendor would force dismount you and kick you out of the UI window.


  • The Daggerfall Outlaws Refuge now has a map pin for Zulgozu, the guild trader.


  • New quests will now be automatically tracked as they are picked up.

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