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Cadwell Silver Quests – Bangkorai

Evermore — Defend the city against its enemies. (View Map for Quest Marker location) A City in Black Talk to Sergeant Antieve. Kill Strastnoc and bring back his head to Captain Hjurrun. Head to Evermore Castle. Assess the city’s defenses. Talk to Queen Arzhela at St. Pelin’s Chapel. Report to Duke Renchant at the castle. […]

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Cadwell Silver Quests – Alikr Desert

Sentinel — Investigate the Necromancers’ plot in Sentinel. (View Map for Quest Marker location)   Rise of the Dead Meet with King Fahara’jad. Talk to General Thoda. Find Prince Azah. The Impervious Vault Talk to Prince Azah. Talk to King Fahara’jad. Meet with Gabrielle Benele at the Mages Guild. Collect reagents from the Sentinel Bazaar. […]

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Cadwell Silver Quests – Rivenspire

Shornhelm Divided – Help reunify the city of Shornhelm. (View Map for Quest Marker location) Shornhelm Divided Talk to Darien Gautier. Find Countess Tamrith in Shornhelm Chapel. Weaken House Montclair’s control in the Upper City. Report to Baron Dorell. Investigate the Fevered Mews. Help Count Ravenwatch stop the reinforcements. Meet High King Emeric. Dream-Walk Into […]

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