The Guide to Veteran Dragonstar Arena


vdsaUpdated for Shadow of the Hist Patch Changes!

It’s argued the best strategy for VDSA starts before you even enter the arena. Having the right gear and being prepared for the additional difficulty elements is key. If you have ran normal DSA beforehand and you have someone in your group who has either completed VDSA or got really close helps emensely. Once you’re prepared you’ll need 3 people to practice the hell out of it with. Teamplay is essential so discussions of who is using which abilities before entering each phase is a good idea. In this guide we’re using both a text breakdown of VDSA and the tutorial videos by xMovingTarget.

So why is VDSA so tricky? Well, some may say that some people aren’t good enough, their gear isn’t good enough or that their system isn’t able to handle the game well enough. The arena can get pretty system intensive sometimes yes and if your internet connection is unstable that can be fixed also. But anyone can do VDSA with enough time and effort, it is not a case that some people are more skilled than others, just more experienced.  There are alot of mechanics to learn sure, and it requires at times careful concentration for long waves, but if your CP160 and have a decent character with decent gear you should be playing VDSA not avoiding it. The only way to get better is to practice it.

This is a guide that may hopefully make your experience of vDSA a little easier. This is not a guide for Speedruns!
Recommendation: Take your time with the group on the first occasion. Read through what’s written for the different stages or alternatively get all the members to read through it first, then play the stage. Repeat that before every stage.

Round 1


Mechanic: Trap spike litter the Arena. Standing on one will Snare, Immobilize & do DoT (Damage over time) to you.

Position: Central Gate position for Waves 1-5. Gladiators can no longer by interrupted so move them quickly out of their healing circle. The healing circle also heals all other mobs stood inside it. All Enemies except the Boss can be pulled in by DK Empowering Chains ability.

Dangerous Mobs: Gladiators (Big Shield/Banner on back); Champion Marcauld (Boss)
Gladiators and the Boss have to be permanently bashed by the Tank so they cannot cast their healing/protection circle.

Boss: Move him quickly out of his healing circle. At around 70% mobs will spawn, and again at 40% more mobs including a Gladiator so watch out for the double healing circles.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Fighters Guild Sorcerer (175k) Teleport to player->AOE Shockwave
Fighters Guild Templar (175k) Heals enemies/itself, Light attacks
Fighters Guild Berserker (195k) Heavy attacks
Fighters Guild Thundermaul (195k) Heavy attacks, Uppercut
Fighters Guild Swordmaster (290k) Cleave, Heavy Attacks, Uppercut
Fighters Guild Gladiator (320k) Red/Green Healing circle, Heavy attacks, Uppercut
Champion Marcauld (4.2mill) Red/Green Healing circle, Cleave, Heavy attacks, Uppercut, Dawnbreaker
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1Sorcerer, Templar, 2x Berserkers, 2x Thundermaul, Swordmaster
  • Wave 2Sorcerer, Templar, Berserker, Thundermaul
    • Part2 – Berserker, Thundermaul, Gladiator
  • Wave 3Sorcerer, Gladiator, Swordmaster
    • Part2 – Templar, 2 Sorcerers, Thundermaul
  • Wave 4Sorcerer, Templar, Thundermaul, Swordmaster
    • Part2 – 2x Templar, Berserker, Gladiator
  • BossChampion MarcauldTemplar, Berserker, Thundermaul
    • Part2 – Templar, Sorcerer, Berserker, Swordmaster
    • Part3 – 2x Sorcerer, Berserker, Thundermaul, Gladiator

Round 2


Mechanic: Starts on Wave 3. You must pickup the Fire torches and light the Campfire in the center at the start of each round. If you kill the mobs fast enough you should only need to light it once.
Position: Central position for Waves 1-5.
Dangerous Mobs: Caster/Archer.
For the Tank: When you chain the Casters/Archers in try to dodge roll through them before the chain animation is finished. It takes some practice ? but that will result in the Archers/Casters not running back to where they came from. Instead they will run towards your people where you can kill them easily.
Boss Strategies: Stand right at the Gate when the Bosses Spawn -> the Caster will run away from you -> he will stand at the Fire -> Pull the mêlée to the Mage and kill both. CAREFUL: When the Bosses reach 50% there will be adds spawning. Tank make sure to taunt the Troll & pull in the Archer or interrupt.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Ice Wraith (126k) Burrow underground, appear under player
Sovengarde Ranger (210k) Arrow Spray, Volley, Heavy attacks
Sovengarde Brawler, Berserker, Thundermaul (210k) Charge, Heavy attacks, Uppercut
Sovengarde Icemage (235k) Ice Barrier, Ice path, Cast AOE circles
Sovengarde Slayer (300k) Cleave, Charge, Heavy attacks, Uppercut
Bear (290k) Charge, Pounce
Troll (450k) Stomp, Charge, Pounce
Katti Ice-Turner (2.4mill) Icepath, Unstable wall of elements, Cast AOE
Xavni Frost-skin (2.8mill) Cleave, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – Ice Wraith, Sovengarde Brawler, Sovengarde Berserker, Bear
    • Part2 – Sovengarde Brawler, Sovengarde Berserker, Sovengarde Ranger, Bear, Sovengarde Icemage
  • Wave 2 – Ice Wraith, Sovengarde Brawler, Sovengarde Berserker, Sovengarde Slayer
    • Part2 – Sovengarde Ranger, Sovengarde Thundermaul, 2x Bear
  • Wave 3 – Watch the campfire!Ice Wraith, Sovengarde Thundermaul, Bear, Troll
    • Part2 – Sovengarde Ranger, 2x Sovengarde Brawler, Sovengarde Icemage
  • Wave 4 – Watch the campfire!Sovengarde Ranger, Sovengarde Berserker, Sovengarde Thundermaul, Troll
    • Part2 – Sovengarde Ranger, Sovengarde Berserker, Sovengarde Thundermaul, Sovengarde Slayer
  • Boss – Katti Ice-Turner, Xavni Frost-skinSovengarde Berserker, Sovengarde Thundermaul, Troll
    • Part2 – Sovengarde Ranger, 2x Sovengarde Berserker, Sovengarde Slayer

Round 3


Mechanic: Poison Clouds spawn at 5 different locations starting on Wave 2. North, West, East, Center & at the Entrance to the Arena. Do not stand in this & don’t be caught in a bad position. There are several areas not covered by the Poison Clouds, even if they all spawn at the same time.

Position: Wave 1: Central Gate position, start killing Nereid as soon as it spawns. Tank try to bash all Nereid’s so they can’t cast Whirlpool abilities. Wave 2: Central position again, kill Wamasu quickly and group together and Mages. Mage light attacks now hurt in vDSA so Tank make sure they’re taunted. Interrupt the Mage’s Meteor & Protection abilities. Waves 3 & 4 two Strangler’s will spawn on the North-West & South-West corners. 1 DD focus each down quickly. Wave 4 there is a Nereid from the East Side on the 2nd spawns.

Dangerous Mobs: Nereid’s, Wamasu’, Stranglers

Boss Strategies: DD’s kill the Stranglers on the South-West & South-East corners then come to the Boss and kill the healing totem. Depending on which Boss takes the most damage first either a Nereid or a Wamasu wave will spawn. And again the alternate mob wave again at 40% combined Boss hp. Tank interrupt the Mage Boss’ Overload heavy attack, DDs keep AOE and range focus down Stranglers from a save position.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Strangler (90k) Vine pull, Poison Root, Poison Circle
Corprus Husk (109k) Spew Poison, Light attacks
Conjurer/Hedge Wizard (207k) Cast AOE circles, Protects enemies, Orb attack
Savage (228k) Shield Bash, Heavy attacks
Crocodile (231k) Tail whip, Heavy attacks
Nereid (320k) Whirlpool, Scream, Heavy attacks
Wamasu (500k) Charge, Tail Whip, Lightning breath
Nak’tah (2.6mill) Cast AOE circles, Aura of Protection, Orb attacks
Shilia (2.6mill) Whirlwind, Ensnare, Heavy attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – Corprus Husk, Conjurer, Crocodile, Savage, Nereid
    • Part2 – Corprus Husk, Hedge Wizard, Savage, 2x Crocodile
  • Wave 2 – Corprus Husk, Hedge Wizard, Savage, Crocodile, Wamasu
    • Part2 – Corprus Husk, 2x Conjurer, 2x Strangler, Hedge Wizard, Savage
  • Wave 3 – Corprus Husk, 2x Strangler, Conjurer, Crocodile, Wamasu
    • Part2 – 2x Strangler, Hedge Wizard, Crocodile, Savage, Nereid
  • Wave 4 – 2x Strangler, Corprus Husk, Conjurer, Wamasu
    • Part2 – 2x Strangler, 2x Conjurer, Hedge Wizard, Crocodile, Nereid
  • Boss – Nak’tah, Shilia – 2x Strangler
    • Part2 – 2x Strangler, Hedge Wizard, Savage, Wamasu
    • Part3 – 2x Strangler, Conjurer, Hedge Wizard, Nereid

Round 4


Mechanic: Starting on Wave 2 Enslaved Shadow’s will spawn on top of a random player at regular intervals. Quickly move or roll away from them.
Position: Wave 1: Central Gate position. Waves 2-4: West Door position, focus down Enslavers.
Dangerous Mobs: Enslaver, Battlemage, Enslaved Shadow.
Boss Strategies: Focus the Boss down. Ignore the Enslavers they will just spawn again. Tank keep the Boss moving away from the Shadow’s as they come up. Healer & DDs try to position yourself so that if you get a Shadow on you, it is in a convenient location, not the center of the Arena or close to your allies.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Nix Hound (118k) Charge, Light attacks
Kwarma Worker (120k) Charge, Light attacks
Kwarma Warrior (145k) Groundslam AOE, Heavy attacks
House Dres Cryomancer (223k) Frost Circle, Ice Barrier, Heavy attacks
House Dres Illusionist (223k) Fear, Heavy attacks
House Dres Sorcerer (223k) Teleport to player->AOE, Heavy attacks
House Dres Nightblade (245k) Stealth Stun, Steel Tornado, Heavy attack
House Dres Enslaver (245k) Drain Health, Heavy Spin attack, Heavy attack
House Dres Templar (348k) Heals enemies, Heals itself, Puncturing Strikes
House Dres Battlemage (348k) Frost Circle, Heavy attacks
Kagouti (348k) Charge, Heavy attacks
Bull Netch (348k) Poison Cloud, Spin attack, Heavy attacks
Enslaved Shadow (480k) Heavy Spin attack
Earthen Heart Knight (5.4mill) Heavy attacks, Stonefist, Ash Cloud
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – Nix Hound, Kwarma Warrior, Nightblade, Templar
    • Part2 – Kwarma Warrior, Illusionist, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Bull Netch
  • Wave 2 – Nix Hound, Kwarma Warrior, Cryomancer, Enslaver, Templar
    • Part2 – Kwarma Worker, Kwarma Warrior, Nightblade, Illusionist, Kagouti
  • Wave 3 – Nix Hound, Kwarma Worker, Enslaver, Bull Netch
    • Part2 – 2x Enslaver, Sorcerer, Kagouti
  • Wave 4 – Nix Hound, 2x Enslaver, Nightblade, Templar
    • Part2 – 2x Nix Hound, 2x Enslaver, Nightblade, Cryomancer, Battlemage
  • Boss – Earthen Heart Knight – 2x Enslaver
    • Part2 – Kwarma Worker, 2x Enslaver, Cryomancer
    • Part3 – Kwarma Warrior, Sorcerer, 2x Enslaver

Round 5


Mechanic: From Wave 2 Shadowcasters will spawn at specific locations. If left alive for 10-15seconds they will curse all members of the group with a blue aura. Each player must stand on a glowing panel somewhere in the room or perish. Try to kill the Shadowcaster before it can curse your team.
Position: Wave 1-2: Central Gate position. Wave 3-4: West Door position.
Dangerous Mobs: Shadow Casters, Blademasters, Gargoyles.
Boss Strategies: Pull him to the West Door after he puts down his Standard of Might. Put all your Ultimate’s down when the Shadowcaster spawns at the West Door at 40% Boss hp. Tank make sure to pick up the Blademaster, Gargoyle & Pyromancer during the fight, and move quickly out of the Standard at regular intervals.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Duneracer (126k) Tail whip, Light attacks
Assassin Beetle (126k) Poison attack, Light attacks
Scorpion (158k) Poison attack, Light attacks
Anka-Ra Pyromancer (238k) Fire path, Heavy attack
Anka-Ra Blademaster (266k) Cleave, Heavy attacks
Anka-Ra Warrior (266k) Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Anka-Ra Assassin (266k) Stealth Stun, Ensnare, Heavy attack
Anka-Ra Archer (266k) Arrow Spray, Volley, Heavy attack
Anka-Ra Shadowcaster (360k) Doom
Gargoyle (586k) Earthfinder, Ground AOE attack, Heavy attacks
Anal’a Tu’wha (5.8mill) Heavy attacks, Standard of Might, Chains
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – 2x Assassin Beetle, Blademaster, Assassin, Pyromancer
    • Part2 – 2x Scorpion, Archer, Warrior, Blademaster, Gargoyle
  • Wave 2 North SpawnAssassin Beetle, Duneracer, Assassin, Pyromancer, Shadowcaster
    • Part2 – Scorpion, Duneracer, Warrior, Archer, Blademaster, Gargoyle
  • Wave 3 – West SpawnDuneracer, Assassin, Warrior, Shadowcaster
    • Part2 – Duneracer, 2x Pyromancer, Archer, Blademaster, Gargoyle
  • Wave 4 – West SpawnScorpion, Archer, Blademaster, Assassin, Gargoyle, Shadowcaster
    • Part2 – Scorpion, 2x Pyromancer, Warrior, Gargoyle
  • Boss – North SpawnAnal’a Tu’whaGargoyle, Shadowcaster
    • Part2 – Assassin, Blademaster, Gargoyle
    • Part3 – West Spawn – 2x Pyromancer, Shadowcaster

Round 6


Mechanic: Spriggans, Werewolves & Lurchers drop a green AOE circle when they die. If you stand in this circle you will regain Magicka & Stamina, at the cost of your Health. Rangers Green Arrow shot will do decent damage to you but also drain you of all of your Resources. Make sure to watch the Rangers and avoid it.
Position: Wave 1-2: Central Gate position. Wave 3: South-West corner Ranger spawn, then another Ranger on the 3rd spawning at the West Door. Wave 4: East Door Ranger on 2nd spawn of mobs. Wave 5: Central Gate position.
Dangerous Mobs: Archers (Spawns are the Positions Mentioned above)
Boss Strategies: Tank make sure again to pick up the Lurcher at the beginning and keep him and the other mobs slightly away from the Boss so the DDs have room to watch it. The Boss is a Ranger so watch out for his Green arrow shot.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Pacthunter Tempest (250k) Teleport to player; AOE, Heavy attacks
Pacthunter Mender (250k) Heals enemies, Heals itself, Light attacks
Pacthunter Slayer/Wildling (278k) Leap strike, Heavy attacks
Pacthunter Nightblade (278k) Shadow strike, Heavy attacks
Spriggan (278k) Drain Aura, Drain Circles, Heavy attacks
Werewolf (278k) Ravage, Leap, Swipes
Lurcher (396k) DoT AOE, Heavy Attacks, Club
Pacthunter Ranger (400k) Arrow Spray, Volley, Green Arrow
Pishna Longshot (6.1mill) Arrow Spray, Volley, Focused Aim, Green Arrow
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – Tempest, Mender, Slayer, Wildling, Nightblade, Werewolf, Lurcher
  • Wave 2 – North SpawnTempest, Wildling, Werewolf, Ranger
    • Part2 – 2x Mender, Slayer, Wildling, Nightblade
  • Wave 3 – South-west corner SpawnTempest, Mender, Wildling, Lurcher, Ranger
    • Part2 – West SpawnMender, Werewolf, Wildling, Lurcher, Ranger
  • Wave 4 – Tempest, Slayer, Werewolf, Lurcher
    • Part2 – West SpawnNightblade, Spriggan, Lurcher, Ranger
  • Boss – North SpawnPishna LongshotMender, Lurcher
    • Part2 – Spriggan, Werewolf, Lurcher
    • Part3 – Spriggan, Werewolf, Nightblade

Round 7


Mechanic: Sacrifice mobs will spawn at either (or all) sides of the Arena, North, West & East Doors. Assign 1 DD to each side of the Arena and then both DDs take care of the Center spawn Sacrifice.

Position: Wave 1-3: Center Arena position. Tank make sure to pick up all mobs spawn from all sides and group them together in the middle while DDs do the Sacrifices.

Dangerous Mobs: All Mobs do insane damage! Be careful!

Boss Strategies: DDs kill their respective side’s Sacrifice then come back to the middle. Focus down one of the Bosses of your choice. Tank make sure to do lots of interrupting (bashing) on both the Bosses as they have alot of Abilities with cast time. Move quickly out of the Boss’ Negate & Nova abilities. DD’s make sure to keep killing the sacrifices. At 70% & 40% combined Boss HP mobs will spawn. Tank make sure you pick these up.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Daedric Sacrifice (Small) (100k) Walk Slowly, Transform
Daedric Sacrifice (Medium) (135k) Walk Slowly, Transform
Banekin (143k) AOE attack, Fire path
Bloodwraith Kyngald/Fearkyn (250k) Fear, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Daedric Sacrifice (Large) (260k) Walk Slowly, Transform
Bloodwraith Kynval/Caitiff/Clanfear (301k) Tail Whip, Cleave, Reflective Scales, Uppercut
Daedroth (420k) Breath Fire, Fire stomp, Heavy attacks
Spider Daedra (420k) Lightning path, Broodlings, Heavy attacks
Dark Mage (4.9mill) Daedric Mines, Negate, Fire Path, Self-heal, Cast AOE
Storm Knight (4.9mill) Eclipse, Backlash, Shield Bash, Heavy attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – Sacrifice, Kyngald, 2x Kynval, Caitiff
    • Part2 – Sacrifice, Banekin, 2x Kynval, Clanfear, Daedroth
  • Wave 2 – 2x Sacrifice, Banekin, Clanfear, Kynval, Spider Daedra
    • Part2 – 2x Sacrifice, 2x Kyngald, Fearkyn, Caitiff, Spider Daedra
  • Wave 3 – 2x Sacrifice, 2x Kyngald, Fearkyn, Caitiff, Daedroth
    • Part2 – 2x Sacrifice, 2x Kynval, Caitiff, Fearkyn, Spider Daedra
  • Wave 4 – 3x Sacrifice, 2x Kyngald, 2x Caitiff, Fearkyn, Daedroth
    • Part2 – 3x Sacrifice, Kynval, Kynfear, Caitiff, Fearkyn, Spider Daedra
  • Boss – Dark Mage, Storm KnightSacrifice
    • Part2 – 2x Sacrifice, Caitiff, Clanfear, Kynval
    • Part3 – 2x Sacrifice, Caitiff, Daedroth

Round 8


Mechanic: The Dwarven Ice & Fire robots will curse 2 players at random with Fire & Ice AOE circles. If these 2 players overlap then the damage effects of both circles are cancelled out.
Position: Wave 1-2: East Door position. Kill Battlemages asap. Wave 3: Center Gate position. Focus down Spheres fast. Wave 4: DD’s quickly kill the Mage spawning on the West Door then come to the middle with the Tank & Healer for stacking. Wave 5: Keep the Boss in the middle of the Arena.
Dangerous Mobs: Battle Mages, Spheres
Kill Fast, dodge uppercuts, Flame, Ice, Ricochet, Waves
Boss Strategies: Burst Boss, At 80% Boss HP Move to the North wall of the east pit (Battle Mage Spawn) & 2 Dwemer Robots. Kill the Dwemer Robots be careful to not bring the boss below 40% HP before the robots are dead. Now pull the boss to the middle of the Arena. Then burst till 45% HP then use Heavy Attacks to charge your resources/Ultimate-Points. Once the boss is at 40% 4 Dwemer Robots will spawn, try to burst the Boss as fast as possible.
Drop a nova when the robots reach you.
Healer or Tank should always stand near the boss to interrupt the Fire wave.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Regulated Frost Mage (286k) Ice Path, Unstable Elements, Light attacks
Regulated Pyromancer (286k) Fire Path, Fire AoE, Light attacks
Regulated Sorcerer (286k) Liquid Lightning, Teleport Lightning AoE, Light attacks
Regulated Battlemage (319k) Frost circle, Negate Magic, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Regulated Healer (319k) Healing beam, Healing Aura, Light attacks
Dwarven Spider (319k) Repairing Aura, Heavy attacks
Dwarven Sphere (319k) Richochet ground AoE, Dwarven Dart, Spin attack
Dwarven Fire/Ice/Charged Centurion (720k) Whirling blades, Circle of Flames/Frost Circle, Cleave, Heavy attacks
Mavus Talmarith (5.8mill) Heavy Fire Path, Fire Rune, Fire AoE, Meteor
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – Pyromancer, Sorcerer, Battlemage, Dwarven Spider
    • Part2 – Pyromancer, 2x Sorcerer, Battlemage
  • Wave 2 – Sorcerer, Battlemage, Dwarven Fire Centurion, Dwarven Ice Centurion
    • Part2 – Sorcerer, Frostmage, Charged Centurion
  • Wave 3 – 2x Healer, Dwarven Spider, Dwarven Sphere
    • Part2 – Sorcerer, Frostmage, Dwarven Fire Centurion, Dwarven Ice Centurion
  • Wave 4 – Sorcerer, Dwarven Fire Centurion, Charged Centurion, Dwarven Ice Centurion
    • Part2 – Pyromancer, Sorcerer, Dwarven Spider Dwarven Sphere
  • Boss – Mavus Talmirth, Frostmage, Healer
    • Part2 – Battlemage, Dwarven Fire Centurion, Dwarven Ice Centurion
    • Part3 – 2x Charged Centurion, Dwarven Ice Centurion, Dwarven Fire Centurion

Round 9


Mechanic: Black holes will appear across the Arena starting on Wave 2. If you step into one you will be dragged down into a Crypt where you must kill a Skeleton mob. A portal appears back to the Main Arena once it’s dead.
Positions: Wave 1-2: West Door position. Wave 3: Center Gate position. On the 3rd spawn try to quickly kill the Mini boss before he summons his Shadow. If he does summon his Shadow he will become nearly invincible. 1 DD must fall into a Black hole and beat both a normal mob & the mini boss shadow in the Crypt. Once the mini boss shadow dies you will be able to do normal damage to the Mini boss in the Main Arena.
4th Wave: East Door position. 2nd spawn another Mini boss will spawn. The same DD go down the Black hole into the Crypt and again beat the mini boss shadow & normal mob.
5th Wave: Center Gate position.
Dangerous Mobs: Thundermaul, Illusionist, Wraith & Spirit.
Boss Strategies: Kill the Adds near the Boss. Be careful! The bosses HP may not fall under 81% Until the next steps are completed.

1st: After killing the Adds near the Boss a DD goes down the hole, kills the Add that spawns, then gets ready to kill both mini boss shadows.
2nd: Tank move the boss to the West Door position. At 80% both Mini bosses will spawn, 1 East 1 West. Taunt and hold both.
3rd: The DD comes out of the Crypt and helps kill both Mini bosses quickly. At 40% the Boss will spawn another wave of mobs.

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Graveoath Ravener (262k) Light attacks
Graveoath Spirit (287k) Fear, Light/Heavy attacks
Graveoath Wraith (287k) Ice Path, Light attacks
Graveoath Illusionist (287k) Fear, Crystal Fragments, Heavy attacks
Graveoath Defender (319k) Cleave, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Graveoath Ravager (319k) Cleave, Uppercut, Heavy attacks
Graveoath Archer (319k) Focused Aim, Arrow Spray, Volley, Light attacks
Graveoath Thundermaul (319k) Lightning AoE, Cleave, Heavy/Light attacks
Zackael Jonnicent (444k) Ice Path, Unstable Elements, Ice Barrier, Heavy Attacks
Rubyn Jonnicent (510k) Lightning AoE, Lightning Cleave, Thundering Presence, Heavy Attacks
Vampire Lord Thisa (6.9mill) Mist Form, Bat Swarm, Degeneration, Charge, Heavy Attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – Wraith, Illusionist, Defender, Ravager
    • Part2 – Spirit, Wraith, Illusionist, Archer, Ravager, Thundermaul
  • Wave 2 – Spirit, Ravener, Defender, Ravager, Thundermaul
    • Part2 – Spirit, Wraith, 2x Thundermaul, 2x Defender
  • Wave 3 – Spirit, Wraith, 2x Ravager, Archer,
    • Part2 – Illusionist, Defender, Archer, Thundermaul, Zackael Jonnicent
  • Wave 4 – Ravener, Archer, Wraith, Ravager
    • Part2 – Illusionist, Archer, Rubyn Jonnicent
  • Boss – Vampire Lord Thisa, Wraith, Archer
    • Part2 – Rubyn Jonnicent, Zackael Jonnicent
    • Part3 – Wraith, Archer, Thundermaul,

Final Boss

Starting Positions: Tank starts by the lava river, DDs and Healer walk up the stairs behind the boss and hug the back wall.
Phase #1: Tank taunts the Boss and takes him over the lava river away from the stairs towards the gate. Doesn’t have to be too far if the rest of the team are against the back wall, just over the lava and a few steps. Tank gets the fire on him, walks back over the lava to the right-hand side burning tree. Rolls out of the fire and helps kill the atronach while the Boss is on the way back.
Phase #2: Once the Boss arrives back you have roughly 80-90 seconds to get him down to 75% health before he puts the fire on you all. If this happens it’s a wipe. (If you continue to wipe on this the tank can take the boss away to the gate again at 80-85% Boss health, and the healer and DPS run to the top of the stairs and wait for the tank to come back then get it down to 75%).
Phase #3: At 75% Boss Health 2 other bosses spawn. The Tank takes the Main Boss and the Melee Boss to one side away from the Mage. DPS and healer focus down the Mage quickly. Once dead the Healer must taunt the Melee Boss and take it to the top of the stairs with the 2 DPS focusing it down fast. The Tank takes the Main Boss across the lava to the gate again and waits for the fire.
The Melee Boss can put down a healing circle so the Healer must move the boss out of the Red AOE circle if it is put down. After the Melee Boss is dead the 2 DDs and Healer must focus down the Pyromancers. Watch out for their flamewheel attack.
Phase #4: When the Tank returns from the gate with the Main Boss, after the fire, the Tank keeps him near to the stairs and everyone DPS’s the Boss down to 50%.
Phase #5: At 50% Health everybody drop their Ultimates on the Boss and try to Maximise your DPS at that time. The Boss will do a Pull and grip all players towards him. The Tank can use Igneous Shield here (if they are a DK) to protect against other damage while the pull is happening. If the DPS can get the Boss down to 25% before the next bosses come out of the portals then they don’t spawn at all.
Phase #6: If the 2nd round of bosses have spawned then the Tank should keep them to one side of the island and wait for the Nova/Negate combo. Once this happens move the main boss to the other side of the arena and DPS the Main Boss down to 25%. Ignore the other bosses.
Phase #7: At 25% Health the Main Boss does another pull and pyromancers will spawn on the island. If the DPS can quickly kill the closest pyromancer as it spawns it helps alot for the pull. Full DPS still on the Main Boss all the way down to 0%. If you get fire just before the end then you still need to kill the Flame Atronachs that spawn. If you are quick enough with DPS though you won’t have a last fire and the run will be complete. Congratz!

Thanks for reading the Guide to Veteran Dragonstar Arena, if you liked this Guide please recommend it to your friends! Also thanks again to @DerKirito and @xMovingTarget for their tactics and videos and to all those who run the arena with me.

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