The Guide to Veteran Maelstrom Arena



Welcome to the Veteran Maelstrom Arena Guide! We’ll be looking at all stages of Orsinium’s new solo survival weekly arena, touching on each wave in every round to hopefully help get your hands on some of those fancy pants Maelstrom Weapons.

It’s argued the best strategy for VMA starts before you even enter the arena. Having the right gear and being prepared for the additional difficulty elements is key. If you have ran normal Maelstrom arena beforehand and have done some research on the extra mechanics in the veteran version, then your ready to prepare.

You’ll want to have alot of supplies when entering the arena. For a first time run make sure you have at least 250 Grand Soul Gems, 3 stacks of your favourite potion(s), a good amount of food or drink (in the game and in real life) and at least 20,000 gold for repairs.

Once you’re prepared you’ll need to practice the hell out of it. Discuss with other players which skills they are using for your Class/Build. In this guide we’re using both a text breakdown of VMA and the tutorial videos by DeltiaGaming.

So why is VMA so tricky? Well, some may say that some people aren’t good enough, their gear isn’t good enough or that their system isn’t able to handle the game well enough. The arena can get pretty system intensive sometimes yes and if your internet connection is unstable that can be fixed also. But anyone can do VMA with enough time and effort, it is not a case that some people are more skilled than others, just more experienced.  There are alot of mechanics to learn sure, and it requires at times careful concentration for long waves, but if your V16 and have a decent character with decent gear you should be playing VMA not avoiding it. The only way to get better is to practice it.

This is a guide that may hopefully make your experience of VMA a little easier. This is not a guide for Speedruns!
Recommendation: Take your time on the first occasion, read through what’s written for the different Mechanics, Strategies & Bosses before every stage.


Round 1 – The Vale of the Surreal



Mechanic: Necrotic Orb follows you and explodes if you spend too long in it’s aura.

Tactics: After Wave #1 the Necrotic Orb will follow you around you can mostly ignore it but a speedboost can be good here. Always try to take the melee mobs to the ranged mobs so you can use AOE.

Dangerous Mobs: Bone Colossus, Darkbows, Necrotic Orb.

Boss Strategies: As soon as the boss comes out hit him hard with everything you have, the faster he dies the better. His summoned ‘militants’ don’t heal him very much.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Scamp (30k) Light attacks, AOE shock attack
Seducer Darkbow (42k) Light attacks, Arrow spray, Volley
Seducer Darkfire (42k) Heavy attacks
Clanfear (47k) Heavy attacks, Spin attack
Seducer Knight (59k) Talons, Heavy Attacks, Uppercut
Daedroth (99k) Heavy attacks, Burning Breath
Bone Colossus (99k) Summon skeletons, Heavy attack, AOE blast
Flesh Atronach (106k) Heavy attacks, Cleave, Enrage
Maxus the Many (659k) Light attacks, Summon Darkfolk, Teleport
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1Darkfire, Clanfear
    -> Knight, Darkbow
    -> 2x Scamp, Daedroth
  • Wave 2Darkfire, Darkbow
    -> 2x Darkbow, 2x Darkfire, 2x Clanfear, Colossus
  • Wave 3Scamp, Darkbow, Knight
    -> Clanfear, Darkfire, Knight
    -> Darkbow, Scamp, Atronach
  • BossMaxus the Many
    -> Knight
    -> Knight
    -> Knight, Darkfire
    -> Knight, Darkfire, Darkbow


Round 2 – Seht’s Balcony



Mechanic: The spinning blades can be stopped by pressing 2 levers on either side of the arena. The blades don’t do much damage if you move through them quickly.

Tactics: Staying close to the middle and using a speedboost to keep ahead/behind the middle blade. From here you can hit everything that spawns around and don’t have to worry about any other blades. Kite all mobs with speedboost, kill Clockwork Sentries as soon as they appear.

Dangerous Mobs: Centurions, Clockwork Sentries, Spheres, Generator.

Boss Strategies: Continue to run in a circle around the center following the inner blade, wear each Centurion down as much as possible before having to switch to another and execute as soon as you can.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Clockwork Sentry (15k) Lightning Wave
Dwarven Spider (32k) Heavy attacks, Repair Aura
Dwarven Sphere (96k) Cleave, Charge, Heavy attacks, Uppercut
Dwarven Centurion (228k) Cleave, Heavy attack
Centurion Champion (395k) Spin attack, Cleave, Fire rain
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1Sentry, 2x Spiders
    -> Sentry, 2x Spiders
    -> Centurion
  • Wave 2 – 2x Spiders, Sphere
    -> 2x Sentries, Sphere
    -> 2x Spiders, Centurion
  • Wave 3Sentry, 2x Spheres
    -> Sentry, Spider, Sphere
    -> Sentry, Centurion
  • Boss – 3x Centurion Champion


Round 3 – Drome of Toxic Shock



Mechanic: Stranglers spawn every 30-45 seconds and will Ensnare you. The Boss sits by the side of the arena until the final round throwing lightning floods, poison AOEs and healing circles for it’s allies.

Tactics: Stranglers are quite annoying, make sure you watch for them spawning in one of 4 places. At the beginning of each wave camp one portal and quickly kill that mob (as you do more arena you will learn where the easy to kill mobs spawn). Of course we’re staying out of the water as much as possible, avoiding the random poison strikes and keeping the mobs out of the healing auras (green circles).

For the first mini-boss, let him do his lightning AOE and move out of it, lots of time to DPS. Dodgeroll his heavy attacks. The second mini-boss is easier, he has a shadowy aura sometimes which reflects your damage back so watch out for this.

Dangerous Mobs:Wamasu, Both Mini-bosses and the main boss, everything else dies pretty fast.

Boss Strategies: The final boss does heavy attacks, lightning floods and an AOE scream. If you stay near the boss and blockcast you can block heavy attacks and quickly move around it out of the scream. Mobs come up at 75%, 50% and 25% and Strangers every 30seconds or so.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Strangler (15k) Spit Ensnare
Warrior Thrall (30k) Heavy attacks, Flying blade
Lamia Curare (30k) Summon Spectre, Scream
Lamia Dominia (30k) Summon Spectre, Scream
Summoner Thrall (30k) Chilling Orb, Light attacks
Giant Snake (46k) AOE Slam, Self-heal, Light attacks
Brute Thrall (47k) Charge, Lava whip, Talons, Heavy attacks
Queen’s Advisor (153k) Reflect damage, Drain essence, Light attacks
Queen’s Champion (175k) Lightning form, AOE shock, Heavy attacks
Queen’s Pet (177k) Lightning breath, Tail whip, Light attacks
Lamia Queen (791k) Scream AOE, Lightning flood, Light attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – 2x Thrall, Lamia
    -> 2x Lamia, Giant Snake
    -> 2x Summoner, Brute, Wamasu
  • Wave 2 – 2x Thrall, Giant Snake
    -> Curare, 2x Giant Snake
    -> 2x Dominia, Curare, Champion
  • Wave 3 – 3x Curare
    -> Lamia, 2x Giant Snake
    -> Summoner, 2x Dominia, Advisor
  • BossLamia Queen
    -> Summoner, Thrall
    -> Giant Snake
    -> 2x Lamia


Round 4 – Seht’s Flywheel



Mechanic: Clockwork sentries spawn every 30-45 seconds and setup. Once setup they are indestructible for 60 seconds and do lightning AOE waves if they see you.

Tactics: There are 4 different spots around the center generator that the Sentries can occupy, make sure you keep an eye out for these as they are quite annoying if you allow too many to setup. On Wave #3 make sure you kill the first Sphere quickly as 2 more come up fast afterwards.

You can use the center to kite mobs, picking them off one-by-one as they struggle to hit you round the bend. Keep circling the middle so you can see where the Sentry spawns from.

For Kothheld on Wave #4, make sure to finish at least 2 of the Spheres before he spawns. Then focus one of his Mobs, then him, then clean up.

Dangerous Mobs: Spheres, Sentries, Mini-bosses.

Boss Strategies: Stay underneath the Boss in the green aura while he’s moving & doing his lightning attacks. Move as soon as the Boss stops as he will use a flamethrower underneath himself. Sentries will continue to spawn during the Boss fight so watch out for them.

Tip: When the Boss stops there is a safe spot close to the Boss but not underneath him that you can stand without being hit by the meteors or the flamethrower. From here you can burst the mobs quickly so you can jump back underneath him for the next lightning phase as the Boss starts moving again.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Clockwork Sentry (15k) Lightning waves
Fire Mage (30k) Flame circles, Light attacks
Scavenger Healer (30k) Healing aura, Healing beam, Light attacks
Scavenger Overcharger (30k) Lightning flood, Light attacks
Fire Ravager (47k) Fire path, Light attacks
Dwarven Spider (47k) Repair aura, Heavy attacks
Scavenger Thunder-Smith (51k) Chains, Lightning flood, Heavy attacks
Dwarven Sphere (96k) Lightning waves, Dart, Light attacks
Alhrima (139k) Lightning flood, Lightning waves, Light attacks
Achelir (139k) Flame circles, Fire path, Light attacks
Kothheld (228k) Frost Circle, Heavy attacks
The Control Guardian (731k) Lightning Zap, Flamethrower, Fire rain
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – 2x Fire Mage, 2x Ravager
    -> Healer, Achelir
  • Wave 2Sphere
    -> 2x Spider, Overcharger
    -> 2x Spider, Sphere
    -> Healer, Overcharger
    -> Alhrima
  • Wave 3 – 2x Spider, Sphere
    -> 2x Sphere, 2x Spider
    -> Healer, Overcharger, Kothheld
  • BossControl Guardian
    -> Spider, Sphere
    -> Thunder-Smith


Round 5 – Rink of Frozen Blood



Mechanic: The Ice water does damage over time. The Trollbreakers will try to smash the platforms unless you interrupt/kill them. When they smash the platform they release a Leimenid Oracle with 94k so this is bad.

Tactics: Large mob packs on this stage, with high health enemies. Either use high burst damage to quickly kill 1 or 2 as they come toward you or alternatively long disables such as Agony, Rune prison or Petrify to buy yourself sometime. Kiting is also an option but the water will damage you if your in it too long so again a speed boost is good. Crushing shock or Venom arrow will interrupt the Trolls from range as they pound the platforms.

Dangerous Mobs: Nerieds, Ogres, Aki, Frost Atronachs

Boss Strategies: Pull him to the South platform for the first slam at 90% (this has the worst Sigils around it, if you need to use some). When he turns red he will destroy the platform and release a Neried. Be on the next platform when he destroys it so you can start killing the Neried from range. Adds will spawn also at 60% & 25% of the Boss’ Health. After the 2nd platform is destroyed the Boss has an enrage point which is either health % based or time based so nuke him down quickly as possible on the last platform.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Deathless Wolf (30k) Pounce, Light attacks
Leimenid (30k) Light attacks
Huntsman Chillbane (42k) Summon Wolf, Light attacks
Huntsman Frostbiter (47k) Uppercut, Transform Werewolf, Heavy attacks
Huntsman Heartfinder (47k) Volley, Arrow spray, Light attacks
Trollbreaker (47k) Smash platform
Ogre (59k) Slam, Heavy attacks
Leimenid Oracle (94k) Whirlpool, Light attacks
Aki (120k) AOE ricochet waves, Cleave, Light attacks
Ogre Elder (139k) Ice shard, Light attacks
Angirgoth (177k) Steel Tornado, Fury attacks, Transform Werewolf, Howl, Heavy attacks
Frost Atronach (180k) AOE Cone, Heavy/Light attacks,
Bor (220k) AOE cone slam, Heavy/Light attacks,
Matriarch Runa (791k) Slam, Ricochet waves, Destroy platforms, Fear, Heavy attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1Frostbiter, Heartfinder
    -> Wolf, Chillbane, Frostbiter
    -> Wolf, Chillbane, Heartfinder
    -> Angirgoth
  • Wave 2 – 2x Heartfinder, Ogre
    -> Wolf, Chillbane, 2x Ogre
    -> Ogre Elder
  • Wave 3Wolf, Leimenid, Chillbane, Heartfinder, Atronach
    -> 2x Leimenid, Ogre
    -> Wolf, Leimenid, Chillbane, Heartfinder, Atronach
  • Wave 4 – 2x Wolf, 2x Chillbane, 2x Aki
    -> 2x Leimenid
    -> Wolf, Chillbane, 2x Bor, Aki
  • BossMatriarch Runa
    -> Heartfinder, Frostbiter
    -> Leimenid Oracle
    -> Wolf, Chillbane, Frostbiter
    -> Leimenid Oracle
    -> Wolf, Chillbane, Heartfinder


Round 6 – Spiral Shadows



Mechanic: The 5 small stone pillars around the center of the arena called Obelisks are covered in webs. When you kill a Hourvor next to one it will release the web. This Obelisk can then be used as a refuge against the Swarm, turning the spiders a yellow neutral colour. You can also use the synergy on the green grenade the Hourvor drops, if it’s not killed ontop a webbed Obelisk, to throw on another Obelisk. Once all 5 Obelisks are released the Mobs/Boss will be stunned for 10 seconds.

Tactics: Only kill the Hourvor’s when they are next to a webbed Obelisk. This way you don’t have to throw any grenades and can catch Mobs/Boss in the de-buff aura of the grenade explosion weakening them. Webspinners are the primary target if you see one, these re-web the Obelisks after you free them. Swarms come every 30-45 seconds so make sure you watch for the indicator and run to the yellow glowing Obelisk. The swarm spiders only have to touch the yellow aura so you don’t have to stay on top of the Obelisk just make sure the Mobs move through it.

Dangerous Mobs: Swarm, Lurkers, Boss lightning flood.

Boss Strategies: Freeing the Obelisks is key on the boss stage to stop it from enraging. Save your Ultimate for quickly nuking the Spider Daedra and keep killing Hourvors only ontop of the Obelisks (and preferrably the boss too). If you kill all Webspinners and Hourvors correctly you should be able to disable the boss twice and then nuke the Boss. When Mobs come up during the disable time, judge whether you can finish the boss in one, if not then kill the Mobs first and play it safe.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Venomous Hourvor (15k) Explode, Spawn Grenade, Light attacks
Webspinners (42k) Re-web Obelisks
Diru Wasp (59k) Charge, Heavy/Light attacks
Dread Scorpion (59k) Poison attack, Heavy/Light attacks
Spiderkith Berserker (61k) Agony, Light attacks
Spiderkith Venifex (64k) Uppercut, Heavy/Light attacks
Spiderkith Enervator (64k) Teleport lightning AOE, Light attacks
Spiderkith Wefter (64k) Poison spray, Poison arrow, Light attacks
Spider Daedra (89k) Poison Dart, Slows movement
Void Lurcher (139k) AOE attack, Heavy attacks
Flesh Atronach (177k) Heavy attack
Spiderkith Captain (226k) Negate, AOE Shockwave, Lightning form, Uppercut, Light attacks
Xivilai Toxicoli (228k) Poison Cleave, Poison DoT, Uppercut, Light attacks
Champion of Atrocity (905k) AOE shockwave, Lightning path, Enraged Dart, Light attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1Berserker, Venifex
    -> Dread Scorpion, Wasp, 2x Enervator
    -> Enervator, Atronach
  • Wave 2Wefter, Berserker, Dread Scorpion
    -> Enervator, Wasp, Atronach
    -> 2x Enervator
  • Wave 3Berserker, Enervator
    -> Dread Scorpion, Wasp, Enervator
    -> Spiderkith Captain
    -> 2x Wefter
    -> Enervator, Atronach
  • Wave 4Berserker, Enervator, Lurcher
    -> Atronach
    -> 2x Wefter, Berserker
    -> 2x Lurcher
  • BossChampion of Atrocity
    -> 2x Spider Daedra
    -> Spider Daedra, Lurcher
    -> Spider Daedra


Round 7 – Vault of Umbrage




Mechanic: The poison barbs around the arena will explode if you get too close to them. They put a 5k Poison DoT on you until you reach the sanctuary of one of the 2 green circles on either side of the arena. Your screen will go a tint of green when the Venomcallers spawn and they will release all the poison bombs around the arena and then spawn more until they are killed.

Tactics: Bring the melees Nix-hounds, Ferals and Berserkers to the Archers. Try to learn where the archers spawn so you can camp their portal and do damage while the melees are on the way over then AOE them all down.

Barbs can be “baited” by going close and speedboosting away from them before they can touch you. This is useful if there is a barb in an awkward place.

Dangerous Mobs: Venomcallers, Venomshot, Wamasu
Boss Strategies: The Behemoth has the most health of any boss in the arena. At 75%, 50% and 25% the Boss will spawn 2 Minders. Quickly DPS down the furthest away Minder from the Boss and get ready to run back to the 2nd Minder. When the 1st Minder dies the Boss will start his Scream. Make sure you stay close to the 2nd Minder as it will create a protective shield. You can continue to DPS the Behemoth during the Scream but make sure you don’t interrupt him as he will enrage.

Find an area your comfortable fighting in that is clear of barbs. The Boss does a Bite every 3-4 normal attacks that puts a Bleed DoT on you, this can be roll dodged. Avoid running into any barbs by checking your path carefully, and don’t let the boss bite you.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Nix Hound (30k) Heavy/Light attacks
Feral Argonian (30k) Heavy/Light attacks
Argonian Venomcaller (30k) Summon Poison AOEs
Argonian Minder (42k) Shield bubble, Light attacks
Argonian Berserker (47k) AOE attack, Fire path
Argonian Venomshot (100k) Poison spray, Focused aim, Light attacks
Swamp Troll (177k) Rock Throw, Ground Slam, Enrage, Heavy/Light attacks
Wamasu (228k) Lightning AOEs, Lightning DoT attack, Bite
Argonian Behemoth (1,234k) Ricochet waves, Enraged Scream, Bite
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – 2x Nix-hound, Feral Argonian
    -> 2x Feral Argonian, Venomshot
    -> 2x Berserker, Venomshot, Troll
  • Wave 2 – 2x Venomshot
    -> 3x Feral Argonian
    -> 2x Berserker
    -> 2x Nix-hound, Troll
  • Wave 3 – 4x Nix-hound
    -> 3x Feral Argonian
    -> 2x Venomshot
    -> Wamasu
  • Wave 4 – 2x Feral Argonian, Venomshot
    -> 2x Berserker, Venomshot
    -> 3x Venomshot
    -> 2x Troll
  • BossArgonian Behemoth
    -> 2x Argonian Minder
    -> 2x Argonian Minder
    -> 2x Argonian Minder


Round 8 – Igneous Cistern



Mechanic: During the first 4 Waves, one of the 3 stones around the arena will be rebuilt during the Boss of the Wave. This must be destroyed first before you can damage the boss.

Tactics: The Kyngald’s Flame wheel attack must be interrupted. The Destroyer’s 3 Flame paths can be avoided by keeping a bit of distance and keeping speedboost up.

On Wave #4 there is alot of ranged damage and the healers can make this shield/heal intensive. Use the defence Sigil if your having trouble here to reflect the Damage back at the Mobs.

Dangerous Mobs: Kyngald, Destroyers, Flame Knight

Boss Strategies: You have to kill all 3 stones this round before you can damage the Boss. Kyngalds will spawn after 20 or 30 seconds while killing the Stones. If you can kill them quickly the Flame Atronachs shouldn’t spawn and you can quickly drop everything on the boss for 8 seconds. Stand next to the Kyngald so you can bash it or get ready to range interrupt it. 2 or 3 rounds of destroying the stones should have the Boss down.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Dremora Gandrakyn (42k) Healing Beam, Light attacks
Flame Atronach (47k) Flame Aura, Light attacks
Shalk (47k) Flame Aura, Light attacks
Warding Stone (59k) Destroy quickly
Dremora Kyngald (94k) Flame wheel, Light attacks
Dremora Caitiff (99k) Critical Charge, Uppercut, Light attacks
Infernal Destroyer (228k) Firepath AoEs, Heavy/Light attacks
Flame Knight (228k) Extended Chains, Fiery Breath, Fire path, Flame wheel, Standard of Might, Heavy attacks
Valkyn Tephra (548k) Flame Wall, Extended Chains, Cleave, Heavy attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – 2x Flame Atronach, Caitiff
    -> 2x Gandrakyn, Caitiff
    -> Destroyer
  • Wave 2 – 3x Shalk, Kyngald
    -> 2x Shalk, 2x Gandrakyn
    -> 2x Flame Atronach, Destroyer
  • Wave 3 – 2x Gandrakyn, Caitiff
    -> Gandrakyn, 2x Caitiff
    -> Shalk, Kyngald, Destroyer
  • Wave 4Shalk, 2x Gandrakyn, 2x Kyngald
    -> 2x Caitiff
    -> 2x Gandrakyn, Flame Knight
  • BossValkyn Tephra
    -> Kyngald
    -> Kyngald
    -> 2x Flame Atronach, Kyngald


Round 9 – Theater of Despair



Mechanic: White ghosts floating around the arena will hurt you. Golden ghosts you have to collect by running through them, if you don’t they will enter an enemy and increase it’s power (more abilities, faster firing). Once you have caught 3 Golden Ghosts you have 20 seconds to activate the Spectral Explosion synergy which stuns all enemies for 8 seconds.


Wave #1: There are a few strategies for dealing with the Ceremonial Guards, shield-up and self-heal, stay close to the Guard & run around it in a tight circle avoiding the flames or speedboost and keep your distance whilst damaging. 144k can take upto 10 seconds to burn through so save your ultimate for the Guard at the end of this wave.

Wave #2: The Kynlurker can be quite annoying with it’s disables and evasion. Kill the healer, the lurker and leave the Kyngald/Beldakyn for last. Again save ultimate for the 3rd set of portals where there is another Guard. Try to save your Spectral Explosions for the Guard and Ogrim spawnings.

Wave #3: The first few mobs you can build ultimate on and use it straight away when Xivilai appears, as well as the Spectral Explosion, as you should have time to build it again before the Ogrim comes out. You should have enough Ghosts collected again by the time the Guard comes out to stun him for an easy kill.

Wave #4: The Narkynaz walk to the center and summon the Bone Colossus. You never want to see one of these so make sure these Mobs never even start summoning. Once they reach the middle they seem to have increased resistances so kill them before they get there. Again, saving the Spectral Explosion for the 3rd portals if you can. On the 5th portals 2 Narkynaz spawn at either side, kill them before finishing the Ogrim.

Wave #5: Try to kite the Guard while you quickly kill the Kynlurker. As the Ash Titan lands buff up fully, get all your DoT’s and AOEs on him, drop your Ultimate and try to get him down as far as you can before he does the first Flame Wall. As the portals start appearing look out for the Golden ghosts again. Try to finish the Titan before changing to the Kynlurker, Kyngald & Beldakyn. If your able to grab all Ghost at this point then you can stun the final Ogrim which spawns again for an easy kill.
Dangerous Mobs: Kynlurker, Guards, Ogrim, Solkyn.
Boss Strategies: The Final Boss in the arena, Voriak Solkyn, is alot of fun. The key to the first stage of the fight is to get the Boss down to below 70% as fast as possible. Use the Power Sigil straight away if your worried you won’t have enough DPS.

His first attack will be the Channeled skull which he throws at you after a short pause. Either dodge it or block it, i prefer blocking it as I have CP points in that.

After this Voriak teleports for the first time. He will do his Starburst attack so make sure you interrupt this (Bash, Venom arrow for stamina, Crushing shock for magicka). After interrupting him quickly kill the Gandrakyn healer so it can’t heal the Ceremonial Guard coming up. Again, shields-up, self-heals or just speedboost and keep your distance from the Guard.

While your killing the Guard, Voriak will throw another Channeled skull at you. Beware.

Ignore the next Gandrakyn and try to get the Boss under 70%. If you can before he spawns the 2nd Ceremonial Guard then there will be a small delay, 20-30seconds before the Guard spawns which means you can get on with the portals. One of the hexagonal platforms around the arena will be glowing white. Take the Clanfear to it and kill it then use the portal to go up top.

legendary-kilnerdyne-in-action-yoloOnce up top you have constant damage from a DoT, to avoid the random AOE strikes on the ground, and the Boss will throw the Channeled skull as soon as you get up there. After the skull he will rise in the air and a floating Earth Shield will appear moving around the center mist. Get behind this Shield before the Boss slams the ground. If your not behind it you’ll be thrown off into the lava and will have to fight a Guard and a Clanfear to get back up top.

While all this is going on, you need to be destroying the 3 Animus Crystals around the ring. The more slams the Boss does the faster the Shield is and the harder it is to keep up with so be quick about destroying the crystals.

When all 3 are destroyed, Voriak will knock you back downstairs into the lava. Quickly get back into the arena and be ready to interrupt his Starburst attack. After this the Golden Ghosts are back! Start collecting them again. Kill the Narkynaz quickly again and watch for Channeled skulls.

If you collect all 3 Golden Ghosts in time for the Guard its another easy kill, then back on the Boss. Keep watching for the Ghosts as you might need to grab one more explosion to finish him off.


Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Clanfear (42k) Tail whip, Light attacks
Dremora Gandrakyn (42k) Fire path, Remembrance, Healing Beam, Light attacks
Dremora Kyngald (59k) Focused aim, Arrow spray, Light attacks
Dremora Beldakyn (59k) Talons, Lava whip, Light attacks
Dremora Kynlurker (59k) Stealth attack, Soul tether, Teleport strike, Light attacks
Dremora Narkynaz (59k) Spawn Bone Colossus
Ogrim (142k) Fire bomb AOE, Self-heal, Heavy Attacks
Cremonial Guard (144k) Flame Breath, Heavy Attacks
Animus Crystal (228k) Destroy
Xivilai Ravager (230k) Chains, Cleave, Heavy Attacks
Ash Titan (455k) Flame Wall, Light Attacks
Voriak Solkyn (989k) Channeled Skull, Starburst attack, Teleport, Light Attacks
  • Quick reference breakdown
  • Wave 1 – 2x Kyngald, Beldakyn
    -> Kyngald, Beldakyn
    -> 2x Gandrakyn
    -> Ceremonial Guard
  • Wave 2Gandrakyn, Kyngald, Beldakyn
    -> 2x Gandrakyn, Kynlurker
    -> Kyngald, Ceremonial Guard
    -> Beldakyn, Kynlurker, Ogrim
  • Wave 3Kyngald, Beldakyn
    -> Beldakyn, Kynlurker, Kyngald
    -> Xivilai Ravager
    -> Beldakyn, Ogrim
    -> Gandrakyn, Kynlurker, Ceremonial Guard
  • Wave 4Beldakyn, Kyngald, Narkynaz
    -> Gandrakyn, Kynlurker, Narkynaz
    -> Beldakyn, Narkynaz, Ceremonial Guard
    -> Gandrakyn, Narkynaz
    ->2x Narkynaz, Ogrim
  • Wave 5Kynlurker, Ceremonial Guard
    -> Ash Titan
    -> Kynlurker, Kyngald, Beldakyn
    -> Gandrakyn, Beldakyn, Kynlurker
    -> Ogrim
  • BossVoriak Solkyn
    -> Gandrakyn, Ceremonial Guard
    -> Gandrakyn
    -> Clanfear
    -> 3x Animus Crystal
    -> Narkynaz
    -> Narkynaz, Ceremonial Guard
    -> Narkynaz, Ceremonial Guard



Thanks for reading the Guide to Veteran Maelstrom Arena, if you liked this Guide please recommend it to your friends! Also thanks again to @Deltiagaming for his videos and to all those who have suggested tactics/strategies for the different stages.

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