The Guide to Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj

If your looking for a Walkthrough for Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj you’ve arrived at the right page. This Guide covers all content in the Time Trial: Maw of Lorkhaj and how to defeat the individual bosses, without encountering any nasty surprises. It is also suitable for those who want to refresh their knowledge of the tactics.

Maw of Lorkhaj was released in March 2016 and is currently Elder Scrolls Online’s hardest content. Beginning with Aetherian Archive, Hel ra Citadel and Sanctum Ophidia before venturing into Maw of Lorkhaj is a good way to prepare yourself, your character and your rotation. Veteran Maelstrom Arena and Dragonstar Arena also test your situational awareness, positioning and mechanical reactions. They also contain sets and weapons which will be very useful in this Time Trial as covered below.

Preparation: Before starting the Time Trial

It is likely that you can complete veteran AA, HRC & SO with a pick-up group. This is not so likely for veteran Maw of Lorkhaj. Raiding Guilds, Progression Guilds and Community Guilds that also raid are your best chance to complete this Time Trial. Finding a Guild like this can take time and patience. The easiest way to complete vMOL is to practice it as the same 12 players once or twice a week.

Finding the right players can also take alot of patience. Not only do you have to find friendly, reliable, decent people, but also good players with stable internet, decent computers, the right roles, classes and skills that have excellent situational awareness and show progress.

raidnotifier-bannerRaid Notifier Updated

Download link

This is an essential addon for learning trials. Your chances in vMOL will go up 100% if everyone in your raid is using this addon. It’s most important functions in vMOL are to: alert you to colour changes on the Twins, show incoming Eclipses from the Sun-Eaters, and alert you to the Threashing Wings attack from Rakkhat. Download it, reloadui, enjoy easier raiding.

Roles, Buffs/Debuffs, Skills & Champion Points

Click the image below or click here to view a suggested Raid setup for vMOL.

Tanks & Healers

Tanks are going to be doing most of the positioning for where the fight takes place. This means Healers have to play around where the Tanks are. There are scenarios where the Tanks maybe far apart, decide which Healer will stay & keep healing the group and which will stay with the Tank(s).

Tanks split the adds as follows

  • Main Tank: Shadowguards, Archers & Renderers
  • Off Tank: Savages, Shamans & Sun-Eaters

Synergies need to be constantly available for both Tanks using Alkosh. Combat Prayer needs to be re-applied every 8seconds. Always trying to have Extended Ritual and at least 1 Healing Springs up will increase your Spell Power Cure uptime.

The Temple of Seven Riddles


First Room

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Ghostly Sar-m’Athra (5.3m) Raking Claws
Cursed Monk (287k) Light attacks, Heavy attack, Fury Swipes
Cursed Scholar (287k) Light attacks, Entropic Flare, Void
Cursed War-Priest (287k) Light attacks, Heavy attacks, Lava Whip, Fiery Breath
Shadowguard (2.1m) Light attacks, Heavy attack, Void Rush, Lunar Slam, Shadow Slash
Sun-Eater (2.1m) Light attacks, Void Bolt, Eclipse Field
DreadStalker (2.1m) Light attacks, Ruthless Salvo, Marked for Death
Savage (2.1m) Light attacks, Cleave, Shatter Armor

Enter the Temple of Seven Riddles and the first room serves as an introduction to the rest of the time trial. The first small mob pack (highlighted in green in the list below) are the conjured monks, they are the easiest enemies in the time trial and will appear alongside the Banner mobs. Next spawns 3 out of the 4 Banner mobs, a Sun-Eater, a Shadowguard, and an Archer.

First target is always the Sun-Eater. Apart from firing Velidreth-style Void Bolt orbs, the Sun-eater’s main ability is Eclipse Field. This is dropped on top of one player at random and silences & damages all players in an AOE area around the target. As a DD, try to memorize the Sun-eater spawn points, setup your ground AOEs at this position & prepare to drop your Ultimate as soon as it appears.

Main Tank grabs the Shadowguard, takes it to the Archer position and keeps the Archer faced away from the group. Once the DDs have killed the Sun-eater they will come to your position and AOE down both the Shadowguard and the Archer.

The Archer does 2 main abilities, Ruthless Salvo (Arrow Spray) and Marked for Death. The Mark will affect one player at random and they will be chased by summoned Panthers. The longer the Mark is up the more Panthers will spawn; to a maximum of 4 per Archer. Do not try to kill the Panthers, keep your distance or root them.

The Shadowguard also has 2 main abilities. Void rush charges one player at random stunning them if they are not blocking. After every Heavy attack against the Tank the Shadowguard will do a “Slash” AOE spin attack which should be blocked.



Second Room

As you proceed up the stairs turn to the right and head to the stone archway by the cliff. The Sun-Eater will spawn here momentarily so Warhorn & drop ultimates.

Main Tank has to taunt the 2 Archers and bring them down the hill. Once they are next to each other stack the Shadowguard and AOE all 3 down.

Upper Level

Just before the first boss there is a final mob pack. This introduces the final Banner mob, the dro-m’Athra Savage. This mob must be held by the Off-tank away from the rest of the mobs & your group as it does an AOE slam attack that debuffs any players Physical Resistance in the area to 0. That means when the Shadowguard does his Shadow Slash spin your brown bread.

DPS go straight for the left-hand side Sun-Eater and nuke it down quickly. Again the Main Tank focuses on pulling the Archers out of the group, standing them next to each other and stacking the Shadowguard nearby. DPS AOE down the Archers & Shadowguard before killing the Savage.


Zhaj’hassa has 4 Main Mechanics.

  • Panthers: Summons Sar-m’athra Panthers. 2 at 80%, 3 at 60%, 4 at 40% and 5 at 20%.
  • Curse: Places a red AOE circle below 3 random players. Any players in the AOE will be Cursed. Panels around the arena will Cleanse them.
  • Pillars: Summons Void Pillars on a random player who is far from the Boss. Standing behind a pillar during Cataclysm will save you from the explosion.
  • Shield: Summons a Shield, one at 70% and a larger Shield at 30%. Must be destroyed before the Damage becomes too much to heal.

Sar’m’athra Panthers

These panthers cannot be taunted, but they can be chained, rooted & stunned. As soon as they spawn have the Off-Tank or a DK use Empowering Chains to pull the Panthers very close to the boss. Once in position use Rooting or Snaring abilities such as Eruption or Choking Talons to keep them in the AOE damage.


The main reason positioning and awareness is important on this boss. After each Void Pillar, Zhaj will Curse 3 random players creating a red AOE circle below their feet. Any other player also standing in this circle will also be Cursed.

Find your position around the Boss. Check your distance to your nearby players. Do not move unless cursed.

Once the Curse has landed on you go immediately to a Cleansing Panel, do not wait. Panels only come up every 25 seconds. This means other people are counting on you to reset the cooldown quickly so they can use it for the next Curse.

You have 30 seconds to reach a Cleansing Panel around the room before you are killed by the Curse. You take damage while Cursed & the longer you have the Debuff the slower your movement speed.

Void Pillars

After a certain number of Pillars are dropped, Zhaj will clench his mace to his chest and emanate a blue glow. Quickly run and stand behind the nearest Pillar before the explosion comes. You can continue to damage him whilst this is happening.

You don’t have an infinite amount of time to kill Zhaj. He will drop 5 Pillars before the first and second explosions. Then 2×4 Pillars, 2×3 Pillars, 2×2 Pillars, 2×1 Pillars. Then he will explode with no Pillars and nowhere to hide so you must kill him before this happens.

The Pillar is targeted on one player, usually the furthest away player, and can be blocked.
Standing closer to the Boss means the Pillars spawn closer to the group. Which means less distance to travel when the explosion comes.

Shield Phase

A Shield protects Zhaj from damage and AOE pulses appear below every player’s feet. These are a similar size to the Curse circles and if you overlap another player it may kill you both. The longer the shield remains up the fastest Zhaj pulses. You can block the pulses to take less damage, do this towards the end of the phase.

70% Shield – 1.9Million – 8 DDs doing 30k DPS shield should be down in 7.9seconds.

30% Shield – 2.8Million – 8 DDs doing 30k DPS shield should be down in 11.6seconds.

The Second Shield phase at 30% Boss HP is the test of positioning again. If you lose too many DDs during this phase you may not be able to kill the shield in time. Healers drop a Nova 5-6 seconds into the Shield to help mitigate the damage taken.

Route to the First Encounter

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Ogre Brute (530k) Light attacks
Ogre Shaman (2.8m) Light attacks, Healing Aura
Ogre Flesh Renderer (2.8m) Light attacks, Flesh Render

Well done for getting it this far. Zhaj’hassa isn’t an easy first boss. Luckily you can relax for a while now, only a short while though. The next areas are filled with Flesh Renderers, Shamans and Brutes as well as the Banner mobs and smaller conjured monks.

Renderers, Shamans & Brutes

As a general rule from now on and until reaching the final boss the Main Tank will taunt the Renderers, Shadowguards & Archers and keep them on him, and the Off-tank will taunt Shamans, Brutes & Savages. DPS focus down the Sun-Eaters Shamans as a priority.
Renderers do an ability called Flesh Render which does damage in a large area around the Renderer and knocks down players. This ability can be interrupted by bashing the Renderer just as he is about to cast it.

Shamans will start healing themselves, the Brutes and the Renderer after 15-20seconds of spawning. The healing also does damage to anyone near to the healed enemy. This damage can be blocked.

First you meet a Shaman surrounded by Brutes. If the Brutes are still alive when the Shaman starts healing then Blockcast your abilities. The pulses do alot of damage.

After this a Shadowguard, a Sun-Eater, a Savage, and 2 Archers spawn. Main Tank brings the 2 Archers close together while the Off-Tank keeps the Savage again away from the group. DPS order again is Sun-Eater, then Archers & Shadowguard together and finally the Savage.

Lower level

Going down the hill a Shaman, a Renderer and Brutes spawn. Main Tank make sure to Bash the Renderer constantly once he starts his animation for Flesh Render. DPS and Healers again block the Healing Pulses until the Shaman is dead, then finish the Renderer.

A Shadowguard, a Sun-Eater, a Savage, and an Archer are down the hill a little further. They are accompanied by conjured monks.

First Encounter

Before you start this next section know one thing, if you wipe then you must start the Encounter again from the beginning. This Encounter has 5 Waves.

Wave 1

As you go down the hill the Main Tank & 1 Healer take the ramp to the right and everyone else go left down the hill and into the cave. The Main Tank taunts the Renderer and 2 Brutes that spawn on the far side of the arena and bring them to the bottom of the entrance ramp.

2 Brutes and a Shaman will spawn in the cave, Off-Tank taunts these. Once they are dead everyone regroup at the Main Tank position.

Wave 2

When the Renderer dies a Sun-Eater will replace it at the same spot so have Ultimates and Horn ready. Once it’s down group up with the Main Tank and AOE down the Archer & Shadowguard. Off-Tank keeps the Savage off to the side. Once it does the debuff on you it won’t do another for 8-10 seconds so use that time to walk the Savage through the group’s AOE damage.

Wave 3

A Shaman and Renderer spawn from the West and a Renderer from the East, Main Tank grabs the Renderers and quickly takes them away from the group. DPS focus down the Shaman with the Off-tank.

Run or roll dodge away when the Renderers do their Flesh Render ability. Once it’s finished bring them to the west side of the exit ramp, on the spot where the next Sun-Eater will spawn

Wave 4

The Sun-Eater spawning again means Horn and Ultimates and get ready to roll out of the Eclipse Field. Main Tank has another Renderer & Archer to taunt. Keep the Archer faced away from the rest of the group and watch out again for the Flesh Render ability.

Off-tank holds the Shaman and Savage which spawns from the East. Once the Shaman is dead move to the Archer and Renderer and AOE them down. Then finish the Savage. Off-Tank can keep the Savage at the entrance ramp where the next Sun-Eater will spawn.

Wave 5

The final wave has 2 Sun-Eater spawns. Off-tank taunt the far West Sun-Eater and run up the entrance ramp. This will pull both Sun-Eaters next to one another. Be careful of the double Eclipse Fields, it may drop on the person next to you be ready to roll out.

Once both Sun-Eaters are down group again at the Main Tank who has picked up both Shadowguard and the Archer.



  • Colour Change: At the start of the fight 6 people will recieve the Holy (light) Aspect and 6 people the Shadow (dark) Aspect. If your stood too close to a player of the opposite Aspect to your own, you will both explode. During the fight Colour Changes will occur which changes the Aspect of 3 people to the alternate Aspect. Glows on your Head and Feet determine which colour you are and which you are changing to.
  • The Rage of Skinrai and the Will of Vashai: These are the mob of the Twins. Light and Dark mobs spawn in waves starting with 1 of each. They need to be chained to the same colour Boss as themselves and then AOE’d down quickly.
  • Prayer Phase: Vashai and Skinrai will teleport to a random side of the room and the floor will glow half light and half dark. The group must rotate around the arena clockwise until they are stood in the opposite colour to their own groups colour. So Holy Aspects must be in the Shadow (dark) glow.
  • Simultaneous demise: Once the first Boss dies a timer begins. As soon as that time is up the last remaining Boss will teleport to the center of the room and after 20 seconds it will explode with nowhere to hide and all are killed. This means both Bosses must take very similar damage during the fight to avoid one Boss dying far too early.

vmol-skinrai-vashai-colorsHoly and Shadow Aspects

This is the most basic mechanic of the encounter. Once your group masters this they can move on to the other more important mechanics.

  • Vashai is the Shadow Twin. Skinrai is the Holy Twin.
  • At the start of the fight they will chose which Aspects players have.
  • 6 Players receive the Holy Aspect, 6 receive the Shadow Aspect.
  • If Players with opposite Aspects stand too close together all players within an AOE will be killed by an explosion.
  • Player Colors are assigned depending on their proximity to each Boss at the beginning and at the end of the Prayer Phase.
  • Split the Group in 2 teams. 1 Tank 1 Healer 1 Magicka DK & 3 other DPS in each Group.
  • Start on opposite sides of the room.
  • Stay stacked in your group for easy Purge/Combat Prayer.
  • Only change group if you receive the Color Change.


vmol-skinrai-vashai-color-changeColor Change

  • 3 Players will be randomly selected, excluding the Tanks, to switch to the opposite group.
  • A Light or Dark AOE circle will appear below your feet if you are changing.
  • Changing Players must rotate to the other group Clockwise around the room. This avoids players colliding during the switch.
  • Change quickly to avoid unnecessary damage loss.

Rage of Skinrai and the Will of Vashai

The additional enemies of the Twins have their own mechanics and spawn in increasing numbers depending upon the health of each of the Twins and on the length of the fight. One of each will spawn on the first wave increasing upto 4 of each as the Twins get low on health.

Skinrai (Light Boss) and his mobs will cast an ability called Lunar Flare on upto 4 players in their field of view. This can be purged. They also cast Lunar Destruction which yes is very similar to Radiant Destruction ability. This can be Interrupted with Deep Breath or by Bashing the Mob/Boss.

Vashai (Dark Boss) places a Negate on the furthest player away from him in his Field of View. Tanks always keep Vashai facing away from both groups and towards a wall so that only you get negated. Rolldodge out quickly.

vmol-skinrai-vashai-negateWill of Vashai mobs do a Velidreth-style Void Orbs spell which sends 3 Orbs out which seem to do more damage the further they travel. It’s upto the Tank to taunt them to make sure they aren’t facing across the room to the other group. If the other group on the opposite side of the room get hit by the orbs they will do a shit ton of damage.

Magicka Dragonknights

  • Magicka DKs here is your chance to shine. Slot Empowering Chains & Deep Breath.
  • After Prayer Phase you have 10 seconds before another wave of Mobs spawn.
  • Once they spawn use Chains to pull in the Mobs which have the same color as the Boss you are currently on.
  • Use Deep Breath to interrupt the Lunar Destruction beams Skinrai and his Light Mobs cast.
  • The faster you pull in the Mobs the faster the DPS players can kill them.


  • Slot Efficient Purge, you can purge the Vampire’s Bane (called Lunar Flare here) that the Skinrai Boss & Mobs cast.
  • Make sure all DPS stay as close together as they can, either at the Light boss or at the Dark mobs respectively. This will help alot with your rotation of Combat Prayer-> Healing Springs -> Purge.
  • As soon as the mobs are pulled in make sure Elemental Drain is put on all for your Magicka DPS & if there are 3 or 4 mobs on each side and the area is clear drop a Nova to mitigate the Beam, Orbs and Flare damage.


  • Always taunt the opposite color Boss to your own color.
  • As the Mobs spawn Skinrai will always beam you so try to taunt one Mob before he does this. Once you are free of the beam taunt the rest of the Mobs and try to keep Skinrai facing away from your group as his Cleave attacks can do alot of damage.
  • As soon as the Dark mobs are chained in range taunt them. Ensure that the Dark boss is never facing your group when you attempt this.
  • Watch out for Orbs from the Dark adds interrupting your rolldodge out of the Negate.
  • Sometimes Light mobs spawn behind the Dark mobs, use TAB target to make sure that you only taunt the correct mobs at range.

Prayer Phase

vmol-skinrai-vashai-prayer-phaseThe Prayer phase is an easy enough mechanic. If any Mobs are still alive when the room explodes they will take extra damage at this time, but if they are still alive after this phase you will begin to snowball out of control. Light adds can stop players from switching sides by beaming them so make sure to interrupt any just as you are about to move. Best thing is to make sure the Mobs die before this phase.

All Players will lose their current Aspect a few seconds after the room explodes. Use this time to make sure that you always have 1 Healer and 1 Magicka DK on each side of the room by swapping players quickly.

  • Both Vashai and Skinrai will teleport from their positions to opposite sides of the room.
  • Which side each Boss lands on is random so be prepared for your group to move.
  • If the same color Boss arrives at your side of the room as the color you have you must move.
  • Always move clockwise and quickly before the room explodes.
  • If you are caught on the side of room which is the same color as your own aspect you will explode.
  • Tip: As soon as the Bosses teleport up into the ceiling start moving clockwise across your side of the room just incase you have to change. Being caught on the far side of the clockwise rotation will make it very difficult for you to switch sides quickly enough.

Damage on the Dark Boss (Vashai)

vmol-skinrai-vashai-prayer-phase-switchSkinrai enjoys almost a constant stream of damage due to the close proximity of the Mobs to him. Vashai does not always have constant damage as his Mobs are ranged and not always pulled directly on top of him. This means that you must make up the lost damage on the Dark Boss during the Prayer Phase when no Colors are active.

Simultaneous Demise

When both Bosses are below 20% Health you will need to make a decision about whether to kill the next wave of Mobs, or ignore the Mobs and execute both Bosses.

  • At 20% Health both Bosses have around 5.6Million Health
  • With 8 DPS and a Group DPS of 200k each Boss will die in 28 seconds.
  • Magicka DKs Chain all the Mobs to the same point in the room.
  • Both get ready to spam Deep Breath as there will be 4 Light Adds with Beams.
  • Whichever Boss dies first, that Tank go to the Mobs, taunt them all and Bash to interrupt.
  • All DPS maximize survivability as you will maybe have Beams & Orbs coming your way at random.
  • Once one Boss dies the Group will lose all colors.
  • Tip: Only start this Phase directly after a Prayer Phase. If a Prayer Phase is imminent do not kill either Boss. Doing so would be very very bad.


The Second Encounter

Once you defeat Vashai & Skinrai you will enter another Encounter straight away. Same rules as the first encounter; if you wipe at any point during the fight you have to start again from the beginning of the encounter.

Giant Sar’mathra Panthers

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Giant Sar-m’Athra Panther (2.8m) Mark for Death, Raking Claws

As you enter the next Gates you will see Giant Panthers and quite a few Conjured Monks. Once the Panthers are alerted they will Mark 2 Players for Death. This is the same as the Archer‘s ability except when the Giant Panther hits you it is a One-Shot. This means if you are Marked, sheath your weapon and begin running in a circle around the arena. Do not let the Panther catch you. Just like the Color change the Mark will change after 30 seconds to a new target so be prepared for it to be you.

vmol-second-encounter-panther-chasing-marked-playerNext comes two independent events each activated individually by Pulling each Chain. The list of which Banner mobs spawn at which side and on which wave is below. The list is in order of which Banner mob DPS should kill first.

Left side Chain

Wave 1
  • Sun-Eater – DPS drop all Ultimates.
  • 2 Archers – Main Tank taunt & back away from the group to bring the Archers together.
  • Savage – Off-Tank keeps the Savage nearby the Archers but away from the group.
Wave 2
  • 2 Sun-Eaters – DPS drop all Ultimates.
  • 2 Shadowguards – Again Main Tank pulls them away from the Sun-Eaters and back towards the group once the last Sun-Eater is about to die.
  • Savage – Off-Tank again positions the Savage nearby the Shadowguards but not close to the group.
vmol-second-encounter-left-chain-wave-2Wave 3
  • Archer & 2 Shadowguards – These spawn a few seconds before the rest of the Mobs. Do some initial damage to the Archer and Tank again take the Guards and Archer and keep them slightly away from the group.
  • 2 Sun-Eaters – DPS drop all Ultimates.
  • Savage – Same as previously for the Off-tank.

Right side Chain

Wave 1
  • Sun-Eater – DPS drop all Ultimates.
  • Archer – Face away from the group.
  • Shadowguard – Keep away from the Sun-Eater position until it is down.
  • Savage – Same as previously for the Off-tank.
vmol-second-encounter-right-chain-wave-2Wave 2
  • Sun-Eater – DPS drop all Ultimates.
  • 2 Archers – Main Tank taunt both and move towards the Entrance gate to group them both.
  • 2 Shadowguard – Keep away from the Sun-Eater position until it is down.
Wave 3
  • Archer, Shadowguard & Savage – These spawn a few seconds before the rest of the Mobs. Do some initial damage to the Archer. Main Tank you will have 2 more Archers to taunt in a second so for now just take the Shadowguard away from the Sun-Eater.
  • Sun-Eater & 2 Archers – DPS drop all Ultimates. Main Tank taunt all 3 Archers and run towards the Entrance gate to group them together using line-of-sight.

The Path to the Final Boss

Enemies, Health & Some Abilities
Cursed Monk (2.8k) Lunar Detonation

Before you enter this seemingly empty corridor make sure that at least one person in the Group has the ability Caltrops from Alliance War Assault skill tree. All positions mentioned below are relative to the Entrance door.

vmol-third-encounter-right-suneater-wave-1During the fight Cursed Monks will start dropping down from the sides of the room. They have very low Health and will be killed by the Caltrops which should be kept on top of the Tanks primarily and on as much of the group as possible. If a Cursed Monk does come near you move away at the last second to avoid the explosion.

Wave 1

  • Sun-Eater – Spawns on the far right-hand side of the room. DPS drop all Ultimates.
  • Archer – Spawns on the far left-hand side of the room. Main Tank try to move the Archer close to where the next wave’s Sun-Eater is spawning.
  • Shadowguard – Keep away from the Sun-Eater and beware of the Lunar Bash when your in an Eclipse field.
  • Savage – Make sure as the Off-tank you keep the Shattering Armor debuff only on yourself. And always stand away from the Walls and hopefully in the middle of Caltrops.

Wave 2

  • vmol-third-encounter-dromathra-explosions2 Sun-Eaters – If the Main Tank has positioned the first Archer correctly all DPS should be stood at the left-hand side Sun-Eater as it spawns. Again all Ultimates and get ready to roll out of the Eclipse fields. Make your way quickly to the 2nd Sun-Eater on the close right-hand side of the room after the first dies.
  • 2 Savages – Main Tank taunt the far left-hand Savage and the Off-tank the far right-hand Savage. Main Tank keep the Archer facing away from the Group and again

Wave 3

  •  2 Sun-Eaters – Spawning far left & right-hand sides of the room, focus down the right-hand side Sun-Eater first, then again quickly over to the other.
  • 2 Archers – Spawning one close to the Entrance and one close to the Exit, Main Tank bring them to the Exit door.
  • Shadowguard – Keep this away from the Sun-Eaters, the DPS, the Healers, the Off-tank. Yes basically everyone.
  • Savage – Again park the Savage nearby to the Archers, keep away from the Walls and on top of the Caltrops.


vmol-rakkhat-bannerVictory is within sight, only Rakkhat himself to beat and if this is your first try on this boss you can expect a lengthy fight. If your food has less than 20 minutes maybe think about taking some more. Repair any armor that might be broken also.


  • Lunar Bastion Buff: Standing on a Light panel will give the Player reduced Damage from Rakkhat and his Mechanics.
  • Shadow Debuff: Standing on a Dark panel or entering the Void will give the Player a Healing debuff.
  • Backyard: The area behind the Dark blue portal. 2 Players must enter and find dro’mAthra Shadows.
  • The Hulk: Rakkhat’s main Mob. Lots of Health and places a debuff similar to Shattered Armor.
  • Orb Mechanics: Three separate types of Orb mechanics depending on the phase of the fight.
  • Beam Phase: All players must be at their respective positions and beam or attack selected Mobs.
  • Execute Phase: Players must take Orbs from the Panels starting at Panel 1, as well as endure all Orb mechanics at once, and Hulks.

For the Group Leader

If your the leader of the group, you need to organize a few things.

vmol-rakkhat-beam-phase-first-beamvmol-rakkhat-beam-phase-second-beam vmol-rakkhat-beam-phase-third-beamvmol-rakkhat-beam-phase-fourth-beam

Beam Phase

  • See Images above.
  • Select which players will be Healer 1 & 2 and Tank 1 & 2.
  • All DPS Players pick a numbered platform before starting the Boss.
  • The black arrows on the Image are the order which Mobs the DPS should damage.


  • Select 2 Players who will be the Backyard Team.
  • And an extra Player who can take their place if one of them dies.

Group positioning in the Main room

  • Next organize the group again into 2 teams of 6 Players around Panel 1 (see image below).
  • 1 Healer in each group.
  • Main Tank stands in the center of Panel 1.
  • Off-Tank is in the group closest to Panel 2.
  • Choose 3 or 4 Players who can act as Decoys for the Meteor Phase.

For the Main Tank

vmol-rakkhat-lunar-bastion-buffOnce the fight begins the Boss will slam the ground and then jump to your position at Panel 1. Panel 1 will get a Light glow which gives a buff called Lunar Bastion to the first person to stand inside it. Make sure as the Main Tank that you always have this buff. If you do not Rakkhat will simply One-shot you. Everytime the Boss jumps move quickly to the next Lunar Bastion platform and make sure you have the buff.

Always keep Rakkhat facing away from the group preferably towards one of the walls. Once he starts his Barrage ability you can use the Absorb Magicka ability (morph of Defensive Stance from 1 hand & shield tree) to heal yourself with the incoming damage. This will help your healers alot as Barrage does a hell of a lot of damage.

The Off-Tank may need you to take the Hulk from him after he has received 2 debuffs (more about this below). Taunt the Hulk only once and take it to the next Panel.

For the Off-Tank

Your job is to hold the Hulkand Archers when they spawn. Only Hulks spawn at first but after the first beam phase Archers will spawn periodically as well as the Hulks.

Hulks will put a debuff on you similar to the Savage. The animation is also the same. Once you receive 2 debuff hits from the Hulk the Main Tank must take the Hulk off you if it is not dead. Another hit from the Hulk with 2 debuffs on you will kill you. Once you see that the Main Tank has been hit by the Hulks debuff you can re-taunt the Hulk and keep him in position next to the Boss. It’s important the Hulk is close to the Boss so both take damage at the same time.

Archers are your next priority. Once the Hulk is dead taunt the Archer and line-of-sight it into a position behind Rakkhat so that your DPS AOE abilities damage it.

For the Healers

Make sure to try to keep Combat Prayer up over 80% of the time. And keep throwing Aggressive Warhorns. Elemental Drain and Siphon Spirit on the Hulk and Rakkhat. There will be times where you will need to leave the group and there are times where you will take massive damage. I recommend putting Harness Magicka on and using it just seconds before any Stomp that Rakkhat does.

Sometimes people die in the Backyard, another DPS will replace them but someone must go and revive the dead person at the Backyard Gate. Select which healer will move to heal the reviving players.

During the Beam Phase only 1 Healer will be beaming at any one time. This means the other healer can move around inside the middle circle and use breath of life to heal all players before they next have to beam and the other healer switches to healing.

Phases of the Boss Fight

  • Once everyone is in position the Main Tank taunts Rakkhat and waits for him to jump back to Panel 1.
  • Rakkhat will then jump in the air and slam the ground.
  • All players move to Panel 2 and a Hulk is brought in for the DPS to kill.
  • Rakkhat then again slams the ground.
  • Backyard Team go into the void and all other players move to Panel 3.
  • Once the Backyard is complete Rakkhat slams again and the cycle is repeated.
  • When he reaches Panel 8 the Beam Phase begins.
  • After the Beam Phase the cycle begins again from the start of the fight on Panel 1 and an Archer spawns every 50 seconds.


  • Threshing Wings: Rakkhat will jump into the air and land knocking back any player who isn’t blocking. It is very important to block this. Getting knocked into a Shadow platform and receiving the curse means you won’t receive much healing and you can’t use the purge panels as the Backyard Team need them. Block!
  • Barrage: Rakkhat will focus his hatred on the Main Tank. Similar to Lord Warden a barrage of magical damage hits the Tank for 4-6seconds. Healers make sure you have Healing Springs on the Main Tank before the Barrage damage starts. Tank use Absorb Magicka to Heal yourself.
  • Meteors: 3 or 4 Players have been chosen as Decoys. They will move away from the main group as the meteor shower begins. The meteors will land on them and not in the group. Main Tank always receives meteors during this phase, Tanks try to move around inside the Lunar Bastion circle to avoid as many as possible, Healers watch the Tanks Health again.

First Mechanic: Backyard.

vmol-backyard-map-routeThe Dark Blue portal door behind the collapsed wall can hardly be missed. This is the backyard and inside is a series of precarious walkways which have little empty bowls next to rugs and pillows. It is these bowls that are key to completing the Backyard.

Once the first Hulk spawns in the Main room get ready for Rakkhat to slam the ground. When he does 2 players head into the void, first heading left and the other right side. A synergy appears as you enter the Void if you press it you will receive a speed boost. You must use the synergy next to the bowls, the bowls will have blue flames in them if they are active.

Hidden on each side (Left, Middle & Right) are 2 dro’Mathra Shadow Mobs. They can appear at any bowl when you press the synergy to extinguish the flames. If one does appear it has very low Health just kill it quickly and move on. Once you find 2 Shadows on your side move to the Middle. Both players in the void should help with the Middle but the left side can take longer.

The routes shown on the image on the right encompasses all bowl positions and you should run each route until you complete that side. Once all 6 Shadows are dead you can exit the Void.

But wait? I’ve got a Blue glow on me now. This is a debuff which you must remove by standing on a Cleansing Panel. There are 4 one in each corner of the room. Dying also cleanses you of the Curse. You cannot reenter the Void with this debuff on you or you will be killed.

Remember once you take a Cleansing Panel it will not reset. This means that when you come out of the Void for the third time and Rakkhat is at Panel 8 you won’t be able to Cleanse. Don’t worry about this just try to survive until the Beam Phase and the Curse will be gone.

Second Mechanic: The Hulk.

vmol-rakkhat-the-hulkThe Hulk should be positioned next to Rakkhat and towards the next Panel he is going to jump to next. 3 Hulks will spawn before Rakkhat reaches Panel 8. DPS focus each down as quickly as possible. The Hulk will do a debuff similar to the Savage except it isn’t AOE it is only on the Tanks.

The Off-Tank must hold the Hulk until he receives 2 of the debuffs. Once this happens the Main Tank taunts the Hulk. Off-Tank waits until the Hulk debuffs the Main Tank once and then takes it back.

DPS save all Ultimates until the Hulk spawns, unless your using a very low cost Ultimate of course.



Third Mechanic: The 3 types of Orbs


Once Rakkhat reaches Panel 3 the Orb Mechanics will begin.

Void Combustion: This will appear randomly on 1 player below their feet. They must move away from the group, explode, break-free and rejoin the group. This mechanic continues until the moment Rakkhat jumps to Panel 5.

Stalker Orbs: At Panel 5 tiny floating orbs will appear and move towards 1-2 players at random. These players must move away from other players and keep a few meters distance from the floating Orbs. If the Orbs get too close to you or other players in the group they will deal massive damage. This mechanic persists until Rakkhat jumps to Panel 7.

AOE Orbs: At Panel 7 large AOE Orbs will spawn red circles on the floor. After 1 second the Orb will appear and deal damage to anyone stood inside. Stay close together on each side of the Boss and when an Orb spawns move left or right a few metres together as a mini-group to avoid placing AOE Orbs everywhere close to the Boss.

Fourth Mechanic: Beam Phase

vmol-rakkhat-beam-phaseAfter Rakkhat slams Panel 8 he will ascend above the Void and all panels in the arena will receive the Lunar Bastion buff. The large central Panel can give 4 players the buff. The 8 outer small Panels and give 1 player the buff. The group leader will have assigned you which panel to go to before the fight started, go there now. A Banner mob will appear on each of the outer Panels. Have a look at the Image on the right to see which Banner mob to focus from your Panel.

The Banner mobs take massive damage while they are being beamed, and there’s only enough time to beam each Mob once so this is the time for all DPS to focus their decided Mob (according to the black lines on the right-hand image). Magicka DPS use force pulse and Stamina users put Snipe on your Bow bar. Any Banner mobs alive at the end of the Beam phase will immediately start attacking players so one Tank make sure if you see a Mob will survive taunt it.

After the Beam Phase is over the Lunar cycle starts again at Panel 1. When Rakkhat reaches Panel 2 an Archer will spawn along with a Hulk. Archers will continue to spawn every 50 seconds and the Off-tank will position them behind Rakkhat so they can be AOE’d down.

The Last Stand: All Above Mechanics and one extra

vmol-rakkhat-execute-orbsWhen you get Rakkhat down to 11% health, he will jump to the Central Panel for the Execute Phase. This lasts until the boss is down to 0% health so don’t stop healing and DPS, throw down any mitigation you might have and get ready to grab the Orbs.

Positioning, Orb Mechanics & Hulks

Void Combustion, Stalker Orbs & AOE Orbs are present at the execute phase at the same time. This can cause alot of panic within the group as Rakkhat himself is also doing damage. Position the left group near to Panel 2 & the right group close to Panel 7. Make sure everyone stays in the Healers healing springs.

If you have to go out of the group to collect an Orb from the panel make sure to use a shield as you can not always be healed easily. Also once you run over the panel you will have the blue healing debuff.

Hulks will spawn every 60 seconds from Panel 5 so make sure the Tanks keep swopping over the Hulks every 2 debuffs.

The Final Mechanic

vmol-rakkhat-execute-orbs-run-throughDuring the Execute Phase there is one more mechanic that makes finishing Rakkhat harder. Starting on Panel 1 a Light Orb will appear which will have a beam connected to Rakkhat. This causes him to take alot less damage.

Whichever DPS is chosen to be Panel 1 must run through the panel (not stand on) and collect the Orb. After 5-10 seconds another Orb will appear in the middle of Panel 2 and the DPS from Panel 2 must do the same. This continues all the way around the arena until you have killed Rakkhat.

Congratulations you have reached the end of Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj. This time trial is not easy at all so well done. Now time for the speed run, the no death run and of course Hardmode!

Thank you for reading, if you found this Guide informative or you notice something that needs to be added feel free to make a comment, contact me in-game or on the website.


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