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    Maria Christensen

    My name is Maria, I am 22 years old and live in Denmark. Currently I am a member of 4 guilds, one of which is my own (newly established trials guild) and the other important one is the Danish Guild. I am a raid leader for normal and sometimes vet trials in the Danish Guild, and I strive to be a good teacher and to help others. My first guild was Alith Legion, which I feel nostalgic about, but never really been a part of.
    What I am getting at here, is that I would really, truly love to be a part of your guild, Late Night Dungeoneers. I feel like I have maxed out on the experience I can get from my current guilds and are now looking for a more challenging guild, with regards to raids and trials.

    To finish off, I want to say that if you are ever looking for people to join your raids, I am almost always available and I would love to join, even if I am not yet part of your guild. Rusty and Chris(Tolandro) have brought me along to some of your trials, and it has been the smoothest runs I have ever experienced.

    My in game name is @xerion713 , and I hope to hear back from you!

    Best regards,

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