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    Hello, I come from NA servers and am trying to get into raiding on EU and have been recommended LND by multiple people. I have cleared all trials on hard mode as both tank and dps, and every trial except vAS HM and Cloudrest HM as heals. I also have a couple achievements such as Immortal Redeemer (on magblade) and gryphon heart (on tank) and am currently in Tick Tock Tormentor Progression as stamblade. On EU however currently I am cp 270 and I focus on tanking and healing due to lack of cps to pull high amounts of dps. On EU so far I have cleared vAA, vHRC, vSO HM, vMoL, vHoF, vAS +2, and vCR +1 on my tank and all the crag trials and vmol on my healer, but as I said earlier in reality I have cleared all content on hard mode. I would love to be part of the guild if you will have me.

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