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    Hello everyone,
    I’m @durnehviirs in game and I’ve owned eso since its launch back in 2014. I took a pause around 2016 for some months but after that I’ve mostly been on the game until now; I’m writing here because I think I could have a decent experience of the game after four years of playing and experiencing most of its content. I was referred to the guild by another applicant looking to join it.
    I’ve done all trials at least on normal and some of the “easy” vet ones like vHRC and vAA; I had a couple of training runs on vMoL and vCR but considering the guild I ran them with (it was a trade guild), we never finished them.
    I usually prefer to run tank in trials but I have most of the roles fully geared (with BiS gear like the ones listed on Alcast) and available; a tank, two healers and around 3 dds I could use to run content. Maybe I can’t pull 50k dps but I think I can still be useful, as I try my best to learn and adapt. I’ve only started using raid notifier last month so I’m used to learning things manually.

    I’d really like to experience more of the veteran trials so I’d love to join. Thanks for your attention.

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