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    Hey there,

    i like to apply for a membership of LND.
    Some friends of mine are members of the guild already and so it came that i did a few runs with u over the discord channel (vCR and vSS) and directly felt like i wanted to be part of the community.

    My main goal is to have other players around who like to do harder content together with me, go farming etc.

    I have a several different chars, 2 tanks, Healer and 2 mag and 2 stam dds.
    With my main DD i did all but vAS (and only vCR+1 till now)
    With my Healer all but vAS and vHOF (vCR+0 here)
    With my Tanks (warden and dragonknight) i tanked several dungeon HMs, vSS, vCR+0 and the craglorn raids on no HM

    hope to see u soon

    My ingame id is @friday13th87

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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