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    Hello, I’m a transfer from NA and would like to be more involved with raids on EU. Currently the only days I can raid on EU are the weekends for prime time. I’m max CP on both servers and a healer main. I can also magsorc dps. My main toons are warden and templar healer. I’m still working on my stamina toons and acquiring gear for them so I can use them in raids and I’m still leveling my tank up. I’ve tanked all craglorn hms and vas+1 and vmol but it is my weakest role. I’ve completed all HM content in the game with IR and GH as tank healer and group healer respectively. I’m up for any raids for something to do on the weekends. I’m around on the late night times on week days if there’s dungeon runs, pledges etc like that that anyone does then.

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