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    Hi. I’m looking for an active guild in order to enjoy dungeons and trials.
    I’ve been enjoying Tamriel since the launch, almost five years ago, but still I’ve not reached the CPs cap (arounr 450 right now), and I only have a character (well I’ve a second char for PvP but I reallu don’t play it a lot) that means I’m kind of player who enjoy the questing thing, I really enjoy discovering the maps and also you can deduct I’m able only to play at weekends.
    Well, also I log in every day because the daily rewards and do a quest but only a few minutes.
    I love paly as a tank or off-tank. But if necessary I’m open to change and play whatever role is needed.
    And finally my English sucks XD but here I am.
    If I can be accepted it will be an honor for me to share fights with you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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