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    Good morning LND,

    having heard you’re guild is a really good place to be if one wants to experience raids and improve ones level of skill in ESO on a regular basis, I’d like to join the Late Night Dungeoneers.

    A little info about myself: After some time of abscence I picked up ESO again in June 2018. I’ve had some experiences with normal raids but not as regularly as I’d like to. I’d like to improve on that, raid and learn more. An old friend of mine, Toxicalis, who also applied to you and had some raiding experience with LND strongly recommended, I’d apply to you. So here I am. I’m playing a Tank (Warden) mainly and also got a DPS-Sorc, though I wouldn’t call my level of skill in a dps-role really raiding worthy.

    I’ve had like five years worth of raiding experience in WoW, doing raids, when it was still something to talk about (40 people wiping for weeks to get 2 pieces of loot, no raid finder, no easy mode). Also I have like 20 years experience with MMORPGs, my first experiences being on a dial-up connection. I’m able and willing to use voice chat in a disciplined way, although people will have to put up with my german accent. Can’t hide where I’m from, I guess. Oh yes and I’ve got a color-weakness which has made for some good laughs and frustrated grunts with fellow raiders in the past.

    That being said, I’d very much like to be part of your guild and would be happy if you’d consider me.

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