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    Howdy folks,

    I’ve been playing with @dalogan72 a few times and he suggested that I should apply for a spot in your guild.
    I am maining a Nord DK Tank with around 360CP right now. So far I only have experience in all base game vet dungeons and a few dlc vet dungeons, but haven’t done any trials in ESO yet.
    Gearwise I run Ebon + Battalion Defender + Lord Warden currently. Waiting to get my hands on Yolnahkriin and Alkosh some day (maybe even Olorime + Symphony of Blades)

    I’d love to learn the basics of ESO trials from and with you so I can hopefully tank some harder content let vet and HM trials for you.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    PS: If further details about myself or my character are needed, please tell me.


    Hi there,
    Am hardly a new player in ESO, like almost 2 months.I played lots of other game like WOW, GW, GW2, Conan …
    I mainly play healer classes in all my games.I love what i do so i try to give it my all.
    I’ve done most of the trials some in veteran (vSS, vSO, vHRC).
    My CP is still a bit low 509, but am working on it.
    I am interested in joining the guild so i can participate in the trial runs, am a fats learner and i do listen to instructions.
    My friend @lokastee gave me the site so i can aply for a spot to the guild.
    I have Olorime set with Holowfang and sentinel also master restoration staff.
    Looking forward of hearing from you.
    Yiannis (@Huntressc)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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