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    Michele D.

    Hi everyone| I’m Michele an Italian 22 years old guy living for this year in Portugal.

    I’m applying to join you in your in game planned activities but also to chill and have fun with friendly guys even outside of the events. In game I can partecipate PvE with any role and have PvP characters too. Got almost 650 CP and a lot of interest in Learning, raiding and chilling together 😀
    About experience I think that I go pretty well with all Craglorn trial HM (at least as a DD and Healer, I’m rather new at tanking), vMoL, nCR+3, and I would like to make this list much bigger

    If you want to add me my in game nickname is @michwfr

    Cheers everyone!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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