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    Hi ,im Arman 22 years old from Iran , it have been some months since ive started playing eso and i felt like its time to do some higher level PVEs like vTrials , i have not much experience (only vCR and vSS) but im here to get better and have fun with your nice community ( some friend suggested me your helpful guild)

    My Characters :
    Stamina DPS templar with 60k dmg on 21mil dummy
    Magica Healer Sorcerer (i almost have all usefull sets i didnt know if haad to mention or not cuz they are too many)
    and also i like tanking and my DK is under leveling .
    also im making a magden healer it will be ready soon enough.

    thanks for reading my application.
    Best regards “Arman”


    oh my CP is 500 , i forgot to mention. sry

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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