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    H there greetings from Germany.
    My name is Tanino, but just call me Tanne.

    I started playing again a few months ago after being on a long break (~2years).
    The last time I played I also was in this guild and have quite fond memories of that time, so I would really like to have a good time here again.
    I am interested in doing dungeons, especially challenging ones with nice mechanics.
    With Trials, I’ve only done nAA and nMoL the last time I played, but I am really interested in doing the other trials on normal and vet.
    At the moment I only play 1 Character, a Breton Templar. Most of the time I play as a healer, but I also like to play as a Magicka DPS.
    I am currently at CP level 465

    Ingame ID: @Tannelol

    Thank you for your time

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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