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    Hey there, thank you for reading my application!

    My name is @Debbycus in game as well.

    I’ve played ESO mostly seriously for 3.5 years, and lately gotten into focusing more on end-game stuff. I have completed 99% of group content on veteran, done all the trials on veteran, and all Craglorn Hard Modes. I play all roles, my preference is that I don’t play one of them for too long x)

    I would like to join your guild with the hopes of finishing off some title & cosmetics achievements, and because I love the rush of doing veteran group content!

    I am of course a master crafter, and can help out with gear should there be a need for it. I will also (e)RP for gold.

    Thank you for considering me!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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