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    Hi I am Patrik and in Elder Scrolls Online I am known as Gilnidor.

    I live in Sweden and are currently back in school, yes I say back in school because I just turned 50 and it is an awkward feeling being a student again. But I love it and really look forward to have a complete line up of degrees in all the various subjects so that I can apply for a higher education.

    I am a gamer at heart and have played games since I was a little toddler at smurf height needing help from my dad or older sisters to play on a pinball machine or arcade machine back in the early 70’s and then I did get the Atari 2600 for Christmas 1977 and I was hooked for sure, I did swallow the hook, sink and line and have not been freed since then.

    Over the decades I have played many role playing games on various home computers like the Commodore Vic 20, 64, 128, Amiga 1000, 3000, 4000 and the Amiga CD32. And in 1982 I did get my first modem so that I could connect to BBS servers and took my gaming online. I have enjoyed many great Multi User Dungeon games and the memories pulls on my heart strings and fill me with pleasant memories of the text based online games back in the old days.

    In 1989 I did get my first PC it was a Commodore PC40 and it opened up a whole new world. And I was not that happy with the new world either I was a hardcore Amiga user and was so used to how the Amiga OS worked. I thought that the MS-DOS was clunky and ugly compared to the Amiga OS.
    But that is another story for another day. I think I will end my gamer life story here and maybe do a full introduction later on.

    My in game handle is @Gilnidor

    Kind Regards from Patrik

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