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    I was on a year long holiday from eso, came back a week ago. My husband suggested this guild, it sounds exactly where I would be happy.
    Have a max CP magplar as main (jabs are life!), she had all the skins and achievements from dungeons, also Crag’s HMs, vHoF/vMoL/vAs. I also have a magblade and stamDK.
    I really like to enjoy every aspect of the game, including questing, selling and Cyro, running after achievements and getting skins what looks like you have some disease. I especially like theorycrafting, it was fun to reach decent dps, when magplars were positioned barely over Nuzhimeh in regards of damage 🙂
    I would be happy to run trials; once I find my best build, on HM, I don’t mind to spend hours in a content:)


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