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    I learned a lot in @srslyFaileR’s video about vmol HM tanking (Link) especially about Aura Mastery.
    While I had the debuffs set up in Srendarr already, I was usually grabbing every synergy I could get my hands on for high Alkosh uptimes 😀

    Liofa made a video about how to set up Aura Mastery, but it is with an old version, and I didnt manage to get it to work instantly.

    That’s why I want to share with you my Aura Exports, and how to adjust them for you to work! (Code at the bottom)

    I am tracking the following synergies: Bloodfunnel (from Blood Altar), Purify (from Templar Ritual), Orbs (same CD as shards – keep that in mind), Harvest (from Warden skill) and Conduit (from Liquid Lightning)

    You open the addon settings with “/am” (it is not found in the settings -> addons tab)

    After you imported an aura, click it, give it a name (if that didnt copy), on the right side select Trigger 1, and enter your Character name into Caster and Target name boxes, repeat for every aura.

    Since we are tracking the cooldowns, you will only see the icons when there is a cooldown running.
    Want to see which ones are available? – Easy, change “invert Logic” under Trigger1 to “true”

    I personally have the cooldown on lower transparency (20%) and the available synergies on 100%.
    You will need 2 auras for that, just export aura (with your charname), import, give name, change “invert logic”, change transparency done.

    You can also adjust the position of the icons, be aware that PosX is counted from left border, and PosY from the top (in pixxel)

    Lastly, the addon is tracking synergy IDs, Orbs+Shards have a special cooldown ID, so it shouldnt matter which morph it is. I didnt test different morphs for the other synergies. So these might not work. Bloodaltar was tested with sanguine Altar morph.

    Ok and here comes the code:

    Orbs/Shards ^1^T^SposX^N400^SaType^N1^SfontColor^T^Sb^N0.55^Sg^N0.85^Sr^N0.85^Sa^N1^t^SshowCooldown^b^Scritical^N3^SfontSize^N20^SborderColor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^Sa^N1^t^SbgColor^T^Sb^N1^Sg^N1^Sr^N1^Sa^N0^t^Sname^SOrbs~`CD^Swidth^N58^Sloaded^B^Salpha^N0.2^Scolor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^t^Sheight^N58^SborderSize^N1^SiconPath^Sesoui/art/icons/^SposY^N900^Striggers^T^N1^T^StargetName^SHaijrudin^Sinvert^b^StriggerType^N4^Soperator^N2^SspellId^N85434^ScheckAll^B^ScasterName^SHaijrudin^Sduration^N20^Svalue^N0^SunitTag^N1^SselfCast^b^t^t^SdurationInfoSource^N1^t^^
    Conduit ^1^T^SposX^N300^SaType^N1^SfontColor^T^Sb^N0.55^Sg^N0.85^Sr^N0.85^Sa^N1^t^SshowCooldown^B^Scritical^N3^SfontSize^N20^SborderColor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^Sa^N1^t^SbgColor^T^Sb^N1^Sg^N1^Sr^N1^Sa^N0^t^Sname^SConduit~`CD^Swidth^N58^Sloaded^B^Salpha^N0.2^Scolor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^t^SborderSize^N1^Sheight^N58^SiconPath^Sesoui/art/icons/^SposY^N700^Striggers^T^N2^T^ScheckAll^B^Sinvert^b^SselfCast^b^Soperator^N2^SspellId^N0^Svalue^N0^SunitTag^N2^StriggerType^N1^t^N1^T^StargetName^SHaijrudin^Sinvert^b^StriggerType^N4^Soperator^N2^SspellId^N43769^ScheckAll^B^ScasterName^SHaijrudin^Sduration^N20^Svalue^N0^SunitTag^N1^SselfCast^b^t^t^SdurationInfoSource^N1^t^^
    Harvest ^1^T^SposX^N500^SaType^N1^SfontColor^T^Sb^N0.55^Sg^N0.85^Sr^N0.85^Sa^N1^t^SshowCooldown^b^Scritical^N3^SfontSize^N20^SborderColor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^Sa^N1^t^SbgColor^T^Sb^N1^Sg^N1^Sr^N1^Sa^N0^t^Sname^SHarvest~`CD^Swidth^N58^Sloaded^B^Salpha^N0.2^Scolor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^t^Sheight^N58^SborderSize^N1^SiconPath^Sesoui/art/icons/^SposY^N700^Striggers^T^N1^T^StargetName^SHaijrudin^Sinvert^b^StriggerType^N4^Soperator^N2^SspellId^N85843^ScheckAll^B^ScasterName^SHaijrudin^Sduration^N20^Svalue^N0^SunitTag^N1^SselfCast^b^t^t^SdurationInfoSource^N1^t^^
    Purify ^1^T^SposX^N600^SaType^N1^SfontColor^T^Sb^N0.55^Sg^N0.85^Sr^N0.85^Sa^N1^t^SshowCooldown^B^Scritical^N3^SfontSize^N20^SborderColor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^Sa^N1^t^SbgColor^T^Sb^N1^Sg^N1^Sr^N1^Sa^N0^t^Sname^SPurify~`CD^Swidth^N58^Sloaded^B^Salpha^N0.2^Scolor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^t^Sheight^N58^SborderSize^N1^SiconPath^Sesoui/art/icons/^SposY^N700^Striggers^T^N1^T^StargetName^SHaijrudin^Sinvert^b^StriggerType^N4^Soperator^N2^SspellId^N44013^ScheckAll^B^ScasterName^SHaijrudin^Sduration^N20^Svalue^N0^SunitTag^N1^SselfCast^b^t^t^SdurationInfoSource^N1^t^^
    Blood Funnel ^1^T^SposX^N200^SaType^N1^SfontColor^T^Sb^N0.55^Sg^N0.85^Sr^N0.85^Sa^N1^t^SshowCooldown^B^Scritical^N3^SfontSize^N20^SborderColor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^Sa^N1^t^SbgColor^T^Sb^N1^Sg^N1^Sr^N1^Sa^N0^t^Sname^SBloodfunnel~`CD^Swidth^N58^Sloaded^B^Salpha^N0.2^Scolor^T^Sb^N0^Sg^N0^Sr^N0^t^Sheight^N58^SborderSize^N1^SiconPath^Sesoui/art/icons/^SposY^N700^Striggers^T^N1^T^StargetName^SHaijrudin^Sinvert^b^StriggerType^N4^Soperator^N2^SspellId^N39500^ScheckAll^B^ScasterName^SHaijrudin^Sduration^N20^Svalue^N0^SunitTag^N1^SselfCast^b^t^t^SdurationInfoSource^N1^t^^

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by Wambo Wambo.

    Summerset patch changed some ability IDs. I’ll try to make everything work again and redo the exports, but it might take a while.

    If you want to test the IDs yourself: in Srendarr activate the Debuf Options to show all combat activities.
    Then Use the synergies, and see whether there’s a cooldown synergie, or what AbilityID was used from Player on Player.
    Then replace the specific ID’S

    Conduit is completely not showing for me, no idea what that is.


    Big thx @nerevarinelol who tested with me the changed IDs:

    Synergy | ID
    Orbs/ Shard (old one apparently still works)
    Conduit (unchanged)
    Bloodaltar (might not work with other morph)

    Will update the exports in the next days.

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    Nico (@taciti)

    A few others:
    Major Breach – 62485
    Major Fracture – 62484
    Minor Maim – 62504
    Crusher – 17906

    Major Force – 40225


    I also have more noted down for me, but I dont use them with AuraMastery but rather with Srendarr

    Mending: 51443
    Alkosh Line-Breaker (debuff) 75753

    Berserker Glyph: 76549
    Reloading Trap 1 Min: 42747 Proc: 42753
    Minor Force 68636
    Major Kraft 46539
    Aggressive Signal 46538
    ” 94863
    Major Slayer: 93120

    Moondancer: Shadow: 75804 | Moon: 75801
    Powerful Assault: 61771
    Lord Warden 59586

    Enemy: Off-Balance 63003 45902
    Player: Immunity ag. Crowd-Control 16566
    Immunity ag. Stun 29721

    Cloudrest: Baneful Mark 107082


    Is there a way to see tanks shard/orb synergy cooldowns with AM as a healer?


    You could try entering the tanks Charname instead of your own…
    But I dont know whether that information is shared (which player popped synergy)


    I tried it with only Caster Name, only Target Name and both, but doesnt seem to work.

    Maybe one day we will have an Addon that will, similar to Ulti Sharing, share Synergy cooldowns from tank to synergy giving roles/classes and it will tell them to throw another LL or sth 😀

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    Short update:
    Aura Mastery is obsolete for the cases I used it for.

    AIM’s Synergy Tracker is doing exactly that.

    As for my wish for an addon that shares / finds synergy cooldowns:

    WTBConduit tells you when a Tank needs a Synergy.

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