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    Hello Everyone,

    Hope you’re all doing well in these difficult times!.

    I’ve recently picked up ESO(specifically on October 20th 2020) and I absolutely love the game, since I’m cp 160 now I would like to participate in a few dungeons(normal ones to begin with) and this guild seems like the right fit for me, I found out about the guild by watching a few streamers on twitch and I would be extremely grateful if you can make me a member 🙂

    From a gaming experience, I’ve been playing league of legends for over 6 years and other single player games, this is my first MMORPG.

    My ID is @clawesome_crab on PC/EU, you can also find me on twitch with the same handle.

    Thank you so much!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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