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    After a quick discussion on Discord the other night quite a few people seem to agree that having DDs post dps in chat every now & then might help increase our progress in content that we’re currently stuck on.

    – vAS+2
    – vMOL:HM
    – vHOF:Speedrun

    We’ve tried a system for a long time now where we haven’t asked what damage people attending are doing, and this has been chilled and relaxing and mostly stress free. But it’s not working any longer.

    There are those that defeat themselves in the game before they sit down at their desk (by having unplayable fps, terrible latency or bad peripherals), there are those that are unaware that they could be doing much more to help the raid but because of language barriers, wrong information or lack of information they aren’t doing, and then there are those who don’t care about improving themselves who mostly just turn up & pray.

    Unfortunately doing the minimum won’t be a thing anymore. Legendary raids have been slowly deteriorating into endless wiping, which has put off alot of good players in the guild from even thinking of attending. They don’t want to do 20%-25% of the group damage and essentially carry others.

    I am aware that this will put people off wanting to come to the Legendary raids and I understand why, but tbh i’ve used up all the patience I can in that regard.

    Legendary raids should be extra practice that people can enjoy outside of their usual Raid Guild, to help them either get loot or experience to help their Raid Guild.



    Just a quick follow-up to that post, it would be great if people could use Combat Metrics and bind Single+Multi target dps Post to Chat to a key.

    In a 1 Tank raid such as vAA or vHRC your GDPS (Group Damage Per Second) Percentage should be around 11.1%
    In a 2 Tank raid GDPS Percentage should be around 12.5%
    In vCR+1/2/3 with 3 Tanks GDPS Percentage should be around 14.3%
    (These percentages change when taking ‘Specialist roles’ into account e.g. going Up/Down/In/Back in time somewhere. Like Shadowrealm or Backyard vMOL).

    This change to the raids is NOT so that we can berate, discriminate, bully or otherwise shame people. I think by now you all know me well enough that I would only want to help.

    The idea behind posting DPS every few tries is to:

    a) encourage more damage; if you know others are about to see this number, you’ll want the number to be as high as possible so in theory you’ll try harder.

    b) so people can learn from others; you see a dd in the raid who is same class same race yet they are pulling 5-8k higher than you – /w them and ask & learn & improve.

    c) raise confidence in the group; if we’re all doing similar damage in a raid then other players can feel more positive in general about the raid raising their morale.

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