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    My name’s @sockfiddler (ingame) and I’ve been chewing applying to join you lovely folks for a while now but honestly thought I didn’t quite make the grade.

    I played the beta (way back when) but wasn’t all that impressed with things, so didn’t actually start playing until Orsinium was released (that very weekend, in fact). So it’s been at least a couple of years.

    In that time, I’ve steadily progressed but never really managed to get a “decent” DD together – my main is a little stamblade who can hit around 18k and is far too squishy to do very much except pve. Thus I got into tanking and have now tanked every veteran thing except MoL, CR, HoF and AS. To be honest, I’m very proud of my tank and it’s fun to get into groups and raids and give her a work out.

    I’ve also got a healer and, more recently a magblade who IS – finally – doing a bit more damage (against a dummy, 27k and I’ve only had her two weeks). Then there’s a bunch of other kick-around characters who don’t really get much play time, tbh.

    As I said, I’ve been toying with the notion of applying to you guys, but super-hesitantly, and then something BONKERS happened the other night – friends of mine (two of whom I think might be members) invited me along to their vMoL run. And we did it. No wipes, no screw-ups, no stress… I was astounded. I was holding up my end – 10% of the damage, only died 4 times, Rakkat to 11% by 8th platform and I realised a fundamental truth about ESO: you’re only as good as the people you run with.

    So when it comes to why I’d like to join you guys? I’m sociable, committed and loyal. But all that aside, I want to really start pushing myself to get into proper end-game stuff: I didn’t believe I was capable before, and now I do. I want to learn, I want toraid, I want to have a ball doing it and I want to ensure the folks around me are having a blast, too.

    Technically, I’ve still got 6 minutes on the clock (my account only just got activated!), but I think I’ve rambled enough. Hope to meet you all soon.

    Happy trails,

    Sock ūüôā

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